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The K2 (2016)

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Kim Je Ha is a former soldier for hire. He is also called K2. He is hired as a bodyguard by Choi Yoo Jin. Yoo Jin is the wife of a presidential candidate and the daughter of a chaebol family. Meanwhile, Ko An Na is the secret daughter of the presidential hopeful. She is also a recluse.

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    더 케이투
  • Also Known as:

    K2; Kaytoo; Deo Keitu

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Nov 13, 2016
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 7.5
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 4.5
Note to self, whenever a drama gets you super excited with its first couple of episodes, rest assured you will be dissapointed! Bittersweet taste, this drama; mostly because of my expectations, nothing else. It started with the most amazing potential, but it never lived up to it. It was not a bad drama, it's just that... it could have been so much more...

The K2 is ambitious, it wants to be read more intriguing and captivating but too much pressure has underwhelming results. The drama is a weird combo of action, political drama and romance that doesn't really work. There are 4 main characters, all of them perfectly demonstrated and completely 3-D, each of them has a story of revenge or ambition about the future and all their stories get entangled to set the plot. The characterization is the best part of the drama.

The base story is there and it's quite well-thought-out once you get to grasp it (takes a few episodes - or more than a few), however the K2 was one of those dramas that even though you enjoy it, only drawbacks come to mind when you think of it, sadly.

The drama felt 50% superman, 30% boring political talk and no act and 20% forced romance.

Most surprising thing about this drama is that the biggest and most critical asset of it, the action scenes, ended up working against the whole thing. Ji Chang Wook was immaculate in them, it's not his fault that after 2-3 episodes my initial enthusiasm turned into yawning. It was certainly not his fault. The directing and editing is to blame here. They overplayed the scenes so much, they quickly lose their spark and interest; unnecessary slow-motion, gratuitous weird angles and more made them look overly cheesy. What's more, it quickly felt that the drama pays too much attention in CJW doing his thing than to the plot itself which made the drama feel increasingly superficial and shallow.

Furthermore, what is the korean obsession with making their male leads look like superman? As the episodes continue CJW's character felt more and more unreal. Humans have their limits, that's their charm. Striping them of that feature makes them look fake. I didn't sign up for a hero film, sorry.

Another really awkward thing is that each episode is packed with action, or scheming, plotting, romance, so many things going on, but when i stopped to think what had actually happened after the end of every episode, how the episode contributed to the overall story, i came up always with nothing. In retrospect, nothing actually had happened. Amazing isn't it? The story is there but there is no real development until the end. Dissapointing, what a letdown.

Continuing, the drama is defined by its political aspect. I'm not into political dramas, so once this part kicked in i was inevitably bored. However, I'm usually very much into scheming evil characters and backstabbing and this drama has plenty of it, but the build up to all this was lenghty and quite tiresome to watch.

Additionally, i'd like to talk about the dissapointing romance. CJW is paired with Yoona here, and while they do look good together, their romance felt thorougly forced and wasn't given adequate time to grow and develop. On the contrary CJW and Choi Yoo Na's chemistry was effortless and off the charts. I think i can safely speak on behalf of almost every viewer when i express my dissapointment in the writer's persistence to shove the former couple down our throats when the latter was there and was spotless since the very first moment.

Drawing my rant to a conclusion i'd want to talk about the misuse of Yoona (Anna) as a character. She was either running, crying screaming or taken hostage throughout the whole thing, while she barely appeared in the first half. She basically made CJW's character look like super mario trying to save his girlfriend, unrealistic and cringy.

At this point i feel inclined to mention and stress the significance of Song Yoon Ah's character who probably makes the drama worth watching on her own. Finding characters that are 3D and not carricature versions of real life people is difficult in kdramas. Here, all the character were well-created but Choi Yoo Jin was the perfect villain or more like the anti-hero. There are several layers of her character that go deep and are visible little by little. She was the perfect villain who everyone grew fond of quickly and she deserved better from start to finish. You'll love her believe me.

The acting was dazzling.
Yoona who is seemigly the weakest link of the main cast was way better than expected. She suited the character perfectly and was completely satisfying in her every scene even though severely misused.

