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Kairi of the Sky

Kairi of the Sky

WE FIT EACH OTHER: A Peculiar Couple Combination
Editorials - Oct 14, 2021

A list of odd couples that work out fine despite their differences. It balances each other's personalities and can work out to be an awesome partnership.

Dissecting Historical Chinese Drama: One and Only
Editorials - Oct 10, 2021

Exploring the beauty and showing the strong point of the story of "One and Only".

HAO DU: The Wolf of Tang
Editorials - Jun 10, 2021

Dissecting the complex character of Hao Du from The Long Ballad.

BREAKING YOUR HABIT: Low Rating Drama Recommendations
Editorials - Mar 19, 2021

Kairi's Low Rating Drama Recommendations - Korean Drama Edition!

Editorials - Jan 8, 2021

Listing the lovers that has a story that has a deep impact on Kairi.

Back to the Past: Dissecting Historical Dramas
Editorials - Dec 18, 2020

Kairi's realizations and reflections while watching Historical dramas.

BREAKING YOUR HABIT: Unusual Plot Recommendations
Editorials - Dec 10, 2020

Kairi's drama recommendations for everyone who wants to mix it up! (Kdrama Edition)

Crazy, Loud & Extraordinary: Favorite Drama Families
Editorials - Nov 22, 2020

Kairi of the Sky introduces you to a variety of drama families!

Sneak A Peek to Sung Hoon's Reality
Editorials - May 26, 2020

Knowing his normal life style and Quirky Habits :)

Enjoy The Small World of FIVE ENOUGH
Editorials - May 23, 2020

A hilarious and sweet drama to build a good relationship between families.. :)

Movies That Will Give You a Lot of Feels
Editorials - Apr 29, 2020

Is it just a movie? Why do you feel that way? Maybe it makes you remember good times or gives you a hard hitting life lesson.

It is okay to BE MELODRAMATIC when you're 30-ish
Editorials - Apr 19, 2020

Life is a fun ride. Life is melodramatic and it's okay to be like that.

A QUARANTINE WRAP-UP: Kairi’s Drama Journey
Editorials - Apr 17, 2020

Compiling the dramas that I watch for almost a month of quarantine. What are yours?

FUNARTICLE: Writing an article has never been this AWESOME
Editorials - Apr 16, 2020

It's more fun writing your own articles with your own artistic imagination and never-ending new ideas.

Dissecting Country’s Strong Point of Story Telling
Editorials - Mar 23, 2020

An evaluation of how countries differ from each other in terms of creating our favourite drama.

Endure That Painful Ending Challenge
Editorials - Mar 14, 2020

Let your heart experience pain for you to gain that courage to explore possibilities for greater drama.

A Break From Tragic Endings: Watching "Under the Power"
Editorials - Mar 10, 2020

Learn about another outstanding Historical Drama with a happy ending!

Changing Preference: My TOP Actors When I Reach My 30's
Editorials - Jan 25, 2020

Do you frequently change your favourite actors? Read on to find out what TheWanderer_Beansprout thinks of her continually changing favourite actors.

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (Live Action in Kdrama?)
Editorials - Aug 29, 2019

A theoretical K-drama adaptation of Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Say Yes to CHEF! Say Yes to PASTA!
Editorials - Aug 18, 2019

The life in a kitchen and a complicated relationship starts a great story to be told.

Editorials - Jun 27, 2019

The Kings/Emperors that I adore in the time of warring state. Hope you enjoy my list. :)

Next Season, Please: Still Waiting Impatiently!
Editorials - Mar 24, 2019

List of dramas that need to release another season.

Historical Edition: Best Swordsman Fighting Scene
Editorials - Mar 8, 2019

If I could travel back in time I would love to have a great and good master that will train me to be the best swords-woman. :)

Historical Drama Edition: POWER COUPLE RULES!
Editorials - Dec 22, 2018


5 Shades of LIFE
Editorials - Dec 3, 2018

LIFE is not for everybody. It doesn’t have much romance that you want, or medical action that you seek, instead it’s a represents the true shades of peoples LIFE.

Jo Seung Woo: Little Mr Sunshine
Editorials - Jun 2, 2018

A guy who gives light in the world full of hatred with just his smile.

5 Reasons to Watch High-end Crush!
Editorials - Jan 15, 2017

Here are 5 reasons that you should throw everything you're doing to the side, and start watching High-End Crush!