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VidoGhiffary - 1 Post
Hey guys, im loooking for south korea drama, recently i watched Junior High Student Ayang and Adolescence Medley. I dont know which drama similar with these. Junior High Student Ayang the genre is drama and school but when i watching, i feel that this drama going to be romance idk why hee:3

So, guys can u make any recommendation about school drama and romance like both, idk what i suppose to watch later:( 

Thanks xD

Note i have watched : 
School 2015
Orange Marmalade
The Heirs
Adolescence Medley
Junior High Student Ayang
9 Second - Eternal Time
Click Your Heart
9 days ago
kirasora - 17 Posts
school 2015 (who are you) is quite good :) 
9 days ago
plasticineman - 84 Posts
sassy go go, reply 1988 and 1997, boys over flowers, dream high, page turner and weightlifting fairy kim bok joo.
9 days ago
IzzyDramaLover - 717 Posts
9 days ago
Panda - 403 Posts
Reply 1988 1997
9 days ago
ikki94 - 179 Posts
High school Love on
9 days ago
Otps4Life - 88 Posts
Moorim School
9 days ago
joannesmith - 95 Posts
I'll just get it over with and recommend Boys Over Flowers...  
9 days ago
etsh - 50 Posts
sassy go go
school 2013 ... its bromance but one of the best school dramas
angry mom
reply 1988
reply 1997

6 days ago
anly - 4 Posts
Who are you school 2015
Sassy go go
High school love on
dream high
Boys over flowers 
6 days ago
alexa - 153 Posts
Thumping Spike
Sassy Go Go
Reply 1997