Marry Me, or Not?

Marry Me, or Not? (2015)

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Opposites attract, but can a lasting relationship survive between two very different people? Cai Huan Zhen works in the tourism industry and is a top performer at her job. She is a meticulous planner and plans out every detail of her professional and personal life. She is a romantic and strives to find true love in every relationship. On the other hand, He Meng is a successful lawyer who specializes in helping read morehis clients through messy divorces. He has never lost a case, but a side effect of his profession is that he doesn’t believe in a happy marriage. He wants to avoid the entanglements of marriage altogether in his personal life. Could romance survive with this unlikely couple?

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    Bi Qu Nu Ren;

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Feb 21, 2016
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.5
This drama has all the elements of a very successful show. It's aesthetically appealing, one of the best in the world of Taiwanese dramas. The storyline and characters were very complex and intriguing.

The story itself, although seemingly cliche, was done very realistically setting it apart from other dramas with similar concepts. You won't find this drama to be a repeat of things you've seen before (I would know I've watched over read more 130 lol .-.) The story flowed smoothly and until the last 3 episodes, I had absolutely no complaints. Although the ending was a bit iffy for me, it still produced lots of feels so no worries there.

The characters were so refreshing. The wit in this drama is just AMAZING. The main female lead is so strong and although may seem bitchy at first, you'll definitely warm up to her. The dialogue between the characters are extremely intriguing, and their relationship develops very smoothly. There is sooooo much chemistry, I can't believe they're just acting. It's that good.

The music is really great, maybe because I've liked Yoga Lin songs for a while, but the other songs are really good as well.

Overall, I loved it. It was one of the best Taiwanese dramas I've seen in a while. It'll literally take you on a roller coaster of emotions (that's a good thing). I highly highly highly recommend this show!
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9 people found this review helpful
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Feb 14, 2016
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
Love is like a battlefield. Who will walk away victorious and who will walk away defeated? Or is there no winner in love at all? Marry me or not explores the complexities of love and the various obstacles one might face in a relationship.

The first few episodes felt forced, like the director was trying to make the scenes unique by switching rapidly between past, present, and imagination scenes. By the 4th read more episode, however, I was hooked. The editing became much more smooth and the transitions between the different scenes started to make more sense towards to plot. The double meaning of the title is true to the plot- b*tchy women and the 'must marry' woman. The story explores both themes.

Story: The whole revenge plot in the first half of the drama was refreshing and definitely something new to watch. It set up many misunderstandings that while on the surface seem to be obstacles for the sake of having obstacles (in other words, 'dragging'), the misunderstandings were very uniquely directed and slowly revealed the characters' inner thoughts/motives. The interactions between Huan Zhen (Alice) and Hao Meng (Roy) of calling each others bluff were hilarious and full of chemistry. I loved watching Huan Zhen and Hao Meng's journey of falling in love.

Alice Ke and Roy Chiu finally collaborate again and their chemistry is still spot on! I find it hard to compare Marry Me or Not to Office Girls because the characters they portray are completely different. If Office Girls had a more chaste and cute vibe, Marry Me or Not is like the mature and sizzling version. I think Alice's acting was more natural in Office Girls but her crying scenes have improved immensely in Marry me or Not. Roy Chiu hasn't changed a bit; his crying scenes still get to me. The directing and cinematography in this drama was gorgeous and the date/deep talk scenes were so different than the norm. No cliche stuff here in that regard!

The supporting cast was great, no complaints at all. The office cast was adorable but didn't really stand out to me. Sheng Nan (Joanne Tseng) and Hao Meng's (Roy Chiu) sibling love was done so well and I loved how their relationship was portrayed. Many viewers disliked Sheng Nan but honestly I don't know how I'll act if I was so in love like she was. She's the perfect example of love can make you blind and do stupid things. But because of that, her character was so real that you could relate to her and that made her character come to life. The parents of Hao Meng and Huan Zhen (Alice Ke) were stark contrasts. One was in an 'unloving' relationship while the other was very much in love. Their respective marriages were a form of symbolism for the different kinds of romantic love and the director used that to set up the main plot between Hao Meng and Huan Zhen. Now, the other male lead, Qian Yao (Harry Chang), is the most 'evil'; character in this drama. Nevertheless, I still liked him and Harry portrayed this faceted, flawed character well.

Amazingly, there were no seriously vindictive second leads at all in this drama. Rather, their worst enemy was themselves and their pride. For those of you out there that didn't like this drama as much as I did, I do think that connecting to the characters in a drama really helps the relatability of a drama. Unfortunately, there are still some family problems in this drama but it doesn't detract from the drama- it actually unveils more understanding. I think a huge part of this drama was understanding the different forms of love and also understanding yourself when you're in love. Honestly, this drama taught me so many life lessons and although there were a few bumps along the way plot-wise, I still think this drama showed a lot of heart. Dramas like this, with lots of inner monologues, are hard done well because they can get boring but not only does Marry Me or Not keep them interesting, but they add so much to the episodes. Seriously, I cried too many times.

