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Jade Lovers (2018)

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Set in the 1930s, the story centers around Shen Chen Xi, the daughter of a former magnate whose family falls to ruin after going bankrupt. Her experiences thereafter help her grow from someone muddled in love to an inspirational goddess.
Bai Luo Han is a man treading morally ambiguous territory by working indiscriminately with both good and bad. Whilst he appears cold and calculating on the outside, inside is a kind-hearted man read moreconstantly on the lookout for Chen Xi.

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    Jade Sweetheart; Emerald Jade Lover; 克拉恋人2:翡翠恋人;

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Comments (57)

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  • Reply
    Ivana 7 days ago

    from octombeer 2016 then november december then december 2017 now december 2018... its not going to air, is it?

  • Reply
    tattooedvenom 11 days ago

    um????? :((( i hope this actually broadcasts

  • Reply
    Elfinia 12 days ago

    2017 to 2018 cry

  • Reply
    berceuse 15 days ago - edited

    okay I take back, but fingers-crossed for this drama

  • Reply
    XoXo 24 days ago

    China was to put a hold on links to Korea for some reasons so they stopped all dramas that have Korean influence or people in it for a while.

  • Reply
    Mimi 24 days ago - edited

    I was so waiting for this drama at first it was November 2016 now it's December 2017 what happened? Anyways can't wait to see it love Zheng Shuang shes so pretty n her acting is good

    • Reply
      EricaBratton 14 days ago

      China put a ban on Korean Entertainment. So k-pop groups can't perform there and no drama with Korean actors/actresses in them will probably air. Hopefully the two countries amend things and it actually airs in 2018!

  • Reply
    Ivana 25 days ago


  • Reply
    Yeahboy 26 days ago

    Dec 31 2017 WAHAHAHAHA

  • Reply
    Jay 29 days ago

    Will they air this drama? There's a Korean ban or something in China...

  • Reply
    SarahEm Dec 21, 2016

    After watching Love O2O, I really wanted to watch this. I hope they lift the ban.

  • Reply
    Rosesenan Dec 7, 2016 - edited

    how it is china ? does lee jong suk speaks chinese ??

    • Reply
      Neyjour Dec 7, 2016 - edited

      I don't think he's fluent in Chinese, but even if he was, his voice will still probably be dubbed (if the show ever airs sometime in the future, if the ban is lifted).

    • Reply
      MargaritaPeete Dec 8, 2016

      Oooooh the dubbed......damn dubbed I hate it so

    • Reply
      Noora Dec 17, 2016

      what do you mean by "if the ban is lifted" ??

  • Reply
    Saja Dec 5, 2016

    and I'm legit crying now TTuTT

  • Reply
    Tasneem Fahmi Dec 3, 2016

    zheng shuang and lee jong suk
    i really wanted to watch this drama TT

  • Reply
    Moon Ho Dec 1, 2016 - edited

    This show is officially cancelled.

    Well this was pretty much expected since it has one of Korea's biggest stars in a lead role but this show, while already done filming, has officially been cancelled and Anhui TV will no longer be broadcasting it.

    SARFT (the government body that regulates the film/television industry in China) has now officially banned all Korean dramas or dramas starring Korean actors.

    It's very unlikely that this show will air any time soon, and unfortunately as tensions between China and South Korea are rather bad right now, this show may never air at all for all we know.

    However, there's a rumor that Sanlih E-Television(a Taiwanese company) is looking to buy the rights to this drama so they can broadcast it in Taiwan, but there's no official statement as of yet.

    For now let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope a Taiwanese company can acquire the rights. I was really looking forward to LJS and Zheng Shuang working together so this is a huge disappointment for me :(

    I'll be frequently checking for any news concerning this show and I'll keep this updated if I hear anything.

    • Reply
      Ivana Dec 4, 2016

      Please update if you hear anything :( so sad i was looking foward to this drama but i noticed that the air date was october then november then octomber 2017 and other. I knew something was wrong when there is so much air date switch, hope the drama airs. Thank you for updating us!

    • Reply
      June Snow 26 days ago

      oh is it really ?that why i am keep waiting and waiting but they never release .i hope i can watch it very soon.

    • Reply
      ArvisJaggamar 11 days ago

      So..... is there a REASON the Chinese government enacted this racist ban?

    • Reply
      AfrahZehra 1 day ago

      Apparently the chinese government didnt want south korea to allow the US to put their missiles on korean land...as they felt that would make them (china) more vulnerable...
      Dont really get much myself but thats the overall gist i heard...could be wrong for all i know xD

  • Reply
    weeme Nov 27, 2016 - edited

    Huh? (How) Is Lee Jong Suk's Chinese good enough to play the main lead in a Chinese drama? O.O

    • Reply
      Weronika Nov 28, 2016

      Don't they dub even native chinese actors?


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    Dec 31, 2018 to ?
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    45 min.


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