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Mar 28, 2016
This episode definitely steps up it's game. We're now seeing "fate" in play. And I'm reassured that Tae Yong has not possessed Lee Gak. Instead Lee Gak has realized that he is pulled to a time where his reincarnation was, but now is dead. That other reincarnations are here, but two souls can not be in the same time period. So I'm hoping that means Tae Young is really dead, and no read more surprises.

So now the mystery of how the Crown Princess died and what happened to Tae Yong will be the focus. Though Lee Gak's actions through me! It's so sweet and touching to watch these two grown feelings for each other. But he's convinced he's in love with Crown Princess, though I think he loved the other sister. Now he gets to chose yet again between the new Crown Princess and the sister. Wow.

I think the real power comes from finally seeing Lee Gak think and Park Ha not yelling. Though I don't like seeing Park Ha's various stages of a doormat. We'll see what happens now that she's staying.

This is probably going to be a very drug out denial of romance.

That said he writing finally helps to flesh out some characters and the humor was amazing! The ghost/death scares were wonderfully hilarious. (I love that the maid gets the last faint!) I'm really nervous about Park Ha's character, and what role she will take going forward. There's a lot going on here. I mean somehow things are connected through what happened 2 years ago, quite a stretch. Not to mention the Crown Prince's time period from where he comes from. To the present were everything is meeting up.

It's ambitious and now I'm being sucked in. This is going to be another You're Under Arrest for me isn't it? I want to stop, but there's enough good stuff that I keep going? Or will Rooftop Prince pull through and be awesome?
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Aug 13, 2012
I'm glad that he cut his hair shorter now. Less awkward xD
They're finally becoming more closer x) a hug!! They always do that in dramas and movies, running after a bus haha
As usual the 4 of them have their funny scenes which never fail to make me laugh.
Also I'm kinda glad there aren't many dramatic scenes with the family and stuff. Well that's my review on this episode.. it's read more currently 2:50am in the UK >< Couldn't fall asleep so I decided to watch this, it's really addicting!
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May 5, 2012
Lee Gak is so cute without his long hair. :D
Anyways, one very amazing episode.
Even though there were some confusing part I'm not distracted by them, the storyline is just too great.
It so nice to see that the prince is really smart and the way he acted at the end of the episode was just brilliant !
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May 3, 2012
There is a reason why evil characters exist and flourish: because they invariably have the cooperation of a klutz.
First Park Ha who walzes around with an open handbag in which she very casually put a check of 40.000 won. Oh, not any money, no! From that sum depends her future life: her business, her flat... everything. But hey, how else could the super evil stepsister rob her?
She gets a box read more from her american friend with a mysterious cell phone and what does she do? She ignores it, because she has to caress the butterfly on the postcard.
And let's have a look at the destiny of that phone: it falls out of the box, Mimi takes it per mistake (really?) and MAGICALLY it reappears in Lee Gak's pocket, just a second before he's going to have his DNA test taken, hence saved by it (how possessing a mobile phone could ever constitute evidence of your identity is another mystery, but let's cut the comedy writer some slack). Then he forgets it in the car (again due to the butterfly!!!!), right in the hand of our second super evil.
The movements of this phone go on, but it would take me half a day. Suffice to say that never in history a name was more appropriate: MOBILE phone.

After the silliness of the past episodes, I thought this one at least moves a little forward plot-wise.
The humour, like everyone already wrote, is the true highlight of this show, and the whole hair-cut odissey is, indeed, great.
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Apr 8, 2012
It might turn out to be a really good show! It has been very good so far with great comedy and nice dramatic twists. I thought it would be hard to top the second episode but this one while not as funny was probably just as good. The mystery has been interesting and the romance didn't really begin yet but there is a nice ground already in place. I hope the writers read more know exactly where they are going and all the loose ends get tied up in the finale!
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Apr 7, 2012
What I appreciate about Rooftop Prince is how well it's written. You get parts of mysteries and clues popping at one side and then romance and character development at the other. And somewhere in between there are still lots of time where humor is well incorporated. :)

Episode 5 manages to deliver all in the right doses. Not too sweet not too hilarious while not being melodramatic either.

It's understandable why Lee read more Gak thinks he is Tae Yong's reincarnation since this is convenient for him to get closer to his Sejabin's reincarnation (Se Na). Park Ha is already falling for Lee Gak and so is he for her--although he's not aware of it yet. (Why else would he go to her rooftop apartment after his haircut, buy a billboard of palm trees on a beach, AND chase after her in a truck?)

On a down-side, I got tired of Se Na saying her lines for the last two episodes--isn't there anything else she can say except for "Go to America"? Well at least they didn't drink coffee! They've been high on caffeine since Ep 2 every time they went out to have a talk with Bak Ha. Now it's water being splashed on her face! -_-#
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Apr 6, 2012
I did enjoy this episode too, really funny and still confusing with some points, but still it's great.
I feel that now, finally have the story, the actually real story begin.
Their hair it's cut off,the new Tae Yong, a new love, a new revenge and a lot of money. :) I really like it, the three servants is still the best, well they make the whole drama!

I can't belive there read more is already has been 2 years, in the plot?
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Apr 5, 2012
This episodes had a lot of different elements come into play. We still see a whole lot of the humor present, mostly about the guys' long hair. This episode also continues with the drama that started in the last episode. There wasn't too much drama, but it was what was needed to, again, further the complicated plot that I am sure is going to ensue in the next few episodes. One of read more the things that I really liked about this ep is the fact that the romantic relationship starts to happen between Park Ha and the Prince. I thought that the episodes was good, but think that it lacked a little of the spunk that was present in the previous episodes. Can't wait for the next one though, to see how things start to develop between the Prince and Park Ha.
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Apr 5, 2012
I'll admit I did enjoy this episode, because they made Lee Gak come off as smart and not just a bratty prince. And I feel they are now getting to the actual plot.

The comedy parts had me laughing. This part has never failed it's purpose and they are actually managing to maintain the comedic factor of the boys out of the element, I have to at least give them that.

Park read more Ha is sort of getting on my nerves now. Why doesn't she just tell Se Na to leave her alone? Why must Park Ha follow her when she wants nothing to do with her and has told her so? It's really annoying, if it was me I would told her off already. *sigh* These drama females make my blood pressure rise.

I still long for Joseon though.
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