Stars Falling From the Sky

Stars Falling From the Sky (2010)

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The drama draws a love story between two co-workers at an insurance company, with Kim Ji Hoon playing the company's whip-smart lawyer. Because he carries the hurt of having been abandoned by his birth mother, he doesn't easily open his heart to others. Jin Pal Kang (Choi Jung Won) is a 25-year-old employee of the company who becomes responsible for her five younger adopted siblings after her parents meet with sudden deaths.

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    별을 따다 줘
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    Pick the Stars ; Wish Upon a Star ; Byeoreul Ttada Jwo

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Jul 16, 2012
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
1) The reason I watched this:

I watched this drama because of my grandmother, I saw her watching the third episode and I became quickly invested in its events so I catched up and continued watching the drama with her.
I have to point that my grandmother has a great taste (^_^)

2) Storyline/Plot:

Generally speaking , this is a family drama wrapped up with romance and comedy which is an acceptable read more combination for most of viewers.

Positive points:

*This drama is one of those dramas that made me interested with only one episode, I felt good vibes ever since it started because the plot was set up in a good way.

*Main Genres:

--->Family: This drama is different from other family dramas because the plot was well written in order to make viewers deeply attracted, even the problems weren't the type that was written in order to fill the drama's time; it was well calculated to make everything about the family sound natural and important. The family element was appreciated so much within me and I am not even into family dramas.

--->Humor: It was intense at the beginning but later on it didn't remain the same, not that it completely faded away but laughter moments weren't that present, let's say it was "humble". Epidode three and four were the funniest episodes in here.
The comedy was accepted overall, It would've been more appreciated if it was much intense like it was at the beginning but anyway, it deserves a spot in the positive points column.

Negative points:

--->Romance: I had a lot of thoughts before mentioning it in the negative points column; it had its positives and its negatives yet I think that the negatives were "bigger".
The romance wasn't satisfying, it wasn't light and "badly expressed" which made it one of the few bad point in this drama since it didn't feel enough. However, it wasn't completely Off, at least, it wasn't disappointing.

Story: 8.5/10

3) Acting/Cast:

*Choi Jung Won:

I don't know this actress and even if i do, I don't believe that her previous roles were that remarkable since I dont remember any of them. Here, she portrayed her role in a good acceptable way.
The character was interesting ever since the drama started, it's not an unusual or a special character though but the character's developement was captivating although it may get a little annoying at some points. Pal Gang was really clumsy and indifferent at the beginning then she changed in a good way.

*Kim Ji Hoon:

I'm not very familiar with him as an actor, all the memories that I have about him aren't that bad nor that great. Here, he wasn't any different, I felt that Choi Jung Won lead the drama yet I can't ignore his presence wich was somehow "nice" to watch.
The character in one word "stiff", all what I can think about that it was really exagerated sometimes but that's how the storyline wanted it to be. There were mements were lawyer Won seemed "appealing" and "enjoyable" especially when he is with Pa Rang , I won't judge the character harshly because like I said earlier, it's drawned by the storyline.

*The five Children:

I have no idea about them as actors so I am not going to talk about that side, let's just mention that their acting convinced me and their roles were the best.
Their characters were awesome, each and everyone of them was enjoyable; all the pranks, the attitudes and their thoughts were simply wonderful to see.
The main reason that kept me interested until the last minute was the children's presence, if it wasn't for them, i think it would be another usual boring korean drama. The children were my favorite characters in this drama.

*I really loved the second lead male at the beginning then his character development didn't seem right.

*Appreciated character: Tae Kyun Was the funniest character in the drama, he wasn't that funny but his presence has always lightened the drama and made it enjoyable, I appreciated his presence a lot.

*The second lead female had the usual boring personality that most of Korean second lead females has; that was always boring for me.

*Other cast: No hard feelings for the remaining of the cast, I can't say that I liked them or disliked them , they weren't "that bad".


--->Romance: It's really hard to talk about chemistry in this drama since the romance wasn't that "intense", even when the romance became serious, I don't think that the chemistry was that present or that deep.

--->Family: The children's relationship with their big sister was really cool, even though some troubles may occure, I don't believe that it got any worse. The family relationships were warm and good to watch.

--->The triangle: The usual triangle that you see in most of Korean dramas. Well, Tae Kyun added a good taste but beside that it was annoying.

Cast: 7.5/10
Acting: 8.5/10

4) The ending:

The ending was predictable but it was fun to watch. I liked the final scene ; It was a good closure.

