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Hi to all!!

Hello fellow drama lovers! I'm 32, I'm from Italy and I'm here to share my passion with you all! :D

I'm a Japanese Language & Culture major, I graduated a few years ago - always feel free to ask questions about my experience in Japan and Japanese language!

The first drama I've ever watched was Hana Yori Dango (and it's probably still the most special to me) - from there I went to Hana Kimi, fell completely in love with the world of Asian dramas and never looked back. (also, to be fair and honest, that's where my thing for Oguri Shun started, hehe)

It's a bit hard to describe my taste: I watch just about every genre of drama and movies, from horror to old classics to thrillers - and I have kind of a soft spot for sport dramas. I love romance, comedy, suspence, ghost stories, anything that has scheming/heists, amazing soundtracks and pretty faces.

Take a look at my faves and come here to yell with me about stuff!


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