Netflix is Finally Breaking into the K-Drama Scene

Netflix is Finally Breaking into the K-Drama Scene


On April 21st, 2017, the new JTBC drama "Man to Man" became the first Korean drama to be broadcast exclusively through Netflix internationally.

It is my understanding that other than in Korea and America, the show will be broadcast every Friday and Saturday, so we have two episodes a week to look forward to. In Korea, the show will be available within an hour of it airing on JTBC. In America, they will be releasing it by splitting it into two parts and releasing 8 episodes in each part.

As I stare at my subtitle options for the show on Netflix, I am seeing English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, however, Netflix is going to have subtitles available in over 20 different languages.

Knowing that Netflix is finally starting to acquire rights to air K-Dramas exclusively makes me really excited for what the future may bring. Not only could it bring Korean dramas to more countries, it also exposes K-Dramas to so many more people. I'd love to see more people enjoy and discuss the greatness that is Korean dramas.


Man to Man stars Park Hae Jin (known for his roles in Cheese in the TrapDoctor Stranger and Bad Guys) as Kim Seol Woo, a "Ghost" agent currently acting as a bodyguard for Yeo Woon Gwang, who is a top Hallyu star, played by Park Sung Woong (known for Hidden Identity and Remember - War of the Son). 

So far I have only watched the first episode and I can say I'm definitely interested to see where this drama is going to take us. I'm even more interested in the development of the bromance between Park Hae Jin and Park Sung Woong.


I highly recommend checking out Man to Man on Netflix, and I'm highly anticipating what the future holds for Korean dramas on Netflix.

Also, if you're like me and have to wait weekly for new episodes then check out this list of Korean dramas currently available on Netflix:

Descendants of the Sun

Age of Youth (known as Hello, My Twenties! on Netflix)

Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup (known as 12 Years Promise on Netflix)

Boys Over Flowers

Playful Kiss

Love Rain

Tomorrow's Cantabile

Goodbye Mr. Black

Noble My Love



Please keep in mind that these are only some and not all of the shows available on Netflix.

Til next time! ~Cub

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    joannesmith 9 days ago - edited

    netflix usa has been a supported of asian dramas for awhile. DOTS was up there and bunches of other films and dramas. What is the difference now is the marketing of this across the different internationa sectors.

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    makeuptemple 13 days ago

    Some were already available on Netflix UK. But mainly Chinese & Taiwanese dramas are on Netflix

  • Reply
    Cntrldfusion 14 days ago - edited

    According to my Netflix (USA) account this drama is not available until June 10. Must be that they are currently providing it for Korean Netflix accounts as it airs and everyone else will have to wait.

    • Reply
      Deb Thomas 13 days ago

      That is what I was going to We basically won't get it until it is done airing. I have been watching on an off channel, but will go and run through the eps so the actors etc. at least get credit for it. So pirate now, pay

    • Reply
      LoveSojiSub51 10 days ago

      Which is such crap! So I am gonna be on other sites since they want to do this. When dramafever used to work with Hulu, they used to add one week after the show aired.

    • Reply
      zara darini 10 days ago

      Thats weird I'm in canada and I have access to it.

    • Reply
      Ana 6 days ago

      Finland's Netflix streams it the same time as in South Korea so I think that only the US gets it after it's finished.

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    Maria 22 days ago

    I think this is such a wonderful news! Like what would be better for the drama makers, actors, staff who work on them than people actually watching legally dramas. With that money they might have the ability to make more quality content, more amazing dramas.

    And the possibility to actually find the HQ episodes on Netflix rather than trying to find bad quality stream that has ads every 5 minutes. I'm just waiting that Netflix will bring more asian dramas! Of course licensing is problem, even in Netflix. But I think there's also room for asian netflix/hulu/something provider. Like I would pay monthly fee if I could watch tons of dramas with english subtitles and hq video.

    I don't want to be rude but I don't understand people who say this is not good news. Like your favorite actor or drama won't change if more people watch it and think it's amazing. You are not unique snowflakes, many people love dramas, same actors. Even kpop has been mainstream thing so many years already. If you want to be special, change your interests don't try to deny interests from other people. Just saying you should be happy your favorite actors are getting more attention from world, more money and deals. And give you more amazing dramas. :)

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    cjewel1974 23 days ago

    I have impatiently waiting for My last Love Song its been on my list for a month now, so I wonder if they will drop all episodes at once. Man + Man I watched first 2 episodes I am not into it yet will have to watch the other episodes. I hope they could release Strong Woman Bong Soo I think that would attract a lot of Netflix viewers into Kdramas it had everything in one drama alone, writing and acting are great.....I live in NJ and Im hispanic, but I am the only one in my FB sharing kdrama stuff I feel weird at times but I dont

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    dramalatte 26 days ago - edited

    i do not understand why they split it... they should release entire episode after is done airing in korea. no one is going to wait for it be release the way netflix is doing it.

