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Ja Myung Go (2009)

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Legend has it that more than 2000 years ago, the Kingdom of Nangnang possessed a mystical Ja Myung Drum which will sound by itself when enemies invade. In reality, Ja Myung Go does not represent the drum but instead, is embodied by the King's daughter, Princess Ja Myung. Princess Ja Myung and Princess Nak-Rang are born on the same day and time to the same father but different mothers. It is predicted read morethat one princess will become the nation's savior while the other will bring the entire nation down. Using her family's powerful background, Princess Nak-Rang's mother successfully establishes her daughter as the savior princess while Princess Ja Myung, who is branded the princess of destruction, escapes death with the help of her mother and grows up among the common folk.

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    Princess Ja Myung Go ; The Royal Princess of Ja Myung Go ; The Story of Self Destruction

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May 7, 2014
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 7.5
Palace intrigue and power struggles usually bore me after a few episodes, but this drama kept my eyes riveted to the screen. The acting is top notch, especially that of Jung Ryeo Won. Every actor holds their own, making their characters real and sympathetic (even the villains).

I am notoriously hard to please when it comes to dramas, especially historical dramas, but this one is one of my favorites. I gave this read more show a 9, which is an honor only a handful of dramas/movies have gotten from me.
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Jun 22, 2012
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
well where do i start?
First of all it was the longest drama i ever watched, despite this i never once skipped a scene i watched all of them. The story line was one of THE BEST historical dramas i ever seen, i loved every bit and never got bored. The way the story was told is like unlike any other, it takes you from the ending to the beginning. Actors suited read more their roles gratefully.

but but but but......

personally the last scene was so frustrating to watch i almost gave up. at the end it kinda dragged but, would i say 39 hours were worth wasted hmmmmmmm probably.

I would suggest people to watch this do not let the length of the epsiod e put you off

over and out :)
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Both shows have main characters with realistically muddled/mixed intentions.
Female lead has faced a tragic past, yet is willfull/self reliant and wise, while the male lead is often rash and childish but also honest, gentle and caring -- this relationship ( in both shows ) is built upon a strong friendship and mutual respect before evolving into romantic love.

lots of tragic ill fated lurv n all that too. love triangles in both shows involving relatives (in ja myung go sisters in love with the same man, in imperial doctress brothers in love with the same women)

court machinations n manipulations abound...

both shows are melodramatic but entertaining and plotwisty in the juiciest (though admittedly sometimes most absurd) way
Recommended by littlecorner
both have a Romeo and Juliet theme but will leave you a smile on your face. another good sageuk drama. :)
Recommended by darkeyes1208

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    CallistoSangre 26 days ago

    I just finished the first - FIRST - episode and I'm hellishly confused. The subs on drama.net are glitching and I have no idea what's going on, who is who, there's no introduction... I hope it'll all clear up in the upcoming episodes. Until then!

  • Reply
    RodJun828 Jul 2, 2017

    Just finish watching this. This is so awesome. I will definitely rewatch this if I have time. If you're hesitating, just start it then you will be drawn in to it and can't stop.

  • Reply
    cha Mar 7, 2017

    i watched it again 7 times already hahaha

  • Reply
    Shojoshit Feb 28, 2017

    The plot sounds amazing.
    Here I go.

  • Reply
    namopanik Jan 26, 2017 - edited

    I'm glad I haven't passed on this one. By all means not the best historical drama out there, but still worth watching. In some respects it's on par with Six Flying Dragons. Neither general quality, storytelling nor cinematography are one of them, it's more about grand questions and the repetitory of human types.
    It has retrospections within retrospection and suffers due to cutting it down from 51 to 39 eps: first it terribly drags through a lifetime of grudges, conflicting characters and different approaches only to be rushed when things are fnally emerging back from the flashbacks. It covers the entire life of four main charcters, but it's one of those rare instances when past arc is essential for grasping the net of motivations and limitations of all involved. As the story goes on, you can't actually hate anyone important despite the things they've done. All the older generation of cast is great as well as child actors.
    There is a love square of course, but first and foremost it's a drama for those who enjoy ambiguous, conflicted characters and a certain sense of corruption and unavoidable failure. If Missing 9 brings a wave of Jung Kyung Ho fans here, they'll find a fascinating portrayal. Not your usual prince charming.

