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Sassy Go Go (2015)

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Set in a highly competitive school that emphasizes achievement and scores above all else, the drama will lay bare the absurdities and hypocrisies of the education system while also featuring the growth stories of the students who struggle to move forward, one step at a time.

  • Native title:

    발칙하게 고고
  • Also Known as:

    Jigeumbooteo, Chieoeob; Daringly Go Go; From Now On, Cheer Up; Starting Now, Cheer Up!; Cheeky Go Go; Cheer Up!; Insolently Go Go;

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  • Jung Eun Ji
    Kang Yeon Doo [Dance Club Real King]
    Main Role
  • Lee Won Geun
    Kim Yeol [Study Club Baekho]
    Main Role
  • Chae Soo Bin
    Kwon Soo Ah [Study Club Baekho]
    Main Role
  • Ji Soo
    Seo Ha Joon [Study Club Baekho]
    Main Role
  • N
    Ha Dong Jae
    Main Role
  • Kim Ji Suk
    Teacher Yang Tae Beom
    Main Role

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Nov 11, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
As soon as I heard that Cheer Up! was going to be a drama based around cheerleading in a school that solely focuses on their students getting good grades, my excitement levels dropped. I would rather have school dramas not have any sport related themes and not use the excellent grades cliche. However, I was so very wrong. This drama went to so many deep levels that not many writers can do, read more and it became extremely influential and inspiring. This is was one of the best dramas this year to date (this is my opinion, so don't judge me) and I felt extremely attached to watching Cheer Up!.

The story was the only thing lacking in this drama, but not even by much. The only problem that occurred was that there was barely any cheerleading whatsoever. They used the sport as a background setting, and only ever included two performances in total (excluding the practice trials). But besides that, I want to thank the writers for so many things. For saving a perfectly salvageable villain who didn't understand any other way of dealing with her problems, for making the love triangle all so lovable and making me ship all three of them together with each other (yes, I shipped not only the end couple and the second-lead couple, but also the bromance), and for making all the characters so cherishable. And also, thank you for showing great character development with every single character, especially Seo Ha Joon and Kwon Soo Ah. I thought there couldn't be a single school drama that would beat Who Are You: School 2015, but here we are, half a year later, with an ever better school drama.

I think all of us can agree that the cast did a superb job, and all agree that when Ji Soo gets a role in another romance drama, he needs to win over the heart of his crush so all of his fangirls don't internally die. Anyway, Ji Soo did an amazing job and I felt so emotionally attached to his character. Angry Mom is a definite watch for me now. Moving on, Lee Won Gun. My new-found bias. I had previously watched his supporting role in Hyde, Jekyll, Me, but I never took much notice of his character as I always had my eyes on Hyun Bin. I never realized how well done his acting is. He is awesome, and my god, that smile of his! I found myself squealing every time he even so much as smirked. Anyway, Jung Eun Ji and N have definitely broken the idols-can't-act stereotype, and I am looking forward to watching more of their works. Finally, Chae Soo Bin. Her character was extremely irritable, but she was the first ever antagonist that I could never fully hate. Deep down, she was just a down-to-earth character who was trying to learn from her mistakes in the wrong way. And with that, Soo Bin had better rise to stardom very soon because she is a spectacular actress.

All of these soundtracks are just too lovable and I can't pick a favourite. There is Fly Like An Eagle, Rely, Shooting Star and Flower. They are all so amazing, I could listen to them all day long. Seriously, look up the playlist online and you can just sit there and listen to them.

Yes, oh god yes. I would do anything to have this series on disc so that I could carry it anywhere with me and just rewatch over and over again. Everyone has that one show that they could always watch, and Cheer Up! is one of them for me.

Overall, this drama was almost perfect, with only the flaw of not having enough cheerleading featured. Every single acting choice was amazing, the script and writing was brilliant, and the music is flawless. Please make more good quality school dramas like Cheer Up!.
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42 people found this review helpful
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Nov 10, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
Don't get fooled by the title, it's not the Korean version of Bring It On.

