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Let me introduce myself first

So....... I'm a high school student, I got into "The Drama World" maybe since the second half-year of 2015. At that time, I just watched K-Dramas, my very first K-Drama is The Heirs. Then I watch some other k-drama like Boys Over Flowers, Puberty Medley, and Hi! School-Love On.

After that, I searched Lee Minho (He caught my eyes) and then I watched all Lee Minho's dramas or films. I became crazy about him. But right now my favorite Korean actor is Lee Jongsuk and Ji Chang Wook.

In the past, I didn't know that I will watch other than K-Dramas. Chinese dramas are my first step into Asian Drama other than the Korean one. My Little Princess is the first Chinese dramas that also make me know about Thai dramas (the male lead: Mike Angelo). 

I know about this drama thanks to my friend G***a (SHOUT OUT TO HER!!). Then, she introduces me to other c-drama A Love So Beautiful that becomes my favorite c-drama. At first, I hesitated to watch a love so beautiful but my friend encourages me to watch the drama. She also introduces me to this site. I forget how I become interested in c-dramas.


2020 Watch Challange

  • Thailand: 40
  • Taiwan: 11
  • South Korea: 145
  • China: 37
  • Japan: 49
TOTAL: 282
  • January: 4
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