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Shoot My Heart (2015)

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Set at a psychiatric hospital. Soo-Myung has suffered from schizophrenia due to his guilt that he suffers from his mother's suicide. He meets Seung-Min at the psychiatric hospital. Seung-Min has been forcibly hospitalized because of his wealthy family's inheritance fight. Dreaming of getting out of the hospital, Seung-Min constantly tries to escape. Soo-Myung begins to follow Seung-Min.

  • Native title:

    내 심장을 쏴라
  • Also Known as:

    Nae Simjangeul Sswara; Shoot Me In The Heart

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Nov 9, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 10
Well, this is the first and probably only review I'll ever write because I just have to say: I adore this movie. It is my favorite movie ever. Where to even start?

This movie is not a comedy. Although there are some funny moments, it is a very deep, beautiful, and touching story. I don't think anyone but Yeo Jin-Goo could have so thoroughly brought Soo-Myung to life - his every expression read more is PERFECT and seriously this boy tells stories without ever opening his mouth. His character is the perfect foil for Lee Min-Ki's Seung-Min, and their bromantic chemistry is just amazing.

The way the two main characters interact and influence each other leads to perfectly executed character development. I'm trying to write a serious review here but all I want to do is gush endlessly. This is very much a character-driven movie, but the pacing is just right, and you certainly won't ever be bored!

I have a weakness for stories focusing on friendship and another weakness for anything psychology related. I think the way the film handles the topic of mental illness is appropriate - it shows you hardships but it also doesn't leave you feeling hopeless.

It doesn't get too into detail with the side characters and their problems, but instead focuses on Soo-Myung and Seung-Min's issues and growth, which I actually think is a good thing, because it allowed them to fully develop - which is not to say the supporting characters are flat, because they aren't, and they are able to shine in their own right without taking the spotlight away from the mains.
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Apr 2, 2016
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 10
When it comes to write down a plot about struggling youth most of screenwriters tend to just talk about “young love” or “first love”.
Youth is not just that.
This movie it’s a slap in the face of the pretty rotten system called “mental health clinics”.
When you ask someone what “depression” or “mental diseases” are they just tell you “crazy people who are mad as hell.”
This movie portray all of read more this stereotypes and clean them up at the same time.
The two main characters are basically opposed to each other.
Lee Ming Ki play a pretty easy going boy who can be described as “eccentric” by society but, when it comes to a mental health institute, he’s portray as “a crazy arsonist”.
He was sent to a clinic just because he had some issues going on with his father’s inheritance so his brothers locked him there just to get all the money for themselves.
Jingoo character is a nice boy who suffers from a big trauma and now he can’t face a normal life. Not because he can’t but because he doesn’t want to.
The movie’s peace is really catching. You are tangled up with all the minor characters stories.
The main cast is superb.
Amazing actors with amazing acting skills, JinGoo is so young yet he’s basically the most talented young actor in Korea.
MingKi never fails to impress me.
He can act all different kind of roles and he never get boring.
Usually I think that Korean movies force you to cry even when the plot doesn’t need it.
They just make up some teary scenes just to make you sympathize with the characters and the story.
In this case it doesn’t happen.
When you cry you do it because the scenes are really touching and not exaggerated.
It might be a pretty simple plot but at the end it makes you realize that maybe we are all like JinGoo’s character.
Just young people afraid of built up something with our own straight because we fear adult life and the world itself.
Amazing movie, I would recommend it to everyone who like touching and simple stories.
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Both are set in a mental hospital and have a wide range of characters. Shoot My Heart is about bromance while I'm a Cyborg, But That's Ok has romance. Still they are both movies about healing and helping each other.
Recommended by Hasumi17
Both the movie and the drama involve a psychological setting and have absolutely great acting. As different the dealing with the mentally ill is, hope resonates in both.
Recommended by Miaya

