The Guardians

The Guardians (2017)

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Story about a group of people who get together to overcome their pain of having lost their loved ones to crime.

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    Protector; Lookout; Sentinel; Watchmen;

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27 days ago
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
If you're looking for a drama that leaves you begging for more and has amazing plot twists, watch this.

From the first minute of this drama, I was hooked. Phenomenal cinematography alongside amazing actors -- I cannot recommend this drama enough.

When it comes to crime and political dramas, I have seriously high expectations, but this drama met them instantly. Hell, it even surpassed them,
It is very different from the read more usual cliche dramas and does not sugar coat anything. If you want a plot line that will question your morals and have you seriously perplexed with what to think and lookout for (no pun intended); watch this.
Because it is crime and politics, you would think there would be cliche twists and over-used action *cough* The K2 *cough* BUT it is all seamless, well shot and written, with a highly intense story line with really well developed characters who have depth.

I also do not like dramas that shove the romance between the leads down our throats, basically, almost all kdramas, and hence, do not like general romance between characters. BUT because of the characters' well written backgrounds and development, I AM BEGGING FOR SOME ROMANCE TO OCCUR BETWEEN THE LEADS.

But due to the mind blowing twists, you have to inevitably accept the tension and lack of romance between the leads (but still hope for some romance)

This drama has changed my views and thus heightened my expectations for kdramas even more.

I honestly was hesitant to watch this when I saw that Key from SHINee was in this, but oh man, he is good.
I am damn impressed with Kim Young Kwang, not to mention his height and demeanor is attractive as fuck. I always look for main leads that are psychologically complex and use their mind to play tricks, and Kim Young Kwang's character is emotionally complex, well executed and hot as fuck. He certainly plays the character well, as well as the character himself (Jang Do Han) is written for him perfectly. He has oozing charisma and makes you think why the hell is he being slept on.

I have a strong dislike for weak female leads which is no wonder that I do not like 90% of kdrama female leads, but the one in this drama is strong willed, determinate, independent and can sure as hell beat up someone. Lee Si Young is the perfect actress for this role.

The first two are R&B and have a very unique vibe to them, very different from the typical ballads in other dramas that are overplayed at the wrong scenes.

Watch this drama. Watch it.
I guarantee you that you will be hooked.
From complex characters, intricate questions regarding morale, intense and not over-used action to amazing acting and suitable OSTs and background music; this drama is the whole package.

UPDATE; after completing this drama, my heart's been broken.
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12 days ago
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 6.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 9.5
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
If you are looking for an enterteiment drama, no matter ilogical situations and ridiculous characters, this is the right one.
The pacing in this drama is really good, some twists are good, and the characters are just the way they are, you can hate them or love them. (personally i just hated almost all, like detectives, especially Soo Ji).
The story is nothing new, is about revenge and justice, is full of read more cliches, full of plot holes, at the begining the main theme is revenge and justice, in the midle is corruption and politics, and at the end is about...*rolling eyes*...secondary characters their stupid desitions and the impact in the whole story, so don't expect nothing for the end, the writers/ director/producers complicated a story that could have had a much better conclusion.

The acting is not bad, but the cast could have been done better and i´m talking about Lee Shi Young, i feel like she wasn´t the right for the role the drama needed, a more complete actress capable of make her character simpathize with the viewers like Hwang Jung Eum in Secret or Lee Boo Young in I can hear your voice. The other actors i think they fit their roles Kim Young Kwang has an inusual character,but i really enjoyed Key, Kim Seul Gi and Shin Dong Wook, Kim Tae Hoon was a litlle bit disapoiment in this.

The music is diferent even if there are only two songs, i enjoyed them.

Someday maybe i will rewatch some episodes in the middle only because they were so enterteining.
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On Lookout we have a prosecutor and a police officer, on Defendant a prosecutor as main characters. In both dramas one of the leads will have to leave their position (but for different reasons). They both are trying to seek for justice for their families, both of them lost a loved one. In both dramas they dont trust the police and the justice system. Also shows a lot of corrupted politicians.
Recommended by userbmc
Similar plot that has a political background and people who are trying ti seek revenge and justice.
Recommended by userbmc

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    billitsa 7 hours ago

    Great drama!!

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    Nats123 1 day ago
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    Kairi 2 days ago - edited
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      cutie26 2 days ago
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    AngieBird 3 days ago
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    Narco 6 days ago

    So far this year is amazing. After each show i watched i said "its one of the best" and this one is not exception. It has some flaws like every other show, but who cares about that when you have interesting story, great characters, awesome soundtrack and plot twists. I loved performance of Kim Sun-Young in last few episodes. I wish we got more background story about Yoon Shi Wan. I love this kind of characters.

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    #WeWantASeason2 !!!!!!!!

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    mez-zo 8 days ago

    Great acting performances all around, especially from Kim Young Kwang, but what a way to end a series. u__u I'm not necessarily saying that the ending was downright bad, just that the execution was... not polished at all. Still, won't regret watching this. It had its moments : >

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    forever_shawol 8 days ago

    I have never felt so proud of Key usually idols don't have much screen time but he fit the role perfectly like it was made for him currently watching it and i'm hooked waited so long to finally binge it

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    HighLordAkkarin 8 days ago - edited

    In general the drama was good, it was just some things i would like to have known about. Like Shi Wan what his reason's were to be like this. Th last episodes seemd to rushed.

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      AmberSteininger 7 days ago

      He's propably just a psychopath that doesn't need reason :)

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    Huruhi 9 days ago

    I never gave like 6 stars to a drama with such a perfect casting, they all were GOOD ! Kim Young Kwang, just stunning.

    After ep 14, it was long, and boring, the story was stuck like the scenarist went blank. WTF , I was waiting all my life for this.. The end was.. you know the kind of who just make you wanna commit a suicid lmao, so disapointed.
    With all of the flashbacks the story was going nowhere ! just going back, going back. I was fcuking trapped.

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    SaeedKhan 9 days ago

    Thats was a shit ending i must say

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    SaraXD 9 days ago - edited
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      Aicha 8 days ago
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      SaraXD 7 days ago
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    Kar 9 days ago - edited

    What is the name of the song that always appears in the credits? thanks!

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    Valeria 10 days ago
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    Valeria 10 days ago

    não gostei do final :'(
    I don't like the ending.


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    May 22, 2017 to Jul 11, 2017
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