Ji Chang Wook executed his action scenes spotlessly, and to be honest that was his character's main goal. I have nothing else to add, he was manly and a worthy main lead, but he deserves better as an actor.

Jo Sung Ha was also spectacular in his twisted role, but the real queen of the drama was Song Yoon Ah, hands down. Her character was disturbed, easy to misunderstand, but she made us all care for her and see beyond her evil mask. Loved her completely. Star quality actor.

Overall, the drama wasn't bad, it is one of those dramas that blow up in the beginning but never come up with the goods. It was enjoyable for the most part (let's exclude the boring political talk), and entertaining. If you are into hot guys playing superman in fight scenes, like evil characters scheming and double-crossing as well as some kind of romance in the sidetracks, do give this a chance. Having low expectations will surely result in higher pleasure. My 8 is kind of a stretch, consider this a 7.5 + 0.5 for the perfect poetic ending! I will never rewatch this.
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23 people found this review helpful
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Nov 13, 2016
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 7.5
Well.. I really like it when the drama started.. All those action scenes.. the storyline... but as the story goes on, I find it a bit boring and I almost drop this drama.. almost....

- I didn't like how the story was written. Not much progress is seen in the drama. The things that is unanswered remain unanswered till the last episode. Nothing impact had been done to the bad guys read more till the last episode.
- I didn't like their love story, it is like sooo rushing. Suddenly a kiss scene occured. No emotional build up. The ending too! (Maybe is my personal preference XP)

- I like their acting. Especially Choi Yoo Jin (the second lead). Her acting is really really good. I really wanted to smack her at times and I feel pity at the same time.
- I like the action scenes. They really put SOOOOO much effort in the action scenes. Almost every episode their is an action scenes and all those scenes really seems very cool and real. Appreciate their effort. Maybe because they focus more on these action scenes causing the storyline to be not that fascinate.

In conclusion, to those who like to watch cool cool action dramas, you guys can have a try! :))
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- They both share the romance/comedy/action combination genre.
- Both male leads serves as bodyguards
- Both male leads have a military background
- Both female leads have an interesting personality
- The plot of presidential candidates exists in both dramas
- Power, mind games/manipulation, corruption is in both
Recommended by HealerDoge
This is truly one of the greatest drama's on earth it would have been wonderful if they had 6 seasons like Game Of Thrones because as a HUGE! GOT Fan Nirvana and Fire Out Wits Out Smarts and all around Out Class Game Of Thrones in every way. Nirvana in Fire is up to par or I may even say far more superior than many high rated American Shows. I was stunned by the Brilliance of NiF in every way plots, screen writing, soundtrack, acting, cinematography etc the directors are extremely talented I would watch anything created by this Magnificent team.
Recommended by QueenCherry

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  • Reply
    Kharra 4 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      Meljus3 3 days ago

      Totally true. His character wasnt developed properly here. Like midway thru the drama, i can no longer understand why he still needed revenge because he definitely didnt seem like an angry and wounded character anymore. He behaved more like a dog or a babysitter to an annoyingly gullible and childish girl. I actually hated Je Ha in ep14. This is the only show where I hated the male lead for hurting the villain.

  • Reply
    Rocco 5 days ago

    Song Yoon Ah carried this show.

  • Reply
    Jen_immortalcupcake 10 days ago
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  • Reply
    koreandramamama 11 days ago
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    SambegShrestha 15 days ago - edited

    Spoiler alert epi 16

    You know what, they could've thrown the bomb down the elevator!!! Stupid shits!

    • Reply
      moonziyan 14 days ago

      You should have marked that SPOILER before posting.... but damn... I laugh so hard at your comment... hahahahahaha

    • Reply
      Meljus3 3 days ago

      Or asked mirror to identify what kind of bomb it is and how to disarm/detonate it. Mirror was supposed to be all knowing, right?

  • Reply
    emily 16 days ago

    its good but somehow just little bit idk so i felt like dropping it

  • Reply
    KimWanHee 17 days ago - edited

    I'm one of the lucky people who never had second lead syndrome...until this one. Somehow I'm really appreciating the strong (but strange) bond between Je ha and Yoo Jin. I'm at ep 13 and I know she's kind of the villain here but I just can't stop rooting for her. This drama is making me strange T.T

    • Reply
      Unnie25 14 days ago

      I seriously loved her. Very well written character and the actress did an amazing job!!!

