Okay anyone know of good funny Chinese dramas? I don't care what it's about as long as I am rolling on the floor in laughter. I just watched a sad historical one. I should have known. There are no happy historical dramas out there and even if some do end happy it's process to a happy end is usually terrible. So please, a funny Chinese drama? I want to get into them more but I keep finding sad things. *sobs*
I don't know what kind of things you find funny, so I'll just mention some I liked. I've only watched Taiwanese dramas. Hana Kimi was good, ToGetHer was okay, Love Around is great but it's only 3 episodes in, and Fabulous Boys is also pretty good.
All drama with Rainie Yang is very funny (Devil Beside You, Why Why Love, Hi My Sweetheart, ... :D )

You mean a historical Chinese drama that's not sad and can get funny? If that's what you mean then I recommend My Bratty Princess.
If you only want Mainland China period dramas, then ^ I 2nd My Bratty Princess. HK period drama - Eternal Happiness, TW modern dramas - Down With Love, ISWAK, Office Girls