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Smog-brained, teflon-hearted, easy target.


"Migratory birds follow the wind to fly home.

An ocean follows the waves to get to the horizon.

Stars follow the moon to get to dawn.

I was thinking of following the blue sky and go to the Milky Way."


A blog created by a friend and me, it recently came to life so don't expect that much yet, but feel free to check it out: dramajjang!

Your daily neighbor Oppa.

Proud co-founder of DSAC (Dramaland Snail Appreciation Committee). Obey!

I'm loving this place, it's like a grotesque psychiatric clinic for all drama freaks around the world; but instead of a cure, it makes the addiction ever greater!

The yearning will come to me tomorrow.


"Red wire, blue wire or rainbow wire. I'd cut every last line in that bomb with scissors! Even if i couldn't stop it then, i' d look at you and hug you and do whatever i want to do with you in the last moment of my life and i' d explode with you!"

For the sleepless nights, a beautiful compilation.

"Insects are said to lack the sense of pain. Organisms experience pain so they can deflect danger and lengthen their lives. But insects live such a short life, they don't need pain. That's one theory. When we're sad and hurt it's because humans were given such long lives. That's what i think."

Trust breaks faster than glass.

"All memories are traces of tears."



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