Music: The soundtrack was well rounded. There are lively upbeat songs, and super emotionally wrecking songs. A little something for everyone. I loved this soundtrack, even for my high drama ost standards. My favorites are Lost Heartbeat and the song sang by Joanne Tseng, also known as Sheng Nan in the drama! I listened to the soundtrack so much that I started to notice the lyrics for many of the songs correspond with the plot perfectly and describe many of the characters really well.

This drama kind of reminded me of the famous T-drama, In Time With You, not just because Li Da Ren (Chen Bo Lin) cameoed for a small part but also because this drama is more about mature, thoughtful, retrospective, love, not innocent fluffy young love. The monologues and self reflection scenes were also very reminiscent of some In Time With You scenes, but definitely still different. I wholeheartedly recommend this drama even for those people who don't like T-dramas because this drama felt completely different from the usual T-dramas I watched. Since I already re-watched a few episodes, I would assume the re-watch value is high! I most definitely recommend this drama for those romantics out there (like me!) and those looking for a incredibly well done drama that feels very fresh and has fantastic acting all around. (10/9.5)
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Alright so..the story is different but they give the same vibe..the mean guy who has such a great chemistry with this lady and they both ignore that ..but end up falling hard with all the family situation. .it just gives a similar vibe especially the chemistry between the leads..The king of romance is cuter while MM or not is more sexy kkkkkkkk
Recommended by OkriSama
If you don't mind the language difference, then try this drama too: Marry Me, Or Not.
The similarities are as follows:
1. Male lead not wanting to marry and wants to live alone
2. Male lead using female lead to achieve his want of staying single
3. From fake relationship, the couple learned to love and value each other and turned false relationship to true love
4. Old couple in verge of divorcing, who communicates through sticky notes/boards/cellphones
5. Male Lead's Mother against Female Lead and prefers to have an obedient daughter-in-law
.. also, the couples in both dramas have great chemistry. They'll make you feel giddy inside. For Rom-Com Fans, this is a much watch.. very light, romantic and funny story.
Recommended by dramaholic_piglet

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    Antonin 22 days ago - edited
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    Marie May 8, 2017

    I haven't seen any TW dramas for some time (last ones were with Mike He, Love Keeps going and Sunny Happiness) and I usually prefer Kdramas, so maybe that's why I find it hard to enjoy watching this one... All the actors seem to overplay most of the time... Someone tried to compare it to "Marriage Without Dating" But I much prefer the heroine of "Marriage without Dating" to this one and I don't understand how Alice Ke got an award for this part...She's good-looking and has a nice hairdo but she overplays a lot..I've even had to fast forward episode 2 or 3 because I couldn't stand the acting... I've seen 5 episodes so far... Two things I like: the fact that the 2 main characters sometimes tells stuff directly to the camera is very original; and 2/ I liked the game of seduction between the two, especially in the hot baths scene!! that was funny!!!

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    KarishaNove Apr 18, 2017

    I wish in the ending hao sheng nan and qian yue also end up like has mentioned and haunted zhen.... I love this drama....

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    Myauntmary Mar 4, 2017

    Hmmm, I like their earlier drama "Office Girls" better. Chemistry there was through the roof.

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    Mahfuza Jan 28, 2017

    The leads have such great chemistry. Such a great drama. Glad I watched it

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    Hani Jan 13, 2017 - edited

    The justin why u so cute!!!

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    Yasi Yasi Dec 27, 2016
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    Yasi Yasi Dec 26, 2016 - edited

    Will Huan Zhen and Sheng Nan become friends again?

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    yarnie Dec 23, 2016 - edited

    Lead 4 stars are all my faves<3 plus so many fave camoes too *0* BUT lead girl's character is so hateful and trying to hurt everyone with her comments from the very start :/ her character makes this drama so tiring for me gahhh

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    Janey Dec 11, 2016

    This was SO GOOD! Super cute show if you are in a bit of a slump and wanna watch something good :)

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    AnanyaS Nov 23, 2016 - edited

    Reading the synopsis made me think the male lead was going to be a jerk, but he's not. He's more... cute.
    EDIT: I am currently watching it. Really good show. I really like the main male lead, although I can't pinpoint why. I mean aside from him being really cute and all :)
    Female Lead is so manipulative!! :0

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    dramarian Sep 23, 2016

    Definitely watching this since it got so many Golden Bell nominations! I trust that award-giving body so much because I loved "In Time With You" and "The Way We Were" so much <33

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    LinLi Aug 8, 2016 - edited
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      rainflower777 Sep 12, 2016

      Thanks for spoiling it for me :(

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      LinLi Sep 14, 2016

      Never believe that there are no spoilers in comments

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      blg Sep 19, 2016

      but there is something called spoiler button ?! you could have just used that :/

  • Reply
    siracorn Jul 17, 2016

    Damn near perfect. Was never boring

  • Reply
    joyje Jul 15, 2016

    Roy Chiu and Alice Ke had great chemistry. The drama was just a normal drama with nothing out of the blue. Story line was quite straight forward. However, find a little draggy.


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