Mary Stayed Out All Night

Mary Stayed Out All Night (2010)

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Wi Mae Ri is the cheerful, pragmatic daughter of a failed businessman who had grown used to being constantly on the move to escape from debtors. She becomes fast friends with the free-spirited indie singer Kang Moo Kyul when she nearly ran him over in a car. Meanwhile, her father Wi Dae Han is saved from his debtors by his old friend, Jung Suk, who had just returned from considerable success in read morethe Japanese entertainment industry. Jung Suk, who had harboured a secret love for Mae Ri's mother, sets up a deal with Dae Han to have Mae Ri marry his son, Jung In. In a desperate attempt to escape this predicament, Mae Ri begs Moo Kyul to pose as her husband, and finds herself in even more trouble than before when her father proposes a 100-day period in which she has to divide her time equally between Moo Kyul and Jung In, after which she has to decide who to marry.

  • Native title:

    매리는 외박중
  • Also Known as:

    Marry Me, Mary! ; Maerineun Oebakjoong

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Jun 11, 2012
  • Overall 5.0
  • Story 5.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
Oh Mary, you had everything, everything to be a good drama. When you announced your casting, I almost jizzed in my pants. Three of my favorite actors playing on the same drama, this can only be amazing. But why, WHY did you turned into such failure ?

Even the talents of the actors couldn’t save the show from boringness. The change of the writers around the 11th episode helped the plot a read more little but it was too little too late. The show was doomed. There was a lot of cute moments but that’s not what make a good drama.

I don’t know how to feel about Mae Ri character. She’s cute like a button, but not really reactive. I don’t know about her dress code either. It’s more looks like a hall stand. It’s like stylists kept putting clothes on her in order to look bohemian. FAIL .

Also the feminist inside me was screaming of anger the entire time. Two man fighting for a female without asking her opinion about anything is a bit too much for me. Plus a father selling his only daughter to a rich family in exchange of money… Isn’t it illegal ? I know it’s just a drama but I can’t help to be a bit confused about the all situation.

The good point about that drama is Waffle Porn (nickname I gave to Kim Jae Wook), I was able to see him growing up as an actor. Ok, the two dramas he starred was huge disappointment for me (Bad Guy and this one) but he’s getting better and better.

My heart aches when I think about how good this drama could have been. sigh .
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Apr 15, 2012
  • Overall 4.0
  • Story 2.0
  • Acting/Cast 6.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
First things first: this is my first review. Due to the fact that asian dramas reflect a different culture I don't usually write reviews for them because I feel I usually don't have enough understanding of what makes a good story. Also, I don't like to review unfinished series (or anything, really) but I feel that with 13 out of 16 episodes seen I have a pretty good idea where this series read more is headed.

At first I quite enjoyed "Mary Stayed out all Night". Mae-Ri (the female lead) was cute but contemporary and Kang Moo Kyul was really cool (plus, this actor seems to be a pretty good one).

Enter Jung In and his father and the whole silly business of arranged weddings; really I've never seen a more elaborate plotline to form a love triangle! While I felt skeptical that it would work, it went fine for a few episodes... then it went downhill! More and more unbelievable situations (those who've watched know what I'm talking about)would arise and the characters just kept on going (to be fair most actors were good in their roles, except for the girl sometimes), accepting everything. When it entered the realm of the almost completely absurd (episode 13) I started to "speed watch" actually.

Would I recommend this series? No. The plot is very weak and random and although the characters are endearing, cute and charming and all that they can't make up for the complete lack of sense of the plot (which is also predictable, but that's a minor flaw).
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  • Reply
    nesrine 17 days ago

    two words to say : Sukkie Rocks <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Reply
    AnisahSherriff Apr 18, 2015

    Loved it more than I thought I was going to. Love the songs. I did not like the parents and wished that Mary had more backbone. No drama will ever be perfect right ;)

  • Reply
    JangSoo Jan 20, 2015

    I´m currently watching this kdrama and it´s really good!!! I can spend one day watching all those episodes... One of the best Jang Geun Suk´s kdrama!!! Love Moon Geun Young!!

  • Reply
    Twyx Jan 4, 2015

    W.. wait. JKS ruins dramas? OMG XD Ok, everyone has his/her own opinion.
    I feel totally the opposite. This drama was just a normal romantic comedy with some clichè and such, but I think all the actors, JKS ABOVE ALL, made this drama very nice to watch. I really couldn't wait to find the time to keep watching it. Oh and the songs... adorable! Nice job, Jang Keun Suk!