    • Reply
      cjewel1974 23 days ago

      If you are disconnected with Kdrama which most of the American population is, I think they would rather watch a show in a binge rather than 2 episodes a week which is actually Netflix concept.

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    userbmc 27 days ago - edited

    I think one good thing that can happen with this is people stop being prejudice about asian tv. A lot of people I know have never watched asian dramas and when I tell about them, they give me a "you are strange" look. Everyone, this is just a normal tv show, but the language isn't english! It really annoys me...
    I just don't like very much the "original Netflix" because we have Viki and also DramaFever who work very hard for provide good subtitles, but not everyone can afford the subscriptions... and of course it is better to watch in a legal way. Let's see how it is going to work.

    • Reply
      akayuki87 27 days ago

      u should try jdrama too then

    • Reply
      guccigall 26 days ago

      Try Chinese dramas too. They are killing it recently with their quality shows.

    • Reply
      userbmc 25 days ago - edited

      English is not my first language but I can understand it very well, however, I watch american tv shows with subtitles most of time just to understand better. I hate most of tv shows from my country, so everything for me has subtitles. Maybe your daughter would have a different view if she liked something else, but I know a lot of people who cannot watch subtitled movies or tv shows.
      I used to think that was really weird that some asian dramas just have kisses, but then I started to notice how much screen time we just have with sex scenes on american tv shows and the plot sucks. I think is ok to have sex scenes but sometimes there is so much of it and the story drags too much...
      and yes, people should stop being prejudice about asian dramas in general, including jdrama, cdrama, twdrama... there are a lot of good dramas in all countries <3

    • Reply
      mila 25 days ago

      the "original Netflix series" is cause netflix is actually part of the production, just like dramafever in the new drama "my secret romance" or viki with "dramaworld", I could be wrong though

    • Reply
      cjewel1974 23 days ago

      lol you are not alone hun, even my kids

  • Reply
    AkiHimemiya 28 days ago

    Don't know.. I'm not happy 'bout this... It's like we're losing "our priviledge" of watching &knowin' them :(

  • Reply
    Sutera116 28 days ago - edited

    Damn, I was expecting a netflix kdrama production, like japan. I guess I'll have to wait.

  • Reply
    lunaphina 29 days ago

    Unfortunately, most of these K-Dramas (except for Man to Man) are not available in Germany. :(

  • Reply
    CherryBunny 29 days ago - edited

    I just read something this morning. Unfortunately, I didn't save the link. >_< It said that Netflix has partnered with Chinese Baidu. So that means, now Netflix will be bringing in more Mainland Chinese content. In one way, this is awesome, as it is extremely hard to find many Mainland titles. However, this will, undoubtedly get in the way of Viki gaining those titles, which means that those who have no access to Netflix will be missing out.

    • Reply
      Chavs 28 days ago

      thats great because it is extremely hard to find them

    • Reply
      guccigall 28 days ago

      More competition for dramafever and viki. Oh no.

    • Reply
      userbmc 27 days ago - edited

      it is very hard to find mainland titles, even Viki has very few of them... but I think most of people have Netflix right? In my country is very popular.

    • Reply
      makeuptemple 13 days ago

      Well viki & DF still have a chance. Viki owned by Rakuten one of the most leading marketing sites

  • Reply
    StephStephieTeff 30 days ago - edited

    So many negative comments about this :o I for one was so happy to see this on Netflix! I don't get DramaFever in my country and a lot of Viki's content is not available in my country either so this is great news! I would love for more people to know about Kdramas, why not share this goodness? And at least this way people would have more of an idea of what I'm talking about. Plus I know people who have Netflix and don't even know Kdramas are on there, so don't worry too much about them becoming mainstream.

    • Reply
      kingsqueen 29 days ago - edited

      It's the exclusive rights that I'm worried about. I'm all for more people having access. I just don't know why they have to limit it to one platform. The other worry is that Korean drama will start to try to conform to American interests. I don't want to see them do that. We like them how they are.

