Hello, everyone. Nice to meet you

I am 24 years old and i've studied History and Archaeology. I am currently doing my master's degree in Business Administation. Wish me luck :)

I am an avid kpop fan since 2010. Fave kpop group: Girls' Generation.

Watching dramas for only a year and a half now, i consider myself a drama rookie. Nevertheless, i still follow a lot of american tv shows too. My favourite genre is melodrama with a soft spot for adultery.

My Ratings

10: " Absolute perfection", no flaws, but even if it had flaws, they were minor and didn't bother me at all. 10 is given to shows with minor or no flaws that made an impact on me emotionally.

9: " Strong Like". I definitely enjoyed my 9s, apparently they had a few flaws that kept me from a full 10. A spectacular overall exprerience nonetheless.

8: " Very good". A good story that i enjoyed, but i, either, couldn't get invested in the characters, or had a few dull/boring episodes that brought the overall experience down.

7: " Watchable but rather Boring". A good story but badly developed or/and boring.

6: " Meh" Had its good points, but many flaws that made the show kind of unenjoyable.

5: " Average to bad" Apparently to finish it, it had something that kept me going. Other than that, chances are, i regret watching it myself.

Everything lower than 6 is likely to be dropped by me.

Keep in mind that favor melodramas a lot and i dislike rom coms.

Favourite on Screen Couple - Best Chemistry

Actors KDrama
#1 Ji Jin Hee - Kim Hyun Joo I Have A Lover
#2 Lee Seo Jin - Uee Marriage Contract
#3 Kwon Sang Woo - Choi Ji Woo Stairway To Heaven/Temptation
#4 Ji Sung - Hwang Jung Eum Secret/Kill Me Heal Me
#5 Jang Hyuk - Jang Na Ra Fated To Love You

Favourite OST Songs

Artist(s) Song Title KDrama
#1 Kim Na Young Ft. Mad Clown Once Again Descendants Of The Sun
#2 Moon Myung Jin That Place Temptation
#3 Ryu
I Have A Lover
#4 Jang Jae In Ft. NaShow
Auditory Hallucination
Kill Me, Heal Me
#5 Chanyeol (EXO) & Punch Stay With Me Goblin
#6 Epik High Ft. Lee Hi  Can You Hear My Heart Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
#7 Navi Ft. Kebee Incurable Disease Secret
#8 Kim Bohyung (Spica)
The K2
#9 Ailee Ice Flower Queen of Ambition
#10 Chaeyeon (DIA) & Yezi (Fiestar) Shadow Wanted

Thank you for visiting my Profile feel free to add me.

Now bless your eyes and ears with #Seolo

You're Welcome *-*

Drama Statistics
  • Times (Days) 72.2
  • Currently watching2
  • Completed102
  • Plan to watch246
  • On-hold16
  • Dropped22
  • Total Entries388
Movie Statistics
  • Times (Days) 4.4
  • Completed57
  • Plan to watch153
  • Total Entries210
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