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Man to Man (2017)

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A longtime celebrity Yeo Woon Gwang suddenly has a need for a bodyguard and hires Kim Seol Woo, a man trained in special investigations. He’s described as a mysterious man of many talents, and the drama is about the twisty events they encounter and the budding bromance between the star and bodyguard.
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Jun 10, 2017
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.5
I particularly enjoyed this drama, and since the previous review didn't give fair credit to it, I thought that I should write a review :) However, I do think that it might not be to everyone's palette and the best way to decide is to watch it :))

I felt that the drama was light and easy to enjoy in comparison to other secret agent dramas that I have seen! There was read more no great conspiracy, loads of secrecy, huge amount of fighting scenes, etc etc. I liked that the plot focused on a secret agent who becomes a bodyguard to an actor and still carries out his duties as an agent: it made the story work - of course very unrealistic but which drama isn't xD

I have to say the cast was great! All of the actors fit their characters and made the drama work. I really have to give kuddos to Park HaeJin's acting in this! His actions and facial reactions just brought the drama a kind of humour I really enjoy! And maybe because of this as well that it was nice to watch, and more light hearted than other secret agent dramas.

Of course, I did have a hard time to come in terms with Kim Min Jung's hair - seriously they cut her hair way to short!!
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Jun 12, 2017
  • Overall 5.5
  • Story 4.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 5.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
If you wonder about my rating and are willing to invest some time to let me explain, then welcome to this probably unpopular opinion.

The story surrounds a guy who is part of a secret government organization that employs so called ghost agents. Professional fighters/warriors (or whatever you may call it - agents) who get on secret missions around the world and are not allowed to have any deep feelings or connections read more with other people since that would compromise their work. These ghost agents here are the very cliché of every spy agent you can possibly think of.

The story starts to evolve in that direction. Agent K (Park Hae Jin) takes on a mission and unexpectedly starts to develop real feelings for a woman he has to con along the way.

I can stick with all kinds of dramas, even with the bad ones if they make me curious enough to want to watch the next episode, because that is one grave reason for me to either enjoy or be disappointed with a show. Even if a story makes me pull out my hair because the protagonists are acting all nonsensical. Yeah, I'm that kind of a shallow person. I can handle trashy dramas as well as cheesy ones - if they don't take it too far but entertain me.

So, the worst thing that can actually happen to a drama and that makes me lose interest throughout the whole way, is when it becomes plain boring. Sadly, Man to Man was exactly that for me. There's nothing special about it. It feels like one of the biggest cliché-heavy mainstream action spy dramas I've ever seen, and it gives off the feel that the producers wanted to reach as many viewers as possible, what is eventually the main reason why it failed to impress me at all. The (seemingly hidden) spark didn't reach me.

I didn't expect much when I began watching it, but I would have never expected it to be like that. I'm sincerely sorry to say this and I feel bad for the high-level cast but I was extremely disappointed with many things - not everything. There was also something that kept me going and therefore made me complete it, so don't be too frustrated with my opinion.

One thing that wasn't able to... touch me was the romance. Don't hit me. It was just suddenly there somewhere along the line. I never understood why K fell in love with this particular woman and not all the other ones he used for his previous missions. They had their cute moments, I admit that and I enjoyed them to a certain point. But it never made me excited.

Many people were annoyed by the female lead in the beginning but started to like her later on. For me it was the other way around. I liked her in the first episodes but as the story went further, she became a bothersome side character whose behavior annoyed me at times. Kim Min Jung had a strange way of portraying her role, especially the way she spoke. Though I admit that there were also some few scenes where I could empathize with her, for example during the more serious moments and/or when she got hurt. But the overall view of her character was plain and without any depth, and there was no character development whatsoever. And that was actually the problem with most of the characters. Superficial stereotypes who never stood out or made their appearance memorable.

The other thing and probably the biggest flaw in my eyes was the spy story, and partly at fault are eventually its characters who never made me invested enough in their circumstances to even be thrilled by their next move. The execution of the overall story, the hidden wheel in the background, the step by step revelations... everything had a choppy feel to it. It failed to build up the right amount of suspense to make me excited enough about its secretive picture.

I rarely drop dramas, seriously. I want to watch the whole thing when I start something. So, if there is even ONE thing that got my attention, I'll see it through. Man to Man does have some good parts to it, too.

