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Glowing She (2012)

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Kim Hyung Jun plays Kang Min, a top star in the Korean entertainment business, who is a bit temperamental. The leading lady is a newly minted scriptwriter played by So Yi Hyun. Park Kwang Hyun plays a well-known producer and the drama follows the in and outs of the entertainment business and the love triangle that ensue between the three main characters.

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    자체발광 그녀
  • Also Known as:

    She's Completely Insane ; She Shines ; My Shining Girl ; Sunshine Girl

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May 21, 2012
  • Overall 6.0
  • Story 6.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 4.0
I’ve seen the main actress in a lot of things and really like most of the characters she’s played. The premise also sounded like this drama might be a lot of fun so I wanted to give this a try even though I didn’t know who the male leads were…

Story- The first episode had potential so I was excited to watch the rest of the episodes but they turned out to read more be just average writing. It’s your typical predictable romcom but they kind of let me down with the entertainment theme cause they could’ve did more with it. The romance was a letdown also with an ending that had no resolution and basically brings our heroine back to square one.

Acting/Cast- So Yi Hyun basically carried the show. Her character was awesome and just so magnetic. As for the male leads their acting was passable but they just weren’t able to get me to care about their characters. The supporting cast was good enough but their characters were forgettable.

Music- I actually ended up liking the OST and will download when I get the chance.

Rewatch- Since the story wasn’t boring it’s rewatchable but I have no intentions of watching it a second time.

Overall while Glowing She wasn’t boring or anything it’s one of those dramas that had potential but fell flat. You won’t remember it down the line.
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Aug 8, 2012
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
It's a light, heartwarming drama that you'd watch when you have nothing better to watch. You've probably seen the story line before, where the famous superstar falls in love with a nobody. Although it's not really original, it still manages to keep you entertained. I love how the main characters interact with one another. It's amusing to see them quip back and forth with each other. One of the main things this read more drama had going for it was So Yi Hyun. You just can't hate her or her character. She's just so lovable.

The drama is only 12 episodes long, so the show didn't drag on more than it should have. It was short, sweet, and simple. The ending, while it wasn't bad, it wasn't all that great either. It just felt a bit unfinished. However, I think it's the writers' way of saying that life goes on.
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Both dramas have similar comedy and similar female leads. Both female leads have been in a stable relationship for a long time and then broke up. One day they meets their old love and starts to fight with each other.

In both dramas the female lead is a writer and jobless at one point. The endings were also a bit similar in my opinion.
Recommended by HAVA-RAVA

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  • Reply
    PKim Mar 3, 2014 - edited

    I'm watching ep. 6 now. So far i like the drama .. I hope Jun Ji Hyun ends up with No Yong Woo. He's sooo handsome x'D emg!

    • Reply
      Jaylan Apr 27, 2017
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  • Reply
    HAVA-RAVA Feb 19, 2014

    Just finished this. It was fun to watch and light drama for a change but it lacked in story. I rated it 6.

  • Reply
    DBSK Nov 14, 2013

    The top review kind of spoiled the ending...

  • Reply
    Livvy Sep 26, 2013

    i liked it but it wasnt anything special i kinda felt that to begin with it was great and i couldnt wait to watch the next eps but then towards the end it went kinda boring but i still liked it although the ending is a bit...

  • Reply
    daisyx2x Jul 30, 2013

    what should i watch first this or the greatest love?
    heeeelp T-T

    • Reply
      Sabin4iks Aug 7, 2013

      Well, i didn't watch this one yet, BUT *The Greatest Love* is a must to watch! If you are determined to watch both dramas then you should probably watch this one first and the TGL so that you would feel less disappointment...

    • Reply
      daisyx2x Aug 12, 2013

      thnx !!!

  • Reply
    Nathaniel Jun 28, 2013

    I liked the main female lead _So Yi Hyun ...she was such a freak sometimes ...bursting out with her anger ..she was great..the whole story was funny ..

  • Reply
    PinkyPie May 12, 2013

    I don't know what you all are talking about! I'm usually not marathoning but I finished this the day I started it because I just loved it!! But I have to say around 10th ep it gets boring but that's ok since it just has 12 ep...

  • Reply
    cutie26 Apr 6, 2013

    At first is was fun but later on it bores me... Kim Hyung Jun was so cute that I ended up watching 'til the end.

  • Reply
    Mivaaa Mar 30, 2013

    I just loved Kang Min!! He was so good in this one! I am now a fan of him, but that is also the only good about this series.. It kind of got me irritated a lot :/ (Well not his parts)

  • Reply
    pegah Mar 30, 2013 - edited
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    • Reply
      HAVA-RAVA Feb 19, 2014

      It wasn't in the drama. It's from some clip on Youtube... I guess it's another ending or something?

    • Reply
      pegah Feb 19, 2014

      ok , thank you , i thought that i didn't see some parts of drama :D

    • Reply
      Blademan2 Nov 14, 2014
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  • Reply
    nygirl220 Mar 17, 2013

    This drama was frustrating beyond belief and the ending made me feel as though I wasted hours of my life. If the intent was for a sequel, I won't be watching.

  • Reply
    hayouu Oct 31, 2012

    Dude the scripwriter must been high when he/she wrote the last episode -.- The drama was great but the ending was confusing and kinda bad, GURL just choossee a guy ^_^ it's only 12 episodes so watch it guys, it was really entertaining! the end was entertaining too but confusing!

  • Reply
    eiyaah Sep 24, 2012

    hhhmmppp... done watching! it's not really that bad ...

  • Reply
    eiyaah Sep 21, 2012

    i saw the comments and it make me feel that i will not like this ending ??? well i'm in ep. 6 and i love watching yi hyun ... ok i will finish it today... let's see the ending.

  • Reply
    sam30317 Sep 19, 2012 - edited
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    • Reply
      Blademan2 Nov 13, 2014
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    • Reply
      sam30317 Nov 14, 2014 - edited

      Unfortunately, I cant remember a thing about this show, lol. I wouldnt have known i even watched it if it hadnt been on my list or if u hadnt aked me about it. Dont get scared when it comes to watching dramas--they're just shows w/ false realities. With some shows, all you need to do is watch a few episodes to see if u like it or not. If you like it, keep watching. If u dont, no biggie! There's really no harm in watching.

    • Reply
      Blademan2 Nov 14, 2014

      Yeah, I just loath strong love triangles, especially when the 2nd lead just doesn't know how to give up, and keeps pushing right to the very end, it makes me just wanna grab my TV and whip it against the wall or out the window, seriously, that and side romances between the main/2nd lead characters, it's all just so unneeded and just frustratingly irritating, I so don't know why writer's have to have this kind of garbage.... Oh well... Thanks for responding... :)))


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    South Korea
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    Jan 7, 2012 to Mar 24, 2012
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    1 hr. 5 min.


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