Watching this was an absolute joy! It will make you cry, laugh, and grin! When you're in high school you get serious about studying, so you'll get accepted in the university/collage you aim for. However, it's also the time when you want to have fun and enjoy life with your friends. So the balance between these two read more is what this drama is all about.

I might be too generous with my rating but the show was that good. The plot line wasn't draggy and very interesting to the very end. The acting was perfect from main and support characters. The music was lovely and spot on. So obviously you would want to watch this drama again because it's so charming.
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Both are by the same writer. School theme, strong female lead who cares about her friends so much, wonderful male lead, adorable romance. Both deal with many social issues that students experience in school. They also address corruption in private schools. Sassy Go Go can be triggering with some suicidal behaviour and both can be triggering with violence.
Recommended by JoJo
There two dramas share very similar traits, such as; school based, a romance that starts badly but grows through out, sports and competition. I liked Sassy go go, however I felt like it was missing something that I definitely found in this TTBY. Also, attractive people in both (Just saying ;p).
Recommended by ArgyllC-Rice

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  • Reply
    Rbasu 9 days ago

    It's just deserve one word
    AWESOME. u guys rock.....

  • Reply
    ArumkR Aug 23, 2017


  • Reply
    Jacelyn Aug 21, 2017 - edited

    I couldn't get myself to enjoy it. There was so much intrigue going on, with the school and stuff. And somehow I couldn't get fond with the characters. I was expecting more cause of the great ratings. I really loved the main couple though :)

  • Reply
    ZoeDanielle Aug 6, 2017 - edited

    Does anyone else know of any kdramas that deal with situations like Ha Joon's? I won't be specific due to spoilers but a little bit of a side character arc like there was in this is fine.

    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes Aug 8, 2017
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    sweetmint Jul 31, 2017 - edited

    Is there a lot of romance in this drama?

  • Reply
    Hanah Jul 26, 2017 - edited

    Despite the 8+ rating, felt this was potentially underrated:
    -It had a great way of mixing the heavier and darker elements
    -The humor was actually pretty funny
    -felt like these were actual problems students would face (esp in Korea)
    -a real shout-out to Eun Ji's character. She was great at being compassionate but not a doormat, cheerful but not obnoxious, moral but not self-righteous, and good character development too. She made a huge chunk of this drama for me.
    -fleshed out Soo Ah in a very realistic way. Just like KYD, I hated her but couldn't hate her. TBH, I could see bits of myself in her
    -loved HDJ's flat-as-a-board character, so cute

    In short, don't pass this one up!

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    Starting this drama now, wish me luck.

  • Reply
    LPA May 27, 2017

    I like using MyDramaList to review, track and rate the dramas I watch. But why do my personal notes in the rating section now get chopped off or deleted when I use them? Have policies changed? It's so disappointing and makes me feel like I need to find another program to track my dramas. I have contacted MDL support, but only received a reply that said they will get back to me--which they haven't for several weeks now. Sorry to complain but I need this feature. Thanks.

  • Reply
    soojungstrash May 21, 2017

    Ths show is underrated. cant believe i decided to watch this so late

  • Reply
    KpopSakuraARMY May 5, 2017

    You can learn something for this drama!! I also loved how it ended! I want more tho ... I think Ima watch it again xD.

  • Reply
    DaRkCrUsAdeR Apr 30, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Kshitij Apr 24, 2017

    The premise isn't that great but it still keeps the viewer engaged. Pure delight.

  • Reply
    Kanha Apr 20, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Yasmin Apr 7, 2017 - edited

    there was no chemistry between the main couple...

    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes Apr 27, 2017

      lol what drama were you watching?

    • Reply
      Yasmin Apr 29, 2017 - edited

      To me it was like he was trying TOO hard to be cute and all when he was with Yeon Doo, and it was a turn off.

  • Reply
    guccigall Apr 3, 2017

    I watch all of Jeong Eun Ji's drama.


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    South Korea
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    Oct 5, 2015 to Nov 10, 2015
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    60 min.


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