    • Reply
      Rocco 5 days ago

      Same here

    • Reply
      usagi 4 days ago

      I remember while this was airing, most of the comments were about that! I haven't decided to watch it yet, but she's the reason I'm considering it.

    • Reply
      Rocco 4 days ago

      You definitely should give it a try, Song Yoon Ah carried the drama pretty much. Incredible actress

    • Reply
      Meljus3 3 days ago

      Loved her till the end. Most viewers probably do

  • Reply
    XiaoYan 18 days ago

    I kept saying to myself "This writer must be a fan of 'The Raid'." and rolled my eyes at the excessive flashbacks that happened just 30 minutes prior in the show.
    It's not super crappy. But it's not the best, or most plausible, drama.

  • Reply
    moonziyan 23 days ago - edited

    Oh and the main lead has no chemistry at all...... at the beginning.
    But believe me, it builds. It builds as the story progresses.
    They were a cute couple <3

    • Reply
      KimWanHee 17 days ago

      I'll tell you when I'm finished :D

    • Reply
      moonziyan 17 days ago

      will look forward to it ^_^

    • Reply
      KimWanHee 16 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      moonziyan 15 days ago

      I agree with you on that... there's a certain connection between YooJin and JeHa.. like there's a friction between them... it would be interesting if there's noona romance between them.

    • Reply
      KimWanHee 15 days ago
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    moonziyan 23 days ago

    Nothing special seriously. Some moments were a drag, I had to fast forward for those.
    The hint of noona romance was interesting though I was in favor for the two leads to end up with each other.
    CHoi Yoo JIn was seriously an interesting character. She stole the spotlight f the show. At some point, it even feels like Anna was a side character.
    Nevertheless, hands up to Yoona. She did a great job in acting her role. Anna is an annoying character at times but still Yoona manage to act her. This might the best Yonna's best drama as an actress.

  • Reply
    chante 25 days ago

    Good actors, totally enjoying Yoo Jin character. I have no interest in An Na character story and because it part of the main plot I am missing out on quite a bit because I am doing a lot of >>>. Because of Yoo Jin I will complete this drama.

  • Reply
    Sanashi 29 days ago

    I postponed watching this Kdrama for months because I thought the stepmother will be one of those cliché evil villains again...but to my surprise I discovered a really well written character with many layers and superbly acted by Song Yoon Ah! She stole the show and run with it to my complete pleasure...her scenes with her husband and with K2 are the best in this drama...
    I recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a great female lead. Im Yoon Ah is the 'romantic' female lead but not THE female lead...again very happy about that personally.
    Shirtless Ji Chang Wook is a bonus... :-)

  • Reply
    Joonkiiii May 21, 2017

    I finished this a while ago but I just have to mention, the OST here is top notch. I loved the church music, it had many feelings and brought so much emotion into the drama. Thanks TVN you always make really good dramas.

  • Reply
    fwaaaah May 19, 2017

    This drama is allright, but I struggled to complete it. I wish Anna were a more "edgy" character, not a "damsel in distress". I also found Kim Gab Soo's acting to be annoying (or how he portrayed the character).

    But I need to mention Song Yoo Jin did an excellent job. I also found her assistant and Se Joon to be portrayed well, but that could be caused by Song Yoon Ah? I'm not sure.

    I also want to add that Lee Ye Eun, the actress of Anna's female bodyguard, was really pretty. I hope we'll get to see her in more dramas

  • Reply
    Dani May 18, 2017 - edited

    I loved this drama for the first few episodes but it suddenly got very boring. I was interested in K2 and Anna's background but it never went anywhere meaningful. K2 and Anna have no chemistry, as she acts more like a child than an adult and complains too much. I don't see how K2 could fall so fast for her. The only redeeming part was Ji Chang Wook's amazingly good looks, and Song Yoon Ah's (Yoo Jin) stunning acting. I wish I could finish this because I loved the Madame's character and it started off strong, and I hate dropping dramas, but I think I'll move on to Healer and see if it's better.

    • Reply
      WinchesterJo 29 days ago

      Healer is definitely one of his best dramas. You won't regret it


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