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Dec 3, 2016
I can't generally stand too much violence in dramas. I was about to give up after ep 1 but I got hooked. So emotional so intense

I seriously want to slap, kick, and want ADH to experience the emotional trauma she's gone trough...

Man your child supposedly death and you are as cold as an iceberg like he's not your flesh & blood, no emotions, what are you? are you made of read more iron? what kind of dad are you? she did not made that child by herself, nor the storks brought the baby.. You did not helped in prision at least you could have took responsibility to look after your child even if he is in orphanage. ( I do not believe that the kid is death, it's been plotted by Min Hyuk I do not think that he is as evil as trying to kill a child but he lost his child so he might have done smth let's think he did not do anything to do kid. It's just the script writers wants to think like that so for now.

I do not think there is love left on her side, that's what I am hoping, if she still loves him, than she is stupid foolish idiot.. ( sorry for the bad words though )

If she still loves him, in the upcoming episodes I want her to realize that he did stopped her parole, he worked in coop with Min Hyuk, and helped him in a way to torture her.

I want her to be strong and get her son back..

AS much I am angry with ADH and MH I am also angry with Yoo Jeong as well, I took a very brave decision you took the guild for your love, but if it was me I would not do it, and second when he came to prison the day you are released I would have thrown that diamond ring on his head.

Also do you remember how MH & YJ met for the first time, when she was working in the car park, and he gave the diamond engagement ring to her as he was angry with the other lady now we all Korean Dramas we have been showed that scene for no reason, and there is a saying a ring will always find it's first / right owner. ( it is smth like that) so I believe she did not gave that ring back, and he's slowly gonna fall in love with her, not sure how's she gonna forgive both guys ( both guys deserves to burn in hell) and will help her to find her son and marry her so she's going to be wearing that ring. Eventually he'll learn the truth, but I still think the father has a finger in that girl's death, it was the truck that hit her. The truck blocked their way and they had to hit to barriers and stuff to stop, first truck hit the girl and then they ran over her

i am thinking she'll end up with MH. Although it sounds like stupid now. Just gonna have to wait and see
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Oct 23, 2013
Min Hyuk’s view to Yoo Jeong is really interesting. Of course he’s a freaky stalker but it’s kind of fun to see him following her around and doing his thing. I think that’s how he will fall for her by time; first it’s revenge then he will realize that’s not going to solve anything (or he already began to realize so).

Yoo Jeong should find out the true nature of Do Hoon; read more he blocked her parole and couldn’t even take care of her. He doesn’t deserve her even one bit. I also hope that the child is safe somewhere; it’s unforgivable if Min Hyuk did something bad to him.
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Oct 11, 2013
This was probably the best Episode yet for me.

Min Hyeok's revenge has become this morbid obsession to vent his guilt on Yoo Jeong(Thank you Se Yeon for your words of wisdom throughout this Epi). It gives his somewhat purposeless life, meaning.

I don't think Do Hoon loves Yoo Jeong (romantically anymore); if he even did before she went to prison. He loves her but it feels more like a 'responsibility' for read more all that she's done. She supported him and his parents for 7 years and then she gives up her life to take the fall for him. Then their child 'supposedly' dies... I'm still up in the air about that. Do Hoon's words made it seem like he was alive... And his mothers reaction...

And when Do Hoon latched onto her like an octopus in her room... Awkward to the millionth.

I don't know why but Min Hyeok's stalking was totally on the creeper radar this Epi. Stalking is almost required for most dramas but here they made him seem kinda creepy. Not that stalking in general isn't creepy...

I'm still not shipping Min Hyeok and Yoo Jeong but maybe that's because they really haven't had very many scenes together. He's still a bully so I refuse to ship just yet. But I have hope... Kind of... (I DO want to see them together, don't get me wrong, I just can't ship a relationship with the way he is right now).
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Oct 10, 2013
For once I have no idea where they are going with this or how they are going to resolve it. Min Hyuk has done so much to Yoo Jung and it doesn't look like he will stop any time soon. Of course, I get that he doesn't know that she didn't actually hit and run and kill his girlfriend and child. What will he do when he finds out the truth??? and read more that she loved Do Hoon so much that she practically gave up her own life for him??? So, Min Hyuk falls for her, then how will she ever love him back???

Will Do Hoon's parents ever find out that it was actually him that did the hit and run???

Oh, and for some reason I have totally forgotten how much I don't like Hwang Jung it that she has gotten better or that the writing is that good???
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Oct 10, 2013
i never wrote a review before but i need to say something about this!!!! i guess this drama will land straight on top of my fave dramas list .the story is just woooooow i am so into it that sometimes i want to scream give me the rest come on come on!!!! i love how all of the characters are fitted so well in the story.all of the actors especially leads play read more so well that they make u feel no one else could do a better job .its not a shallow romance going on! the both leads(which i am hopelessly shipping) are really messed up and a love that grows like that will be stronger .i don't know if this was a good review so sorry if i said nonsense.i recommend this to every one who needs a drama to die for
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Oct 9, 2013
So, I dont really like heavy revenge melodramas. But this one caught my attention (at first because of the actors). But after this episode (WHICH WAS TOTALLY AWESOME) i fell in love with this. It has such a big potencial to become my favourite drama ever. And im not even sure why... Maybe its the characters that draw you in. I love the strenght of the main girl. And the evilness of read more the main guy, who is already falling for her slowly.
The story has so many layers to explore! Every relationship in it is meaningful and very complex.
I even have to admit, that I cryed while watching this ep. And it never EVER happened to me before! It was really beautiful... maybe the best epiode i have ever seen.
I hope that they wont screw up. That would be too bad :/
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