The ending: 7.5/10

5) My impression (How did it affect me):

*I enjoyed this drama so much although I am not into this type of dramas, I don't believe I was bored because I never lost interest.
*The main reason that made me attracted to this drama from the beginning till the end was the children's presence, I don't think I would've liked it if they were absent.

*Is this drama memorable: Yes it is, most of the memories that would remain in my mind are the children's memories because beside that it was a normal usual Korean drama.

My impression: 8.5/10

6) Overall:

*If you like romatic comedies with family theme in it then you would like this.
*If you like great children that would bring you entertainment then watch this.
*If you're looking for a "romantic" drama, I wouldn't recommend this.

Overall: 8.5/10.
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17 people found this review helpful
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Jun 4, 2011
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
This drama was one of the few that I really enjoyed. The first few episodes took me for an emotional roller caster ride. It was more of a coming of age story line for the protagonist. As yo watch the episodes you realize that the protagonists relationship starts of slow but gets intense as you go on. During this drama you will laugh, get angry, and also cry a river of tears. read more I recommend it to all the drama crazed fans out there.
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Both involve a young woman which's life suddently turns in such a dirrection that she has to take care of few children, which aren't her own. She has to lie about her life and live into a rich man's house. In those dramas the male leads are somewhat agressive towards the female lead as they suspect her honestly loving them (which was the case at the begging).
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Both funny and both have people who have to become parents suddenly
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    SecondLeadQueen Jul 23, 2017

    I watch this because i read the comments and it said it this was a great drama.
    Yes the kids were super cute and adorable well most of them the second little boy was so annoying and spoiled in the way he always wanted to do what he wanted.
    The romance, Well their was no romance. She was just hopelessly in love with the lead for 5 years and still loved him when she moved to live with him even do he was rude and mean. She kept saying I cut my love with him the day I cut my hair but she just said it to make her self believe it because she kept loving him. For me it just became annoying. All three guys were in love with her and she kept pinning over him.
    The plot was all over the place.

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    yuto Apr 5, 2017 - edited

    i watched this long time ago, and i remember i loved this drama SO much. the kids were so cute. might rewatch it soon

  • Reply
    Narena Aug 26, 2016 - edited
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    lovelygirl May 19, 2016

    Goodd series...i really enjoyed it

  • Reply
    Mody Feb 9, 2016

    17 episodes and i like :)

  • Reply
    DefuseAButterfly Feb 8, 2016 - edited

    Very good drama. If only i could find episode 10...For some reason i can't find episode 10 anywhere. :(

  • Reply
    Kkrazy99 Jan 15, 2016

    AMAZING DRAMA!!! Really enjoyed it sooooo much!!! Dazzling chemistry and one of the best character development I've seen in a loooong time for both leads!!!plus I totally loved the family bond!! Totally recommend!! Fell in love with the lead couples!!

  • Reply
    Fatima Dec 25, 2015 - edited
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      Sho Jan 9, 2016

      just keep watching, it explains more stuff

    • Reply
      Fatima Jan 9, 2016 - edited
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  • Reply
    Fatima Dec 23, 2015

    currently watching this, I've seen 6 eps so far, until now I'm REALLY enjoying!
    but because of many comments here, I'm afraid it would turn bad </3
    and I can't watch it peacefully because of my exams xD so, wait for me a little bit more, my sweet drama :") !

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    IAmNikkyG Sep 15, 2015

    Nice drama. but kinda boring.

  • Reply
    StephD3 May 20, 2015
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    Blademan2 Oct 26, 2014 - edited
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    pattyrn4 May 14, 2014 - edited

    The overacting by the female lead was awful. Her emotions, indignation, humor, or tears did not sound or feel real. It killed the romance. For the 3 males leads to all be in love with her was absurd. My least favorite drama!

    • Reply
      Fatigue Nov 8, 2015

      this..this..this.. just stfu noone gives a f about your pinion and no one care if it is your least, first or whatever nobody asked you for your opinion if you want to comment about something double make sure it's nice and it as something to do with the show if not just stfu and mark it as a spoiler :3 the actress was great and the acting was great !

    • Reply
      PrettyCarEye Mar 12, 2016

      Wow, you have issues, don't you? I suggest you either take your meds or get of the internet if you can't tolerate someone with an opinion different from your own! PattyRN4 has every right to express her opinion just like everyone else on this page. How dare you attack her? Does MDL belong to you? Please grow the hell up.

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    Mika_Mika May 6, 2014

    I love this drama. It's great. I never thought 20 episodes would pass by so fast.

  • Reply
    WhiteCloud Mar 7, 2014
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    South Korea
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    Jan 4, 2010 to Mar 16, 2010
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