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Fashion King (2012)

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Fashion King tells the story of young aspiring designers in Dongdaemun Market as they dream of success, and the relationships, love, and challenges they face along the way.

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Mar 19, 2013
  • Overall 6.0
  • Story 6.0
  • Acting/Cast 6.0
  • Music 5.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
Opening the goodbye spree for the second quarter KDrama finale week is Fashion King. I’ll try to separate my personal forever feelings for Yoo Ah In as much as I can so kdramagod, help me be.

Fashion King kicked off in a darth vader-ish tone… It was dark, cunning, treacherous and hindered. It takes the realistic tone, no fancy playing and leaning to character driven conflict.

The usual fight-for-the-lead-girl was presented in read more the story in an annoying kind of painful way. It was the girl who secretly loved the man who doesn’t want to love anymore because he has long lost faith on it and with the pathetic and shrewd Jae-hyuk between them, I have long set my mind that they could not possibly get to a point of loving each other happily and comfortably.
True to my words it was a sad ending, sadder than the Autumn in My Heart ending. I was hoping that with all that painstaking and half-cooked victories, in the end it will be inevitable for the deprived lead couple to be blissful and at peace, but then again if that will be the case it will break the dark tone of the story. You already have Vader so why did I u get Voldy for reinforcement? I want to blame it on the korean drama ending syndrome but my mind thinks otherwise. I know the closure has to be sad because the story tone is dark and cunning… and a happy ending won’t fit in.

The angst that the series has been carrying around the whole time I thought would be transformed to something light that sprout out of the bravery and forebearance of the lead characters, but it did not. It disappointed me, yes. But it is what was expected to happen.

It has been a long ride. What I will miss about Fashion King is its straightforwardness and strong vibe. It’s your typical underdog story and it gave us the reality that underdogs sometimes no matter how hard they tried, they will remain suppressed and bound by their limitations.

Fashion King had a lot of weak points and loopholes. There were a couple of dozing episodes and it was predictable, but kept escaping from it because they thought of a different way out plan than what would have been normally done. If not for the immersion of the actors to their characters the drama would have been a failure for me. I stayed with it because of Yoo Ah In mainly, but more than that would be its maturity and the transparent feel. It thrived on my emotions. It stood there tapping on my emotions annoying me, making me feel giddy, making me sigh and making me anticipate.

Compared with the rest of the second quarter kdrama bunch, what set apart this fashion world themed production was its fixed conflict of power manipulation and struggle that was concluded in a heart-wrenching fashion. It’s a drama I won’t recommend to watch right away, but I will recommend to someone if he wants some time alone.
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5 of 6 people found this review helpful
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Jun 5, 2012
  • Overall 6.0
  • Story 5.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 4.0
This drama definitely has good actors and they did a really good job. *thumps up*
BUT the screenwriter just wrote some bulls***. (sorry)
Well first of I liked the beginning, but then the story just slowly developed into a really elongated triangle love conflict. Where the girl is going back and forth from Young Gul to Jae Hyuk. Until the end she (for me ) suddenly chooses the other one.

It's not read more really about fashion a lot or not at all. There were only a few sequences about fashion and everyone had to do with fashion, but that's already all it had to do with fashion.
Well maybe I'm too dumb or skipped to much but the ending was kind of confusing.
Just watched it again and it made sense but it was still one of the worst endings I ever saw.

Overall Yuri's acting was really good for a singer turned actress. And all the others were excellent too. But I wouldn't recommend this drama.
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both have the same female lead- she is almost the same in both dramas. both have complicated emotions not traditional in kdramas.
Recommended by sara_a
it's simmilar how the 2 guys are crazy for the lead but summer's desire is way better though
Recommended by milafanway

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  • Reply
    Sadisfied 21 days ago

    I don't care what everyone says.
    I still love this drama and absolutely LOVE Kang Young Gul

  • Reply
    Rtee Jun 19, 2014

    i just want to watch this drama to see how bad it is loool

  • Reply
    Bera Jan 19, 2014

    Yes I agree Ako ... also the main character's personality turning trashier than it already is, another reason .
    You watched this laaaaaaater so you didn't watch it like us from the beginning week by week, you also sound like you read reviews before so that help you lower your expectations unconsciously ....

  • Reply
    Bera Jan 19, 2014
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Bera Jan 19, 2014
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    minjung0703 Jan 19, 2014

    why does many says it waste your time...but for me it didnt,,i like to watch only a few episode to say its worst,,but after that it took me to finish it to end it,,look like it didnt end with what they like,,thats why they said that..

    • Reply
      Ako Jan 19, 2014

      The end is bad so of course we could say it's a waste of time only for this reason but it began to be really bad around episode 10 so I don't think the end is the only thing to blame

  • Reply
    DramaLoverSara Jan 10, 2014

    can anyone tell me why its a waste of time , like ive put it on hold it for a year now , and i wanna know whats the reasons of this drama that's its so bad ?

    • Reply
      Ako Jan 17, 2014

      Yes it's a waste of time, it just keeps on going back and forth and you even end up hating all the characters, if you want to know the end i'll put it under spoiler in my comment below

    • Reply
      Ako Jan 17, 2014
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      DramaLoverSara Jan 19, 2014

      Omg, the ending is so gdlgkhjdkf and i haven't even watched it ! . Thanks for telling me :) so not going to watch it, im totally going to end up crying !

  • Reply
    twicky Jan 1, 2014

    Someone recommended me that I shouldn't watch this drama, by the looks of the comments on here, glad I didn't.

  • Reply
    ELFfreak Dec 6, 2013

    WOW! There is actually 54 ppl out there who has giving this drama 10 full points.

    One question, what is wrong with you guys?

  • Reply
    MinaVIP Dec 1, 2013

    Am I the only one who actually kinda enjoyed this drama? xD It was actually pretty good....except for the main character (she was so annoying 100% of the time that you couldn't help but to wish you could go there and slap some sense into her brain) X_X

    • Reply
      howforwardsale Mar 4, 2014

      No, I enjoyed it too as a guilty pleasure. I kept expecting (for some unknown reason) for it to get better. It had such potential but the writing was awful. They kept doing the same things.

  • Reply
    palak Nov 28, 2013

    I was checking out the highest rated dramas on MDL and OMG this drama is the least rated drama here. Wow must be real bad.

  • Reply
    milafanway Nov 18, 2013

    Don't trust Shin Se Kyung's dramas and that's all -.-

  • Reply
    ELFfreak Nov 15, 2013

    Hahaha this drama was so bad that I still come back to this page. Just so that I can read how everyone is bashing. :D

    I remember the moment when I saw the ending... omg. My mouth was wide open I was like "what the ..." the biggest twist ending ever.
    Laughed so hard!

    • Reply
      Sara_sn May 5, 2014

      You aren't the only one to come back and read the comments here!
      I'm checking it sometimes and just laugh to the comments and remember the time I was so angry to watch this drama! ;p

  • Reply
    Addiction Nov 12, 2013

    Started out great, boring in middle, ending was a hilarious joke.

  • Reply
    tiraaa Oct 20, 2013

    Deep inside, I sometimes secretly really want to watch this to see how bad it really was and join in on all the bashing and being able to say "omfg so bad, don't watch it!" LOL....


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