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The Crucible (2011)

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Gang In Ho is the newly appointed art teacher at Gwangju Inhwa School, a school for hearing-impaired children. He is excited to teach his new students, yet the children are aloof and distant, trying to avoid running into him as much as possible. When the children finally open up, In Ho faces the shocking and ugly truth about the school and what the students have been enduring in secret.The movie is based on a true story.

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    Dokani; Dogani; Silenced

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Aug 23, 2012
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
I came into this film knowing what it was going to be about, but nothing could have prepared me for the impact of watching The Crucible. It was dark, violent, and quite honestly nauseating. I was on the verge of tears for nearly an hour and when the 1h36 mark hit, I had to pause the movie and did nothing but cry for the children. To think, this is real. This happened read more to these kids. When I hit play, from that moment on, tears were falling.

I will probably never be able to watch this movie again, but it is something you honestly must see. Yes, the images are disturbing. Yes, you will feel anger, sadness, and numbness, but this movie leaves an impression. The acting is superb and all of the child actors honestly deserve awards. Their expressions, their gestures, they just strike you right in the heart every time. You will not soon forget this movie. I'm not sure I ever will.

What may be even more impressive, this movie caused such a stir in South Korea that the case was forced to be re-opened and laws demanded to be rewritten. It makes you think, it really does. How much effort does it take for justice to prevail? Why can people be bought with money when they know such horrible things had occurred? I honestly don't know, and never will know why such apathy and cruelty exist in the world. Why do we cause each other pain? It makes me sick. But as a quote in the movie says, "The reason why we are fighting so hard, is not to change the world, but instead, not to let the world change us."

Without a doubt, I recommend this movie.
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May 8, 2012
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
1) The reason I watched this:

I have a psychiatrist friend who insisted on watching this film. She already knows that I don't mind any sort of special story no matter how horrific it is; I was fully prepared to any type of scenes and so I watched it.

2) Storyline/Plot:

They weren't kidding when they said "This movie contains EXTREMELY graphic child abuse! Do not watch if you are easily disturbed.", read more I intentionally repeated it because this film isn't directed to all types of audience, even if you are an adult you can easily be disturbed.

Positive points:

*It's a true story that focus on a world wide issue: a great topic.
*The producer wasn't afraid of showing the horrible fact to the audience.
*The script writers did a great job by delievering a masterpiece.

Negative points:

For me there isn't.
*Some people would feel sick or shocked that's why I said it's not directed to everyone but if those scenes were absent then it couldn't be fun to watch considering its theme; it was realistic and special in a great way.

Story: 9.75/10

3) Acting/Cast:

I really loved each and everyone of them here.
*It was different yet cool to see Gong Yoo in a serious role.
*The three children have done a great job because their roles were mainly sentimental and they were skilled to portray that aspect.
*The actors knew how to deliever feelings and leave us affected with their issues.

Cast: 8.5/10
Acting: 9.5/10

4)The ending:

It wasn't what anyone wanted but it was great because it was realistic.

The ending: 8/10

5) My impression (How did it affect me):

*As I said earlier I don't mind any sort of special stories, this film was interesting enough to keep me hooked up for two hours.
*The grafic child abuse is what gave this film its taste no matter how horrible it was.
*I got the conclusion that this world is full of bad people but they only need one courageous person to change the whole thing.
*Protecting children's innocence is our responsibility as adults.

My impression: 9.5/10

6) Overall:

I repeat this film has shocking abuse scenes therefore, if you're a sensitive person don't even think about watching this.
*If you like special stories and don't mind the abusive scenes then you would like this.
*Human rights lovers may want to check this out.
*Don't be fooled about the fact that Gong Yoo is the main lead, it's nothing like his previous Dramas/Films.
*If you're looking for a romantic story then you shouldn't be reading this in the first place.
*I repeat for the last time sensitive people KEEP OUT!

Overall: 9.5/10
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Both movies have the same vibe. Although Han Gong Ju is filmed more darker, Dogami has the same 'based on reality'-topic. Both are 'watch one time only' movies and I found Dogani more difficult to watch. (still wanna cry)
Recommended by izsua
Two movies that involve children without parents, abused and used. In both movies there is a person that tries to protect them.
Recommended by Dia

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  • Reply
    evilblea 18 days ago

    I stopped halfway. It was too disturbing for me.

  • Reply
    my3views 19 days ago - edited

    My chi was scorched then, when it first watched this movie, and still to this day I'm not able to extinguish the fire of anger in me. The director did a superlative job in pacing and mood lighting. Each scene was framed so complete. like a compelling documentary, sensitive and brave. Gong Yoo's finest work was keeping his personal composure, staying in character to reveal the soul-wrenching true story of human depravity. You will be feverously moved, your tears will blister your heart, for the innocence... violated.

  • Reply
    Maya 20 days ago

    Eye- opener..

  • Reply
    Mika931 21 days ago

    Such a sad story and feel frustrated with the can peoples like them get away by using money and power. Btw, it is very very good movie. Recommend to watch it

  • Reply
    SUNNY Jul 16, 2017

    Such a riveting film. I was shaken knowing while watching that it was based on a true story.

  • Reply
    Revalina Mariana May 22, 2017

    >>> (y)

  • Reply
    Becca May 14, 2017 - edited

    This is one of those movies you can only watch once. It ruined me, it was so good. I really don't get Korean justice system. How could they can act like nothing happened and those people can have their jobs back?

  • Reply
    Mighty_Brosia May 10, 2017

    So I was being hunted last night after I watched this... why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel so sorry to all the kids especially min soo....... can't believe it's a true story....

  • Reply
    LeejLicious Apr 16, 2017

    Rewatched this after quite some time. It remembered me why I hate humans, I hate unjustice and the power of fucking money. I loathe mankind.

  • Reply
    Sara si Apr 12, 2017

    There are a lot of ppl saying that u shouldn't watch it if you are easily disturbed, but I believe you should try even so. The sexual molestation parts are relatively short and you can skip them, so I'd suggest you to gather your courage and bare with it, because it is a fantastic movie.Gong yoo's and the childern's amaizing acting skills really make this movie heartclenching and a true masterpiece.

  • Reply
    Belmani Mar 6, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    ali Feb 24, 2017

    So silent & quite
    This was first show i watch gong yoo

  • Reply
    mrwyoo Jan 16, 2017

    city of fog!! fog you.
    great movie! it poked the killer inside me. I had this urge to bath those f******* in quicklime...

  • Reply

    I gave this movie to my friend because she told me she need to watch a movie while she frustrated doing her thesis. But, the problem is. I havent watch this movie, i just have the copy.

    then now i feels so guilty, she lost her mood doing her thesis and just sleeping all day while crying.

  • Reply
    Amelia Dec 13, 2016 - edited

    This movie broke my heart :'(.


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