First of all would be the villain. Yeon Jung Hoon. I was so happy to finally see him again after such a long time and he didn't disappoint me. His performance was great in every aspect and to the smallest details. Whenever he appeared, my attention level rose to new heights. He was calm, smart and cocky. He played one greedy bastard but he also felt human in some ways. He was playing his role with such passion that he made me root for him all the way. And his story even had a satisfying wrap up.

The other thing that I enjoyed alot was the bromance. They managed to pull off that part quite well, although I wasn't always completely pleased with it because it lacked screen-time. I would have loved to see more interactions between all those guys and the bonds they had developed over time. Of course all their hilarious moments together were priceless and filled me up with joy. So, when it comes to this I definitely need to mention Park Sung Woong. I was looking forward to his appearance in this show and he never let me down. He was the epitome of bromance and needs special appreciation next to Yeon Jung Hoon.

I was also quite attached to Jung Man Shik's and Tae In Ho's characters here, and I think I need to include this to show that I did like some things.

Park Hae Jin is a special case in this drama. I'm not saying he was bad. He definitely wasn't. His acting was good most times and I enjoyed it. His character-display was just a bit average. Honestly, I've seen way better performances of him in Cheese in the Trap and Bad Guys.

See? Not everything was bad. And I admit that they had some short-while thrilling scenes during the last episodes. I give them that.

Don't take my personal opinion to heart. I know that many people enjoyed this, so it's a controversial issue in the end. But maybe there are some others who agree with me ;) Would I recommend it? Honestly, I have no idea. I would probably prefer other dramas over this.

Btw, my rating for the music... Well, it's not very high, I know. The drama had some nice songs but those themes that were played during the spy and action scenes were getting on my nerves at some point.
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Both dramas have..

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-cute, fun, spunky sidekicks/side characters
-romantic relationships that affect the spies' mission
-fun comedy
-stoic male leads
-male leads' sunglasses give them an unexpected amount of personality that speaks for itself
-female leads use a friend to attract male leads' attention
-unexpected plot development
-fun, enjoyable, romancy
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- They both share the romance/comedy/action combination genre.
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  • Reply
    gellie 20 hours ago

    Epic! Epic! I so love this drama. Agent K and Woon Gwang. Aegyo!

  • Reply
    Laura_Roslin 1 day ago

    Stopped watching after Ep 5. The so called romance of the two leads just wasn't plausible, and there certainly was no chemistry. Another commentor said Kim Min Jung's character and appearance (as written in this drama) was suitable for just comedy but not romance.
    The rest of the drama was entertaining. I may go back and fast forward through Ep 6 and see if it gets better. I love Park Jae Hin and watched mainly because of him.

  • Reply
    Angel 3 days ago

    Rewatching this drama again because I need a glimpse of my sunshine. :)

  • Reply
    TeleriFerchNyfain 6 days ago

    Again, none of these anti-posters really give any credible reasons for disliking this very tongue-in-cheek drama other than a continued spiel of 'I hated the lead actress (or her part)'. Listen, those of you who like dramas mocking certain genres, this is one for you. It really dissects the whole spy genre, while also doing a great send-up of leading man syndrome. It's not a complete spoof, it has a plot & logical progression, but it really is a very fun drama. The whole love story is also spoofing cliches in a restrained manner. It had me thinking of Greatest Love (Dokko Jin) & King of Dramas (Siwon's role), but it reminds me most of both The Producers and Heard It Thru the Grapevine, and for those who hated THOSE dramas, just don't even bother with this one.

  • Reply
    joyje 7 days ago

    Watched this drama because of Park Hae Jin otherwise I wouldn't finished this drama. Was surprised to see Song Joong Ki for a short while in episode 9. Didn't like Kim Min Jung, didn't know was it her acting that was poor or was the character she portrayed like that. I took quite sometime to finish this short drama.

  • Reply
    Banada6 14 days ago - edited

    Every time I decid to watch the last two episodes . I say " neah let's start to watch a new drama instead" when I will ever finish it ?!

    • Reply
      wolfgirl9 11 days ago

      omg! lol ! I've watched 3 episodes and I was just thinking should I watch the next episode or go watch another drama!! From your comment it seems like it will continue to be so till the end! :)) ahhhhh why am I watching this at all then !

    • Reply
      Banada6 11 days ago

      Go watch another drama xD . There are some episodes better that the first 3 but don't get your hopes up .