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    KatySarang_TGeyes Jun 17, 2017 - edited
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      gazettu Jul 13, 2017
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      KatySarang_TGeyes Jul 14, 2017
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      gazettu Jul 14, 2017
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      KatySarang_TGeyes Jul 14, 2017
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    Elisa May 7, 2017

    That movie was amazing! It's a bit violent so if you're sensitive, be careful.
    I didn't even feel the time pass by even though I have exam, I was just so captivated by this haha

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    Panda May 3, 2017

    I hated how the patients were treated by the ward staff, i know these things hardly happen in real life but it might be true too.
    The story and acting is great but it wasnt my kind of movie

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    AliyaSI Apr 7, 2017

    Glad I watched this movie. I've been feeling depressed and lacked motivation for the past few weeks. The movie's message at the end "To the struggling youth" reached out to me. For some reason, I feel much more relieved after watching this.

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    tattylovestofly Mar 13, 2017

    Was it just me feeling the sexual tension near the end, or is my ship just flying away with me?

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    PabboStell Jan 31, 2017

    Amazing movie! I didn't expect to like it so much! It was both very funny and sad.
    Also realistic because I really do believe that such patients are treated in this way in some hospitals.
    There were some very cute patients, aah I just wanted to pinch their cheeks! *-*
    What was missing for me was some additional background story for the main characters.
    The ending was also good =) A must watch! ~

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    fanixx Jan 19, 2017 - edited

    I'm asking because I don't know. Do the staff in psychiatric hospitals treat their patients badly? (in real life) Because in this movie, they were so harsh towards them- I was in disbelief.

    • Reply
      tattylovestofly Mar 13, 2017 - edited

      I don't know if I'm correct in saying this or if it differs in each country, but no I don't think psychiatric hospitals are like this. I'm pretty sure shock therapy is banned, if not hardly used, as it had less then pleasant effects. Isolation is a thing and due to the nature of some mental illnesses a rougher handling is needed. I believe that a lot more.. useful counselling is applied to help patients nowadays and to be honest I saw very little which the nurses actually did to help the patients help combat their illnesses.
      Then again some of the worse hospitals and some of the ones with more unstable patients might treat their patients like this... but I don't know for sure xD
      I've never been or visited a mental hospital, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :)

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    fanixx Jan 19, 2017

    This is such an underated movie that deserves so much more recognition. Lee Min Ki and Yeo Jin Goo showed realistic acting. Each and every one of the casts showed amazing acting too. The plot was interesting and kept me on hook from the start till the end. 9/10.

  • Reply
    hongberg Jan 11, 2017 - edited

    A highly underrated movie that deserves so much better. T_T

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      KatySarang_TGeyes Jun 18, 2017
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      hongberg Jun 18, 2017 - edited
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      KatySarang_TGeyes Jun 18, 2017
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    Eli Nov 18, 2016 - edited
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    • Reply
      Mo-chan May 30, 2017

      So far this is the most beautiful one

    • Reply
      Eli Jun 1, 2017

      That's true

  • Reply
    naccu Nov 2, 2016

    I re-watched this movie recently and it was equally beautiful and visually stunning as the first time around! <3

  • Reply
    Raphs Oct 26, 2016

    I love this film so much :') Completely worth to watch.

  • Reply
    Tothebeautifulme Sep 25, 2016

    this is a really beautiful movie. I didn't cry at all during it but once it ended and the screen when black i couldn't stop the tears :(

  • Reply
    Bongsookie Sep 6, 2016 - edited

    That was a beautiful movie! Heartwarming and bittersweet :')

  • Reply
    Bongsookie Sep 6, 2016 - edited

    Only 30 minutes into the movie and I'm shocked and sad at how these patients were treated :(

    • Reply
      NadaAlahmadi Apr 13, 2017

      please remember that this is only a movie, and that psychiatric hospitals don't treat patients like that, well normally they wouldn't but I'm sure there's bad hospitals out there.


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