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    hongberg Jan 24, 2017

    So I'm currently going through Yeo Jingoo's filmography like crazy and wow... even at that age, the way he his carried himself with dignity and menacing charm and ugh.. he was just literally a kid in this drama, but his presence felt like he was truly someone much older than his age.

  • Reply
    siskayuri Aug 4, 2016

    ahhh old days i miss it it was nice drama :'(

  • Reply
    princit May 2, 2016 - edited

    The longest kdrama I've watched. It has some ups and downs and it's pretty clear how they rushed this series on the last episodes. While I can understand Hodong character, I could never sympathize with him so I didn't care for his love life (or lack of it). But there were some amazing characters here like Lady Mo, general Wang Hol [*faints] and king Choi Ri. Let's not forget the queen of poisons mrs Wang Jasil - even though the majority of time she would fail and the poison didn't kill its victim.
    However I must complain how the first episode spoils so much. It even tells us who is dead. Bad move, guys =/

  • Reply
    Mighty_Brosia Apr 23, 2016 - edited

    I cried many times... its hard to love isn't it? mixed feelings.... But its one of the greatest but heartbreaking dramas.. I love the flow the story.. THe love between hodong and puku was great. its just that the burden bet. 2 kingdoms affect their love so much... can they just become puku and hodong?not jamyung and hodong?Their love was a tragedy but dont be discourage coz I think that the ending was ok.. You will love the story of them and how hodong really want to change his mind to become a king and be with puku...

    Jung kyung ho never disappointed me. he's the best actor. how come he can portray different roles..his eyes really amazed me..I really want him to look at me with those eyes... hahaha...warning: beware of his smile.. :)
    Jung Ryeo Won did a good job. im starting to watch history of the salaryman..

    OST is in my playlist.. it makes my heart feel so much sadness for them...
    I definitely watch it again..

  • Reply
    sweetdream Apr 23, 2016

    maybe i should re-watch this again...

  • Reply
    cha Dec 26, 2015

    this is the reason why I began to watch Korean drama because of Ja Myung Go even it was cut I really like it.I like the theme songs, the actors and actress, this is one of a kind drama.

  • Reply
    linhny Nov 26, 2015

    my all time fav i wish it was longer

  • Reply
    Meres Oct 3, 2015

    A lot of people don't like this drama, but i have to say it's one of my Fav XD

  • Reply
    Syranus Aug 8, 2015 - edited

    I skipped from episode 2 to 39 because it was too obvious I pretty much understood the story in just a short time. And the fight scenes were ridiculous. The story started on the wrong foot. This drama could've been better if it was delivered in a different way.
    Though this is not for me, others may like it.
    The OST? Memorable and heartbreaking; very warm.

    • Reply
      Emily Aug 21, 2015

      Er.... so you skipped the whole drama? LOL. Or are you saying you skipped through those episodes, not skipped them entirely.

    • Reply
      Syranus Aug 22, 2015 - edited

      Never watched ep 3 to 38. hihi... just watched ep 1, 2 & 39 haha

    • Reply
      Emily Aug 23, 2015

      LOL! That's what I thought you meant, but I wasn't sure. Although that means that there is a lot to be said of the OST; you find it memorable in only 3 episodes xD

    • Reply
      Syranus Aug 23, 2015 - edited

      haha... i like the OST, and I meant memorable and heartbreaking because I still remember the tune and the emotion it delivers; I mean the emotion that the singer delivers and not the emotion in the story hekhek

  • Reply
    Neen Jun 20, 2015 - edited


    • Reply
      sayaraohara Oct 18, 2015

      I feel the same I absolutely love this drama It made cry buckets


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