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If you had a second chance to correct the biggest mistake of your life, would you take it? Ai Li Si is a cold, 30-year-old woman who lives her dull life like a robot programmed to do the same things every day. But her boring life changes when she wakes up one day to discover that she has returned to her 17-year-old self! Back in high school on the day of an read moreimportant swim meet for her best friend, Shu Lei, Ai Li Si literally runs into the moody He Hao Yi, who has just transferred to her school. Hao Yi mistakes Ai Li Si for his long-separated twin sister, and because of a grudge against her and his mom, Hao Yi decides to torment her at every turn. Meanwhile, Han Ming is a nerdy student who has long harbored a secret crush on Shu Lei. After a few mishaps, Hao Yi realizes that Ai Li Si is not his sister, but will Ai Li Si take this opportunity for her to correct her biggest mistake with her first love and change her own future destiny?

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    Wo He Wo De Shi Qi Sui; Love Seventeen; Love at Seventeen

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Jul 26, 2016
  • Overall 6.0
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I'm not sure what to say about this drama... I hate giving bad reviews and I don't want to put you off because of this review. But it was, in my opinion, so tedious that I couldn't not write this review. I suppose I should firstly confess that I did start skipping large sections of this drama, it just got predictable, tedious and a little bit dull. I managed to condense the read more last hour and a half long episode into a 25 minute sitting.

Initially this drama started off at a pretty watchable standard. The young versions of the characters are played by the same people who play the adults, just in school uniforms. I liked the story behind the lead guys past, how he's looking for his sister, hiding out in book shops, living off of ramen. The introduction between the characters was great. The oddball friend falls in love with her best friends brother, the popular friend and the two guys crushing on her. I like the way that the oddball friend befriends 'Peter' and stays loyal to her promises.. however. I don't like the fact that this entire drama is based on the fact Ai Li Si refused to tell anyone who Peter was, and that her so called best friend didn't believe her. That was kind of the area things started to wobble.
Fast forward to the future and Ai Li Si has turned into this cold and distant woman who works as a science researcher. Now as a science researcher I would expect her to be fairly bright, despite her obvious emotional trauma. No. No she is not. The main female lead is probably one of the most naive, air heads I've seen in a drama. Now female empowerment in general is not something I talk about, I'm all for it but it's not something I ever talk about because I don't really argue my opinions. But this... THIS took the biscuit, the plate and the tiny little napkin it came with. I can't put into words how annoyed I felt at this female lead. I know a lot of female Asian leads are meant to be delicate flowers who need to be protected by the strapping young man with a six pack and a flaming axe made out of manly things, but this.. this.. I just can't. I don't see why or how the writers thought making the female lead so urghhhhh. I KNOW she's emotionally unstable but ughhh. Okay I'll stop talking about how peeved the female lead made me I think you get the idea, but it was like.. 73% of why I started skipping.
The actors themselves weren't awful, it was mainly just the way the characters had been written. I think with the scripts they were given, the actors did a great job. Not enough to win an Oscars (or Asian equivalent) but pretty good, especially in the first episodes when they're pretending to be high school students.

I like the way that bullying can be seen in this drama, as in... it shows that bullying can affect people whether that's the intention or not. There's one scene where Ai Li Si meets one of her past tormentors to try and only her memories, but he doesn't really remember bullying him. I think the way it shows that although it doesn't effect you, or doesn't seem like a big deal, bullying can be a big deal in some people's lives. It's kind of like how in Who Are You: School 2015 she tries to commit suicide, although not as extreme in this drama, showing the side effects bullying can have on the victims. Especially in Asia where you can hear a lot of extreme cases of bullying, but no one sees what's wrong with it (I don't know how accurate this is I'm just basing it off of blogs written by people who have taught in Asia).
That's second (and last) item I liked about this drama.

The music was okay, I don't really remember a lot of it... I know it wasn't bad, but I'm not about to go and download the OST.

So to summarise:
Good things - The first episodes where they're students, the portrayal of bullying in younger generations and the affect it can have on the victim.
Bad things - Weak female lead, predictable script writing and a little repetitive. Weak female lead and even seeping into weak second female lead is a large reason I disliked this.