    • Reply
      Diefenbaker 6 days ago

      I was really looking forward to this because of Park Hae Jin but after watching the first two eps, I was turned off by Kim Min Jung's character. I haven't given up on it yet but it is taking me a while to psyche myself up so I can finish the series. From what I have been reading, I will struggle to get to the every end. :-/

    • Reply
      Banada6 6 days ago

      I finished it yesterday xD .

  • Reply
    limon howikor 14 days ago - edited

    screenplay and direction was disaster , i feel so bad about the cast, such a great cast wasted.

    • Reply
      TeleriFerchNyfain 6 days ago

      If you insist on writing such a bs post, you might have the courtesy to TRY to explain yourself...

  • Reply
    Knavery 15 days ago - edited

    I feel like the show didn't know what it wanted to be. There was bromance and action scenes. And then there was a giant conspiracy and who was at the top? I don't remember anymore because the show wasn't that good so I didn't get invested. The whole love thing was spliced in between all this and it wasn't particularly bad but it wasn't developed in a good way because of the other stuff going on.

    So like I said - this drama was kind of all over the place and there were problems. I was also frustrated with how they shoved so many action scenes into the first several episodes but then the last lets say 1/3 of the drama where they hinted at action, could have had action and should have had action.... there was no action at all.

    A below average drama with a good cast to prop it up.

  • Reply

    I just wonder sometimes if the majority of posters for most of these dramas are those who hated them or got annoyed at them, & most of us who LIKE the dramas in question don't bother commenting. Cause it is beyond irritating that myriad dramas, all different genres & even quality, get the SAME comments over & over! Bad acting (when what the poster really means is usually 'I didn't like the character' or else 'I hate that actor so refuse to like anything they do'), 'boring' without explaining WHY (so often it's due to fast-forwarding, missing the plot points in the process, then not understanding what's going on LOL), or being upset that the drama is the genre it's meant to be (people complaining that a romcom has a romance, for instance - definitely have seen this)
    Man to Man was just sooooo funny - excellent acting on display, some great action scenes, some sweet romantic moments, and just a great composite cast chemistry. Park Sung Woong NAILED his character entirely :D I totally recommend this drama for anyone who likes action/spy type stuff & enjoys comedic parodies of said genre!

    • Reply
      Lorra-Patricia 6 days ago - edited

      I agree with your comment. A lot of times it's also a chain reaction/follow the crowd kind of thing too. Some people can actually like the drama but because the trend seems to point in the negative direction, they remember all the things they disliked instead and post them. Happens all the time. I can't remember being guilty of it, but it wouldn't surprise if I've done that a time or two when I wasn't especially loyal to what I just watched.

      I also agree that this definitely was NOT a bad drama at all. I didn't hate anything at all. I followed the story just fine and found it entertaining. I happen to like the female lead because I like her uniqueness. I like her look. I watched each and every episode happily and didn't regret it when it was done. I know what it's like to regret drama time loss. Nope! didn't feel that here. You're not alone. :)

  • Reply
    Kathy 19 days ago - edited

    Can anyone recommend me good Korean drama pls

    • Reply
      gellie 20 hours ago

      This is a great drama. Better than good. :)

  • Reply
    Kelly 20 days ago

    I really enjoyed this drama! It was the first time I've watched a drama where I've liked a character portrayed by Park Hae Jin. Also, I don't get everyone's hate towards the female leads hair? Like it's just hair, there is so much to a character than their hair...
    I will admit it was a bit confusing in the beginning, but overall I enjoyed it.

  • Reply
    Moza 21 days ago

    This drama deserve more than 7,8.
    I am not that into the romance, the female lead character was annoying. But everything else were OK.

  • Reply
    Kizzofdeath 26 days ago

    I watched episode 1 I liked PHJ but this one I felt bored while watching.. dropped

  • Reply
    Narco 28 days ago

    If you dont like romance, skip this. There is a bit of action in episodes 7 and 8 and then almost nothing till episodes 13,14,15.

  • Reply
    MeegsS 28 days ago - edited

    I found the drama to be so-so but in the end I have to applaud Park Sung Woong's portrayal of
    Actor Yeo Woon Gwang. He was always good, especially his character (morality). To me he was the ultimate hero of this story..


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    Apr 21, 2017 to Jun 10, 2017
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