Jan 3, 2013 11:01 PM
jellyfishdrama - 75 Posts
I'm looking for a drama to show the artsy side of Korea. Maybe a more alternative drama? Does anyone know of any? I prefer Korean drama, but others are okay too. I'm looking for a drama, but if anyone knows of any movies like what i'm searching for, you could throw those names out there too. ^.^ Thankyou!
Jan 4, 2013 12:01 AM
goldenseal50 - 2185 Posts
3 Iron it's a movie
another korean movie I consider artsy is http://mydramalist.com/korean-movie/1009/castaway-on-the-moon

Artsy is not really for dramas...I mean they have to meet ratings....but Fashion King is something I consider melodrama/Artsy

I guess it depends on your definition of art lol
these also come under my definition of art
I tend to like my art violent and deadly lol
these probably aren't what you mean :D

I remembered one more...http://mydramalist.com/taiwanese-movie/3082/starry-starry-night is so Artsy it's boring

but this one is good http://mydramalist.com/korean-movie/1417/boy-meets-boy
Jan 4, 2013 12:01 AM
witlily - 647 Posts
Try "Painter of the wind" this maybe artsy kdrama?
Jan 4, 2013 02:01 PM
Raincat - 306 Posts
mmm...try Rock, Rock, Rock. It is actualy docudrama (drama what bases on history of one korean rock band ) Good soundtrack and acting.
Jan 4, 2013 02:01 PM
browncoat_78 - 70 Posts
Depends on what you mean by artsy? If you mean avant garde or unusual or like what we would think of as indie films in the US, I can't think of many dramas like that, but I would recommend for movies:

Castaway on the Moon (one of my favorite all time movies)
I'm a Cyborg, but It's Okay (probably one of the 5 single weirdest movies I've ever seen and I like weird movies, plus Rain, so win!)
Late Autumn
Oishii Man (I don't know if this is actually any good, even after seeing it, but my bias for Lee Min Ki is so great, I love anything where I get to see him)
The Railroad (won the FIPRESCI award and Kim Kang-woo won best actor at the 25th Torino Film Festival, BUT it's really hard to find with subtitles in English. I had to download it from Asia Torrents, but it was totally worth it.)

I guess the most avant garde looking drama I've seen is White Christmas. It's pretty eerie and beautiful and weird (at least so far, I haven't finished yet).

Painter of the Wind is beautiful in terms of being artistic, about art, and aesthetically pleasing, but not sure if that is what you mean.
Jan 4, 2013 09:01 PM
Raincat - 306 Posts
browncoat_78 wrote: Depends on what you mean by artsy? ...

I cant say what thread maker means but:

artsy (comparative artsier, superlative artsiest)
(sometimes derogatory) Inclined towards the arts; arty.

adjective /ˈärtsē/ 
artsier, comparative; artsiest, superlative

Making a strong, affected, or pretentious display of being artistic or interested in the arts
- the artsy town of Taos
- artsy French flicks
from: Merriam-Webster - The Free Dictionary

...is how this word is definied officially but by Urban Dictionary it has some more meanings: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=artsy

If talk about movies what are artsy then i recommend:

Breath http://mydramalist.com/korean-movie/2230/breath

Duelist http://mydramalist.com/korean-movie/1310/duelist

Pieta http://mydramalist.com/korean-movie/5288/pieta

and japanese-korean joint project ( very interesting one ):

The Hotel Venus http://mydramalist.com/japanese-movie/2883/the-hotel-venus
Jan 4, 2013 11:01 PM
goldenseal50 - 2185 Posts
I have seen the duelist and I think it is more artistic than artsie...it's a very amazing movie you should watch it :) there is really no plot lol but it's good!
Jan 5, 2013 12:01 AM
shaz22 - 3115 Posts
Artsy, classic works can be called that. Than I suggest any work of Akira Kurosawa................my favorite would be "Rashomon".
And for modern era, mostly subjective works are considered artsy. My pick would be "Cha no Aji", it's def artistic.
I also loved "Fish Story", which I also consider out of the box and artistic.