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  • Dramagirl4ever May 19, 2012
    hii omg i have been sooo busy with school cuz the year is ending and all hahaha but omg i havent been on in ike 2 months im soooo sorry any new good dramas out lately?
  • Dramagirl4ever Apr 14, 2012
    Ahhh cool I love the sm ballad group with jonghyun in it XD the only heavy metal I have heard in a kpop sons is in exo k or m MV called mama though I actually find that part kinda hot even though I'm not into heavy metal have you seen that MV yet?
  • Dramagirl4ever Apr 9, 2012
    cool so are you more into r&b and ballads, or pop and hip-hop, then there is always the screamo and heavy metal too :)
  • Dramagirl4ever Apr 7, 2012
    hi thanks for accepting my friend request! do you listen to jpop/jrock or kpop more? :)
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