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She Was Pretty (2015)

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Kim Hye Jin was a very pretty girl from a rich family. After her family's publishing company went bankrupt, she experienced hardships then lost her beauty too. Ji Seong Jun was an unattractive boy with low self-esteem, but grows up as a handsome and successful editor.

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    그녀는 예뻤다
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    Geunyeoneun Yebbeossda; She Was Beautiful; Puzzled Lovers;

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Nov 11, 2015
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 5.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
The show had some really good moments and the actors all had great chemistry, but ultimately it fell short because there just wasn't enough story to keep it going for 16 episodes.

First the things that I liked... I really enjoyed the relationships that developed between all of the main characters and the staff at The Most (yes, THE Most). Ha Ri and Hye Jin are adorable together. While Ha Ri does read more have some demons I really do feel like the girls authentic friendship was delightful and not something I see in many dramas. The main couple were cute together but SIWON WAS AMAZING. If it were up to me, his character would be the lead of a spin off show. Also shout out to Shin Dong Mi as the Fashion Director. It was a minor role but she brought a lot of heart to it and was one of the main reasons that I loved The Most staff.

Okay, now despite all of that... the story was pretty superficial and a bit of a mess. We had these beautiful characters but their stories didn't really come together to tell anything meaningful. Hye Jin as a young girl and Hye Jin as a young woman have a lot of similar interests but virtually no personality traits in common with each other. One is elegant, the other goofy and the story never explains how just because she ran into hard times a person could change so much. This is just one example of MANY where the plot details are thrown in but never really integrated into the story. The Management Team, Sung Joon's weird eating/zombie habits, Hye Jin's sister, Ha Ri's bizarre relationship with her parents and step-parents, (which had oddly both too much and too little detail)...and don't get me started about the CEO's son mystery. In the end all of these things just felt like red herrings thrown in to fill time around the central love quadrangle.

In summary, I really, really enjoyed parts of this show but, despite the show being about the importance of what's below the surface, as a cohesive drama She was pretty lacked a lot of depth. Watch it for the cute fluff but don't expect much more.
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Dec 30, 2015
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.5
She Was Pretty is the perfect drama for an incredibly stressed out university student who just wants to dedicate sixteen hours of her busy schedule to a feel-good, lighthearted, zany, and witty drama. (Yes, I just described myself).

2015 definitely had some great quality dramas filled with buzz and fervor such as Kill Me, Heal Me, Healer, and I Remember You. Even though the three dramas mentioned contains comedy, its underlying plot read more is heavy and convoluted. Sometimes, we just want a simple, straightforward plot that are guaranteed with comedic chops and hijinks. To me, She Was Pretty is the perfect example for that. It is indeed light, funny, and often times crazy, but there is definitely heart in the drama that tugs our own.

Personally, I've developed a connection with Hye-jin, for many particular reasons. Her character is an embodiment of the majority of women. At some point, she is relatable - and worth rooting for. Even with its flaws, SWP tugged at my heartstrings. I enjoyed it while it lasted, cried during moments of insecurity, and laughed when absurdity comes in full fold. Indeed, the story fizzled out after episode 12 (if I remember correctly), having not enough plot points to delve into for four more episodes. Siwon's ddeol-kija (crazy reporter Shin-hyuk), Hwang Jung-eum's Jackson / Kim Hye-jin and Park Seo-joon's Ji Sung-joon will definitely light up a cloudy day.
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In both dramas the lead actress is 'ugly' and falls in love with handsome, populair guy..
Recommended by Jojotjw
*both main male character is the female character's boss

*both have a complicated love triangle

*both have comedy and light

*both female character despise main male character at first

*The two drama gave out similiar atmosphere
Recommended by Stephanie

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  • Reply
    Evi 14 days ago

    Never had SLS before this drama, but I just finished episode 11 and I still think the second lead Is better

  • Reply
    EBN 24 days ago

    I love it so far ~
    Jackson & Shin Hyeok, so funny ..
    love both & other characters ~
    really amazing drama . 10/10 ^_^

  • Reply
    Nikita Dela Pena 24 days ago

    kim hye jin is so annoying my gosh i dunno if i can finish this!

  • Reply
    Lala Jul 14, 2017


  • Reply
    KMR Jul 8, 2017

    NOOOO the story is wrong. Kim Shin Hyeok likes her for who she is, Ji Seong Jun likes her fo who he remembers her to be...he's shallow and rude. Jackson couple is the best couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply
    UmerBinUbaid Jun 11, 2017

    I recently watched this drama.TO be honest this drama is perfect till 11 EPS but after that its boring.Hwang Jung Eum is best as she is so hilarious.Park Seo Joon acting was great.
    if i gonna rewatch it i will watch only first 11 eps.

  • Reply
    ReboundKing10 Jun 7, 2017 - edited

    Is Park Seo Joon character here a jerk?