  • Reply
    NewKDramaAddict Dec 6, 2014

    I was a Moon Geun Young fan so that was why I watched this original, but this made me a semi-fan of Jang Geun Suk. I loved the OST! Like everyone, I wanted Kim Jae Wook to have a happy ending too!

  • Reply
    Ari Oct 6, 2014
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    SimbiAni Sep 28, 2014

    MaeRi is a cheerful, bookish dreamer who just wants to keep going to college, but her father's endless debt issues have finally grounded her; to make matters worse, she's been laid off ("slow economy") yet again.

    JungIn is a stoic, loner businessman who just wants to keep managing his entertainment company, which is in the process of developing a potential TV series, but his father has demanded that he get married ASAP or he'll lose all financial funding for said show, possibly including his entire company & inheritance as well.

    MooKyul is a (solo) street musician by day, & (band) club rocker by night, who just wants to keep his group together while still making unique indie rock & who'd rather put up with being uncomfortably cold & poor before selling out to become a popstar idol; with serious abandonment issues due to a youth-obsessed flighty mother, he's extremely passionate about loyalty & guards his heart very closely.

    See how this unlikely trio ends up inexplicably intertwined! <3

  • Reply
    deeevaniii Jul 17, 2014

    my preciiouuussssssssssssssssss

  • Reply
    justine Jul 16, 2014

    the beginning was interesting then it became so-so at the middle and just too predictable at the end. anyway, kim jae wook is seriously sooo good looking i was rooting for him while i watch the entire drama. pls get a main role soon.

  • Reply
    seluluhan Jul 16, 2014

    This started off okay, then it just got so boring and predictable lol

  • Reply
    Sweety-Face Jun 27, 2014

    l dont like jang geun suk

    • Reply
      Tiihii Aug 23, 2014

      I saw him in Bel Ami/Pretty Boy... and I don't really like him either. but since he's so popular, I'm curious to know what's that all about. Did you watch this drama? Is he so annoying that I shouldn't waste my time watching it?

    • Reply
      Sweety-Face Aug 23, 2014

      every drama he's in
      he just ruined everything

    • Reply
      lettuceloveHJ Aug 25, 2014

      I saw him in Baby & I, by accident, on Netflix and actually liked his character there since it was a good movie. The other time was in You're Beautiful, and I found him grueling to watch for multiple episodes there. Quite frankly, I'm not curious about his popularity lol!

    • Reply
      Tiihii Aug 25, 2014

      Thanks guys! ;)

    • Reply
      Zha Jan 29, 2015

      I first saw JGS in You're Beautiful. I end up liking Yong Hwa. Lol. I admit he is cute when he smile but his acting doesn't appeal to me. Though he looks good when singing like he owns the stage but that's it. I picked up this drama because of the lead girl. I love her in Autumn's Tale. She was just a kid back then. I was curious on how she acts. She is indeed a great actress though I am having a hard time convincing myself that she was the same age as mine in this drama. She doesn't age a bit. She is sooooo cute. Lol. Anyway, back to JGS, sadly I end up falling to the second lead again. Though I'm going to finish this drama for the sake of finishing it.

  • Reply
    patiikaa Jun 18, 2014

    It was my first drama I've seen. I love it!! It's really funny and interesting. Moon Geun Young is very pretty and cute and Jang Geun Suk is really handsome. Great drama!! <3

  • Reply
    siracorn Mar 14, 2014

    Is no one going to mention her dad selling and beating her? Really?
    What about the emotional manipulation? Sexual assault? Stalking and kidnapping? Nobody? Anybody? Ok...

    • Reply
      winnie Mar 14, 2014

      I actually don't remember any of that happening or maybe I blocked it from memory lol...I do know it's the worst drama I've watched and rated it a 3. Don't know why I didn't drop it when I should have but I was a newbie back then. We all make mistakes :)

  • Reply
    Miow Feb 15, 2014

    Moon Geun Young, she is wonderful! *_*

  • Reply
    siracorn Jan 17, 2014

    hah, I dont know wassup with you k-drama fans but I feel like I cant find a single popular k-drama which you guys seem to like.
    Anywhooo, I like the first four episodes I've seen but I dont feel like its gonna be anything special.

    Good characters tho. I like all of them so far.


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    South Korea
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    Nov 8, 2010 to Dec 28, 2010
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    Monday, Tuesday
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    1 hr. 2 min.


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