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Stay With Me (2016)

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Li Wei Wei is a 30-year-old successful fashion designer. But a near-drowning makes her lose the memory of the past seven years of her life. In her current life, Wei Wei is surprised to learn that she had broken up with her boyfriend, Chen Yi Du, and is now engaged to a man she does not remember, Qi Cheng. Unable to believe her life choices, Wei Wei tries to find out what read morecaused her to break up with Yi Du while Qi Cheng tries to win back his fiancée’s heart. Which man is Wei Wei’s one true love?
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A Stalker's Guide to Wang Kai
How did this wonderful man become one of the most popular actors in such a short amount of time? Stay with me to find out!

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Jan 8, 2017
  • Overall 5.0
  • Story 4.5
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
I watched every episode until #20, but the erratic mood swings of Wei Wei and Yi Du, made me feel restless and listless. I switched to watching every five episodes until I reached the end of the line. The cast did a very good acting job.

Wei Wei acted like a childish teenager, as she kept pursuing Yi Du, even though he treated her shabbily. Yi Du was so trusting of his read more friend, who was his mortal enemy, yet he distrusted Wei Wei frequently, that I wanted to slap his head.

Huo Xiao began to act needy and manipulative, which made me unsympathetic toward him. Mo Fan irritated me constantly with his distorted revenge plot. Some of the supporting characters were too melodramatic. At the end, Mo Fan went to jail for his criminal acts, but Yi Du was too forgiving. He treated Wei Wei much worse, especially dumping her in some rural area, with no cell phone or money.

Joe Chen and Wang Kai looked pretty as Wei Wei and Yi Du, but their characters were not endearing. Zhang Duo is attractive, but I could not tolerate his character, Mo Fan. Derek Chang was my favorite cast member. His character, Leo, seemed the most rational, although he chased Tiffany like a puppy.

At best, this drama should have been 24 episodes long, when the story would not have been so budensome to the viewers and the actors.
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Jan 7, 2017
  • Overall 7.5
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
Stay With Me is a rom-com slash light-hearted romantic melo about too many second chances, obsessive love and a fairly weak case of revenge by proxy. The story has some ridiculous, rather makjang-like elements and is full of plot-holes but at the same time is addictively funny and heartwarming.

Wang Kai is sizzling hot playing a romantic lead, a genre that is somewhat new for him and I have to say he read more does not disappoint. Joe Chen’s already a proven actress and gotta give it to her pulling off a character that on some less capable actresses may come off as annoying and silly. But in the hands of Joe Chen, she gives Wei Wei an edge and a backbone but at the same time gives us the comic relief that is part and parcel of this character. Their natural chemistry is one of the highlight of this show.

The draw of Wang Kai may have enticed me to watch this drama and it did have enough content to keep me glued. I almost wanted to drop it at 30+ episodes when our lovely OTP keeps going back and forth breaking up and making up - one too many times. Characters don’t seem to have a constancy about them, changing colors too frequently - forgiving and forgetting seem to be the mantra of the day. The second and third OTPs are decent and deserve the screen time, giving the show an added notch of flair. But the uncle and sidekick pair got under my skin. I find these two serving very little purpose other than screen fillers and agitating the heck out of everyone.

The production set is very chic and modern. Whether it is the offices, the residences, restaurants or even the hospital, you see a very rich and slick Shanghai. Granted, it is about high fashion and the characters are all wealthy. Something I’ve noticed lately with many of the contemporary cdramas. Product placement is also front and center. Quite blatant and after 30+ episodes it can get a bit in your face.

The OST is catchy and worth downloading.

Leave your brains at home, just soak it in for pure entertainment and enjoy this perfectly imperfect show.
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In both series the girl is an arrogant rich woman who after she loses her memory, she learns the true meaning of life.
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In both series an accident causes the main actress to lose her memory about some years of her life.
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  • Reply
    shoetsukiyama 12 days ago - edited

    Just like everyone else in the comments section below, I had a really hard time sticking to this drama. Only started watching it because of Wang Kai and Joe Chen (both my favorites). Episodes 1-15 were great, but afterwards the plot got really messed up, the revenge, how Huo Xiao became too overprotective over a woman who doesn't reciprocate his feelings, how the two leads didn't trust each other, among many other problems. I can go on but I don't want to make my comment too long. This could've been better if it was only 16-20 eps long really.

