Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)

These two dramas are slightly reminiscent of one another simply because of the happy theme and the sweet, light-hearted romance. Their storylines differ greatly, however the main characters I felt were a little similar. The male leads are both super romantics and as Louie would say, "perfect", boyfriend material. As for the leading ladies they're both characters i would strive to be more like--warm-hearted, caring and innocent.
Recommended by MariKim
*Both dramas revolve around a physically strong female lead

*Both female leads are in love with the second male lead

*Both first male leads took their time and were very patient with the female lead until they finally captured her heart

*Both of the main couples have loads of cute and sweet moments

*The way the first male leads look at the female lead makes you want to melt into a puddle of goo. They both have so much love and respect for the female lead.

*Both female leads love to wear pink hoodies. ^^
Recommended by DoYouLikeMessi
two rival groups, lovable characters and school-centred slice of life!
Recommended by hosaki
They are both slice of life shows that deal with college life. Age of Youth deals more with making friends where Weightlifting Fairy leans more towards the romance side. Recommend watching both of them.
Recommended by SergeantFox
They both revolve around sports. I also think that, though the dynamic between the leads is different in each drama, the relationships start and grow in a similar way!
Recommended by alexa
The main couple from 'Weightlifting...' play supporting characters in 'Cheese...' and the plots have more differences than similarities, but if you look for college drama, those two are one of the best I've ever seen.
Recommended by Klaudia
Great humor and 'friends-turned-couple' type of dramas :D
Recommended by Klaudia
Both are sports dramas with good, but different types of humor, good romance (and for 'real' romance you have to wait quite long in both dramas).
'Whirlwind...' is more action than 'Weightlifting...' , but the second one has really great friendship and 'normal life' plot.
Recommended by Klaudia
Not similar in terms of storyline.. like at all
but both dramas give off a "fluffy"/cutesy feel
overall, both are fun and light dramas that you should try ;)
Recommended by wren
1. Both dramas are set in college (Weightlifting is more towards sports, Love o2o is more towards gaming/ programming)

2. It has a similar vibe, give the same feels (VERY LIGHT, FLUFFY, CUTE)

3. Both male leads are SUCH BF MATERIALS OMG

4. Both will give you withdrawal syndrome

5. Can't get over weightlifting until I watch this drama

6. There is no true antagonist in both dramas (both antagonists are relatable and understandable towards the end)

7. Weightlifting is shorter (16 eps) than Love o2o (30 eps) but both are very addictive, both dramas don't feel draggy or long. One is a Korean drama, the other one is a Chinese drama.

8. somewhat same pace of relationship between both leads (weightlifting as friends, love o2o as gaming partners)
Recommended by pecel
Colloge student life and how to pursue your passion and dreams in university.
Recommended by anastassia
Love for extracurricular activities, friends, quircky character and college life.
Recommended by anastassia
If you loved Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo because of the excessive fluff and cute moments between the two leads and an adorable (boyfriend material) male lead and for the comedic moments, then you'll love Lucky Romance!! They both have rivalry drama, although Lucky Romance is more dramatic and Weightlifting Fairy is more slow paced; the storyline of the two are not similar at all but more so the cute romance and male lead is what I find similar !
Recommended by Nishat
The same scriptwriter Yang Hee Seung penned both dramas. Both dramas have wholesome memorable characters and comedy within quirky romance. Oh my ghost has extra elements of ghost mystery and thriller while Weightlifting fairy is more lighthearted and slice of life. Both are enjoyable with solid acting from the cast
Recommended by sharreb
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
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Alternative Titles

  • Native title:

    역도요정 김복주
  • Also Known as:

    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju;


  • Country:

    South Korea
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  • Episodes:

  • Aired:

    Nov 16, 2016 to Jan 11, 2017
  • Aired On:

    Wednesday, Thursday
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  • Duration:

    60 min.


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    9.1 (scored by 9,677 users)
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