    • Reply
      ManalAati 12 days ago

      Yep but siwon's character is a cutie pie

  • Reply
    HaeJoonJae Apr 18, 2017 - edited

    I really wanted to keep watching this drama due to Siwon and Go Joon Hee but the main lead was terrible, just terrible. All she did was screaming and over reacting unnecessarily. She was way too irritating, so I just had to drop. The other characters beside her were very sweet actually, plot wise it was watchable too but they did a very bad job with the main lead.

    • Reply
      Alessa Jun 5, 2017

      Yeah, I hate main leads like that... I' struggling right now with "Kill me, heal me", which is (supposedly) a fabulous drama, but I can't stand her...

  • Reply
    Maze Apr 18, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    girixult Apr 9, 2017

    Before I started this drama I was reading the comments and I was a little hesitant in whether I should really watch it, because I can see many people didn't really enjoy it and dropped it.
    If you're anything like me and like to read the comments to see if it's worth it, in my opinion it's really worth the watch! Even if you find it hard to sit through the first few episodes I promise it will get much better. I loved the character developments, the friendships, relashionships (not only the lead couple) and it also has a really good message.

  • Reply

    I had to drop this drama I hated the main lead soooo much. Obviously the girl he thinks is hye Jin isn't hye Jin...but he ignores it due to a pretty face. And obviously the girl who is hye Jin is hye Jin but he ignores it due to an ugly face.

    • Reply
      Lorra-Patricia Mar 10, 2017

      that's too bad...if you had stuck it out, you'd have seen it's quite the opposite. It all works out so very very nicely. :)

    • Reply
      CherriBlxssom Mar 19, 2017

      I honestly have to say that you should try it again. You'll find out that it wasn't just the face.

  • Reply
    Maze Feb 12, 2017 - edited

    I didn't liked Ji Seong Jun the lead male at first, I thought he's such a d*ck! I wouldn't like a boy with that kind of attitude towards me, nahuh. Though he became veryyyyyy sweet at the later part. That's kinda okay for me but I still cringe. They became very cute in the end. Then here's Kim Shin Hyeok the second lead, I really loved his acting~ he's funny and charming but sometimes creepy. I'm just not rooting for him to be with the female lead. I see no chemistry, just a bro & sis relationship. Okay but Min Ha Ri is so pretty, I hated her for a bit like 6% throughout the drama but she still turned out fine and damn I love her hair! I can't hate people with good damn hair. (no logic but yeah) Jeongyeon and her slay pixie cut! Han Seol & Kim Jun Woo pair is cute! Overall, it's a cute drama! The ending was sooooooo cute ^^ I loved the friendship between the two wifey <3

  • Reply
    KristenLey Feb 3, 2017 - edited

    How much does she scream! Even in Kill me heal me this yoja shrieks all the freaking time! lol
    Loved Siwon's acting in this drama and his role is perfection. The bromance, his support for her and Seo Jun's acting and expressions. <3
    It was a bit dragging in some parts but not for long.
    Kdrama ppl should seriously consider making the 2nd male leads less attractive/endearing coz now its damaging our hearts. :(
    Overall it was such an enjoyable drama. Loved Park Seo Jun but going to rewatch soon for only Siwon (coz i didnt concentrate much on him bcoz of my blind love for Seo Jun :P )

    • Reply
      SimbiAni Mar 26, 2017

      Ohh nooo, not more screaming!! #__# I barely just survived KMHM, lmao.. >.>

      But apparently poor PSJ is a magnet for ~awkward bromance, & after seeing SiWon in King of Dramas, looking fwd to more lulz in this possibly even dorkier role.. ^__^

    • Reply
      KristenLey Mar 29, 2017

      You'll definitely enjoy Siwon. :D

  • Reply
    siskayuri Feb 1, 2017

    Kim Hye Jin = Mr.Bean

  • Reply
    PabboStell Jan 31, 2017 - edited

    I never thought I would say something like this but... SIWON STOLE THE SHOW!
    Jackson & Shin Hyuk FTW!
    They were both so funny! xD
    The drama gave me a lot of laugh!
    The first half was great then there was a slump but the last few episodes were amazing as well.
    I really liked the ending, the friendship between Ha Ri & Hye Jin, the light and cheerful atmosphere!
    It could've been better but it gave me so much happiness and for me, that was enough.

    • Reply
      Trouble-chan Feb 1, 2017

      Same happened in the Chinese version - 'Pretty Li Hui Zhen'.......Yi Mu (played by the BRILLIANT actor Zhang Vin) and Li Hui (played by the very cute and adorable Dilmurat Dilraba) were SO wonderful together - their onscreen chemistry basically SIZZLED and poor Sheng Peter (playing the main lead) just faded into the paintwork in the scenes the three were in together. ❤️❤️


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    Sep 16, 2015 to Nov 11, 2015
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    60 min.


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