    Anyways, you can definitely play a drinking to this one, a shot every time they broke up, every time Wei Wei falls, and every time a kabedon happens.

  • Reply
    Ping 15 days ago

    Way too long and draggy. If it was not because of Wang Kai, I would have dropped it not even mid way. This kind of drama should be 16 eps long.

  • Reply
    Eky74 Feb 1, 2017

    I have to dropp this. I'm so sorry, because actors are very good! But the drama is so boring! I'm at ep 17 and for me it's enough. I hope to see Wang Kai and Chen Joe in a better serie...

  • Reply
    MinaVIP Jan 22, 2017 - edited

    Is this a good drama? I don't mind spoilers. How are the characters and the plot?

    • Reply
      nastou19 Feb 10, 2017
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    rationalbeings Jan 14, 2017

    this drama is so erratic. dropped at ep 15, i feel bad to have wasted my day coming so far. Second lead syndrome is too strong in this one as well. not worth the watch, but Joe Chen was charming in the episodes I managed to get through.

  • Reply
    Nayomi7777 Jan 12, 2017

    I love this drama amazing chemistry, great actor and actress. This drama is so good highly recommend. Joe Chen and Wang Kai is my fav :))

  • Reply
    NWCDH Jan 8, 2017 - edited

    Happy end ?

  • Reply
    Kiseki Jan 7, 2017 - edited

    Best character in this drama is Leo, he's hilarious and super cute.

    • Reply
      JoyceC Jan 7, 2017

      I totally agree. I also love how protective he is of WeiWei

    • Reply
      QAS Jan 8, 2017 - edited

      The only character that I would rate highly, is Leo. He was funny, cute and wise, despite some immature moments.

  • Reply
    Reader Jan 6, 2017

    Poor Huo Xiao

  • Reply
    Meggie Chen Jan 5, 2017 - edited

    is anyone else having a hard time sticking to the drama? im not even motivated to finish it. the cast is great but the story line is SOOOOO boring

    • Reply
      QAS Jan 8, 2017 - edited

      Yes! I had to step away from the drama, because I was not feeling empathy for Wei Wei and Yi Du. I decided to watch every five episodes, half-way in the drama. The last episode was okay. I was disappointed in Yi Du forgiving Mo Fan. Yi Du treated Wei Wei worse, but love is blind or stupid.

  • Reply
    arbios Jan 5, 2017

    the rating is falling now that the drama is over lol

  • Reply
    alnaa24 Jan 4, 2017 - edited

    is this worth watching?

    • Reply
      3ngin33r Jan 4, 2017

      More than half of the drama is fillers and story going in circles

    • Reply
      deedumz Jan 5, 2017

      My honest opinion... no.. I was so excited for this and managed to get through the first few episodes. Then it just went downhill. I ended up just fast forwarding through a few more episodes and just said "F" it and watched the very last episode! lol..

    • Reply
      QAS Jan 8, 2017 - edited

      Not really! I only started watching it, because of Wang Kai, and watched the first twenty episodes half-heartedly. The two main characters' behavior is so erratic, that you wouldn't want to visit with them. Eventually, I skimmed the episodes, and watched the final episode today.

    • Reply
      Nayomi7777 Jan 12, 2017

      Its worth watching!

  • Reply
    Geanina Jan 4, 2017 - edited

    The story was such a mess LOL It felt like instead of having a good writer and director helming the series, a cat was playing with the remote control, constantly pushing the FFW and RW buttons... that's how stupid the development was with the main couple hooking up and breaking up on and on ... for breakfast, lunch and supper :P
    But watching Kai Kai in a rom-com for the first time was a pleasure and Chen Joe's character was quite hilarious most of the time. Also having Kimi resurrected on screen was such a bittersweet experience...
    So all in all, even though the drama is ridiculous story wise, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and I was always excited waiting for new episodes (not to mention waiting for more than a year for it to actually start airing).
    I'll miss my daily dose of Kai Kai *sigh*

  • Reply
    rian Jan 4, 2017

    I think it's 39 EP Viki change info before it was 45 EP.

  • Reply
    hazel321 Jan 3, 2017 - edited

    I'm having a hard time making it to 39, and now 45...I don't know if I can do this.

    • Reply
      QAS Jan 8, 2017

      You could do what I did. I hurdled over every five episodes, and watched the final episode.

    • Reply
      hazel321 Jan 8, 2017

      I may do something like that. I want to know how it turns out, but can't get through the overly silly plot.


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