But please keep in mind that this is my opinion and that I did start skipping because it bored me. It is possible that the parts I skipped had information to make this drama better, but in my personal opinion I highly doubt it. I was going to drop this drama, but finished it due to sheer will power. I wanted to give the drama a chance but it just didn't do it for me. I know a lot of people are fans of the innocent romance style, and if you like that kind of thing it might be worth giving this drama a try. But if you came up to me and asked me if you should watch this.. I'd say no. Or at least watch the scenes as kids and then just read up on the rest of the drama. There were a couple of good parts but I don't think that they were quite worth the other 10(ish) hours of not... very.. exciting script writing.
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Both main leads have parted/broken up with each other in the past due to misunderstanding. Now they are going to fall in love once again with the female lead having memory lost and they will try to clear up the misunderstanding. Both have second male lead who likes the female lead and protecting her after being hurt.
Recommended by loveanimeever
These two dramas are very similar. Both have the themes of school times, friendships, and romance. only difference is the relationship dynamics and the stories behind them.

Love @ Seventeen features a guy who spent time things about the girl and Fifteen Years features a girl who spent time thinking about the guy.
Recommended by Mindful

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    ClaudiaKdramaFan 30 days ago

    Finally I finished it.....and despite the bad reviews, I really enjoyed it the chemistry of the main leads kept me going and gorgeous Peter as well....I gave it a 9.5 I seen worst with higher rates....really enjoy it!

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    zukuu Feb 22, 2017 - edited
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    Kate Nov 6, 2016 - edited

    There were quite a few drama loopholes that I can point out with this drama but I thought the general directions of the drama was done pretty well. The actions and behaviour of drama characters were reasonable and logical and it wasn't too annoying (because it actually made sense) for the most part. I could root for the characters, even the "bad ones" like Lei Lei because they were realistic.

    I didn't feel that the middle part was too stretched out, like the comments pointed out. Instead, I thought those fleshed out the drama really well. It brought out the stages that one go through after losing their memories and didn't make an abrupt jump.

    Also, contrary to the previous comment, I didn't thought the whole emotionless thing was too much. In fact, it was quite little. It was very obvious that Ai Li Si was just trying to build a wall and in my opinion as a viewer, she actually failed quite terribly. So, the misgiving would be placing too much emphasis on her being emotionless when she obviously isn't based on the interactions with her friends after she recovered her memory, and not that she shouldn't be this emotionless.

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    Olivia Sep 13, 2016 - edited

    This drama started off so well.I was hooked on this drama in the beginning because I was in love with the characters especially the leading roles. When they hit adulthood I was just disappointed on how their characters turned out, especially the leading female. I understood why they made her character go through this change but let's be honest... I thought the whole emotionless thing was a bit much.

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    foreverwitchy Aug 7, 2016

    started off good but got really boring, btw there is no time travel like the description leaves you to believe

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    SaeedKhan Aug 4, 2016

    This was amazing but like others have commented they stretched it a little too much in the mid but still i loved it

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    nyny Aug 3, 2016
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    Kerry Jul 26, 2016

    I expected so much more. Started off well and then it just became a little blahhhhh and ridiculous and unrealistic. Brain surgery and all she gets is a gauze around her head like a head band. WTH. Come on people. It just became a hot mess for me and just lost the will to go on. I get the bullying part but I think this story could have been better executed. The ending though, blah blahhhh nonsense. I was so into the first few episodes but then for me went downhill and it just lost it's magic.

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    siracorn Jul 24, 2016

    Perfect drama :3

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    yarnie Jul 11, 2016 - edited

    writer didnt just made her forget her very important memories and turn 17 again BUT made her into a fool :x im so angry how can writer make this to her/his own lead character!! its so not fair i hated it so much

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      Frenchii Jul 21, 2016

      Yep pretty much what I got from it

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    tattylovestofly Jul 7, 2016 - edited

    The female lead is kinda dull.. which is a shame. Is it bad I want her to turn in to a robot again?

    • Reply
      gendobie Jul 26, 2016

      Me too. In the last Ep, I want her to die or completely forgot anything. I know I'm horrible but it's a nice change

  • Reply
    yarnie Jun 12, 2016

    i feel sorry that this isnt going as well as the way before :x so sad i was so close to put this right in my top10... now i will just wait this drama to end and i hope they release OST album soon! it has amazing soundtrack :D

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    sunnyharriet Jun 7, 2016 - edited

    Well this drama definitely isn't going the way I thought it would after reading the description but I love it anyway! Song Han Ming <3 Ai Li Si (Always and forever second male lead syndrome :DD)

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    NaijaLuv_88 May 28, 2016 - edited

    Love Edison Wang since Deja Vu and he is one of those guys that just need to be a lead already. I mean he got the but seriously really love his acting when i saw him in Deja Vu and even though he was the bad guy in Bromance really loved him there. He needs a lead role....producers are u listening???

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    NaijaLuv_88 May 28, 2016

    Its so cute...hehe really love this drama and glad i took time not too watch and currently going to marathon all the episodes available.


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