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Orlando Florida


Orlando Florida

Happy Halloween all!

Decided to add some videos to my profile for the season Video 1 Kamenashi's worst date

Kamenashi "My Vampire" fanvid by PoonNie Kameari

Kamenashi "Lost My Way"

My website is https://sabry120.wixsite.com/oldanimelady and watching Jdramas is my latest hobby.

My story goes like this.. I have been watching Anime for almost 20 years, one day I am bored, stuck on the couch cause I am waiting for them to tell me why I am in so much pain.

I watch an Anime called Say I love you.  I fell in love with the Shōjo format . 

My first Drama was Itzura na Kiss

After that I fell deep into the well that is Jdrama and by my stats on this profile page, I am glad i cancelled cable, cause I was never watching it


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