My Secret Romance

My Secret Romance (2017)

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Cha Jin Wook is a son from a wealthy family who runs a large company. He usually only pursues short-term love, but when he meets Lee Yoo Mi, who has never had a boyfriend before, he changes. In a dating world full of busy people who tend to flirt and chase “some” relationships rather than having meaningful connections that allow them to show their true feelings, this couple has a one-night stand. read moreThey meet again three years later, whereupon they kick off a shaky push-pull romance that’ll keep them on their toes as they fall in love.

  • Native title:

    애타는 로맨스
  • Also Known as:

    Aetaneun Romaenseu; Frustrating Romance; You Drive Me Crazy;

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29 days ago
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.5
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
This is one of the dramas I would like to binge watch just because 2 episodes per week ain't enough. It's a very typical kdrama romance, but very light on the angst so it's very enjoyable to watch. I never expected much from the leads. I've only seen SungHoon in Noble, my love and I'm not impressed with the acting there but he is a surprise in MSR, he improved alot in read more the acting department and I especially liked the way his eyes expressed how he feels during the last part of the ep 1, the one night stand. I felt that the acting on both leads made the scene passionate but less racy. The story so far is fast moving, no unnecesaary scenes (the beauty of 12 episodes).
I recemmend this to those looking for a romcom with great kissing scenes.
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23 days ago
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
I am writing this review after watching 4 episodes. It is funny and there is not a moment of boredom. Every episode had made me laugh. The actors have good chemistry. So, if you want to watch a funny, romantic and a cool drama this one is for you.
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This drama is fantastic and romantic, but is not cliche.
The man is cute and girl afraid of relationships.
Recommended by Jeh
The male leads give off the same vibe. Lie to Me the male lead is a bit more stiff. The female leads are somewhat similar. Also the second male leads are similar. My Secret Romance is like a more light hearted version.
Recommended by Unnie25

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  • Reply
    green_tokki 10 hours ago - edited

    Did they air 2 eps yesterday? So will they be airing another 2 eps today then finishing this drama on ep 13???

  • Reply
    Nea 15 hours ago

    Did they add one episode? Wasn't it 12 eps before? :O

  • Reply
    Savi 18 hours ago

    Sooo cute..

  • Reply
    coolcancerian 18 hours ago - edited

    Hate her mother grrr

    • Reply
      Frederica 15 hours ago

      I think she's one of the funnies kdrama moms

  • Reply
    patie 1 day ago

    i'm having so much fun watching it!

  • Reply
    Domi 2 days ago

    Objectively speaking, this is not the best drama out there, but I personally love it! It is exactly what I need right now and I'm enjoying every minute. :)

  • Reply
    harukae 2 days ago - edited

    This feels like a bad copy of Suspicious Partner..

    • Reply
      Kate 19 hours ago

      how can this feel like a bad copy when it started airing before SP?

  • Reply
    Rainy 2 days ago - edited

    I officially dropped this drama . Yeah at the beginning it was interesting,but to me there's no excitement. It's like I don't feel like I'm waiting for the next episode​ or wondering what is going to happen. Sorry...

    • Reply
      Kizzofdeath 2 days ago

      Ow Really sad to saw your comment. anyway Sung Hoon Much better after 4 episode he can act better that the first 3rd episode.. all thou the story is predictable but bearable to watch...

    • Reply
      3ngin33r 6 hours ago

      Because its like the mini romance dramas/specials which run for like 4 episodes is drawn out for a longer period

  • Reply
    Kroxy 3 days ago

    Where can I watch Ep 10 with eng subs?

  • Reply
    Rahul Rossi 4 days ago

    1% Of Anything all over again. Everything is going in the same track.

  • Reply
    Cactus28 5 days ago

    I believe Sung Hoon needs to work a little bit on his acting.

  • Reply
    min-young 5 days ago - edited

    Hahaha I died at the playground scene! I also would stare at him like the ladies did haha

    • Reply
      Nijura 5 days ago

      that playground scene was the best :D

    • Reply
      makeuptemple 4 days ago

      Even my jaw would drop lol.. ❤❤❤❤ who doesn't want a hubby like him

  • Reply
    Kawaitanee 5 days ago

    I am shipping second leads... please, more scenes of those two together!

  • Reply
    PriRiRin 5 days ago - edited

    Most cheesiest drama after 7 first kisses.

    • Reply
      Kawaitanee 5 days ago

      7 first kisses cant be really taken as drama more like long commercial. But I agree about cheesiness...

  • Reply
    LukasQ 5 days ago - edited

    the ratings in my drama list are so messy... some old awesome dramas have 6.5-7.5 ratings, and this new dramas with so so plot easily get above 8.0

    • Reply
      PriRiRin 5 days ago

      Right. All top rated dramas are mostly new and some not so good drama get much high ratings.

    • Reply

      I always try to take into account the actors' popularity and the 'newness' of the drama when I look at the rating. I won't watch a new drama with popular actors unless its above say an 8, but I might look really hard at an older drama with a less-than-stellar cast with only a 7. It really takes some work XD

    • Reply
      PriRiRin 4 days ago

      I don't really care about rating just the plot info and comments of those who have watched the drama and max 4 epi tp decide whether to continue it or drop it but it differs for on air dramas.

    • Reply

      Yeah I suppose we all have different ways of picking a drama ^^ thankfully MDL has so many different ways of getting feedback about a drama so we can choose which one we want to use


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    South Korea
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  • Aired:

    Apr 17, 2017 to May 30, 2017
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    Monday, Tuesday
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  • Duration:

    60 min.


  • Score:

    8.2 (scored by 1,176 users)
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