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I know my drama shit

so get ready

cause imma first bless your eyes...

with my husband 

My heart, my soul, my everything. If you don't know Yoo Ah In, at this point, then get ur shit together and watch some Veteran and Chicago Typewriter. He's about to blow your world cause this man got charms...and mad acting skills. 

imma go ahead and further bless your day, 

thank me later. 

Now that's out of the way, here are a few dramas I hold close to my heart. 

if you don't like Healer, then sorry, we can't be friends because this is my ultimate ultimate fav of all time, ALL. 

helllllll, this drama was such an emotional roller-coaster, and I loved every single second of it. From the music to the acting to the story, nothing was wrong. I don't watch a lot of historical dramas but this one, this one is a gem. 

an oldie but a goodie// only drama I can fully rewatch and not get bored. I can't believe she is married now, and not with him... :( but they will forever be my OTP>> 

now lets keep throwing back a little because don't act like you don't miss the golden days of dramas.. 

this series, especially this drama, changed my perception of kdrama.. I thought wow, so this is what a drama can do huh cuz it has such a long lasting impression on me and I don't think another drama can make me feel as happy as this one

I have to say, this drama came out of nowhere and really hit me, like i was shooken after finishing it and was in a slump for a long time. I love it, truly, it's everything I wish I experienced in high school in China, although idk how realistic it is, I do know it's really something special. 

I'll end it here. I'll update when some great drama comes along again and hits me in the feels. 

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