    • Reply
      LoveAsianWorld 29 days ago - edited

      Well, you are right, not everyone discovers the dramas there but still, like kingsqueen also said, it's the adaptation to American interests which might become a thing if it gets popular and I don't want that at all.
      For people like you and many others, it might be a good alternative to watch dramas legally on Netflix though, but I get pretty disappointed if Netflix/DF gets the exclusive license because then it is hard for Viki to get any license amd then it is only very restricted, mostly only for people they call "QC" (Qualified Contributor) which would be very active volunteers who get this viki pass (you normally have to pay for) with other benefits like access to A LOT of dramas which are not licensed for your region. I personally am a QC and am glad to be able to use these benefits but not everyone is one. So it would be easier for viki to get the licenses for everyone, not only QCs, when Netflix doesn't join the competition. If you know what I mean ;)
      But I still prefer Netflix getting the exclusive over DF getting it, since you can get Netflix pretty much everywhere, while DF is not available in Europe legally. Of course there are ways around that to use DF too, but that's cheating and somehow illegal or at least not conpletely legal in my opinion.
      I hope I didn't bore you and you can somehow get my (and kingsqueen's) point. ^-^

    • Reply
      mila 25 days ago

      Exclusive rights to a drama isnt something only Netflix is doing, Viki and Dramafever both have content exclusively for their sites, which annoys me since I mostly use Dramafever (I'm premium there) and I can't watch some dramas cause they are only on Viki (and to watch most of their on-air dramas you have to be subscribed, and it's much more expensive than DF)
      BUT it's fine, that's a marketing strategy.
      Also, don't worry about them trying to "conform to American interests", people from all over the world have been watching kdramas I doubt they'll change just cause kdramas are on netflix (Man to Man isnt the first kdrama on netflix), they dont care that much about the money they get from international streaming (except china I think they get a lot from there), they only care about korean audiences and advertisements .

  • Reply
    peacewon 30 days ago

    A lot of the older dramas are on netflix and have been for years. also Hulu was airing a lot of korean dramas there for a while, but it looked like they toned it down a little. they seem to partner with Dramafever!! to bring weekly episodes!! No one has a decent access to a lot of Japanese or Chinese ones aside from dramafever and the sites that shall not be named. Well I am sorry to say, I am thankful HOWEVER they get here because the crap that is on local television is pretty sad. I stopped watching it years ago because it was just too stupid / sex-oriented / violent. Not much new and exciting was coming down the path.

  • Reply
    JPT 30 days ago - edited

    I checked my Netflix and there wasn't any episodes available. :/

    • Reply
      magie185 30 days ago

      Yes, there are 2 episodes of the drama.

  • Reply
    LoveAsianWorld Apr 25, 2017

    I find it kind of nice to have kdramas on Netflix! But first of all: I don't have Netflix yet, bit I'm planning on getting the subscription soon after my birthday.
    It's nice to see that more people can have a legal (!!) access to kdramas and adding to that, with an access to movies and other series since a lot of people already had Netflix before they started having Kdramas or because there are many people like me, who wanted to get Netflix anyways and find it pretty convenient to be able to watch some Kdramas there too!
    BUT I can also understand all those people who think Kdramas could become "mainstream" and wouldn't be special anymore. Personally, I don't find this itself a huge problem because I am convinced that American shows are something with a completely vibe and approach and therefore has a different audience. Or at least I find them very different and I "fled" to Asiaan dramas because I don't really like most American shows' vibe. Of course, more people would check out Kdrama and maybe even like it but that's fine! I'm just more scared that the Drama industry in Korea, if Kdramas would get very popular in America and other countries, would try to modify their writing, acting etc to the interest abroad for whole dramas to make more money! Because then, Kdramas might lose their charm and their differences from American/Western series and I absolutely do not want to happen. I mean, I don't even find it so totally impossible, just look how the reaction was when Moon Lovers/Scarlet Heart: Goryeo didn't satisfy the Chinese viewers!
    Also, another point why I kind of dislike Netflix getting on on the Kdrama train is my volunteer work. I am a subtitler on Viki and I definetely already noticed a change in my work. It's all about competition: who gets the exclusive rights and who gets the normal license and who has to return empty handed. The competition has become harsher since Netflix is competing with Dramafever and Viki and we are losing licenses. It's not about exclusive rights only, but the normal license.
    As someone who lives in Europe, you don't have a lot to choose if you want to watch your dramas: you can use Viki as a legal site which you DON'T necessarily need a subscription for, although the subscription does have some advantages (HD, no ads, earlier access...), or Netflix where you need a subscription or you watch dramas ilegally on streaming sites. DF doesn't work for us, so you can only hope Viki gets the license despite DF having the exclusive license. If you want to watch dramas legally, then you would most probably use Viki and most of the times the sibs are very good! I don't know about the sub quality on Netflix but I watched Night Light (one of their exclusives I believe) with their subs and oh my gosh! Some episodes were HORRIBLE!! I have never seen anything so bad on Viki and I think that should really be appreciated, considering we are all VOLUNTEERS and have usuall pretty fast teams! So despite all the crap you experience lately as a volunteer on Viki, you can still say it is not a bad site and for those in Europe at least, you are the only legal option with a bigger variety of dramas and movies from Asia.
    I will still check out the Kdramas on Netflix and "inspect" the subtitle quality ;)

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