kdrama fan; kvariety fan; starlight (VIXX stan and my ub is Hakyeon!), Yelkies (Sechskies stan) and dreamcatcher stan (yoohyeon!!)

currently more active on OneHallyu @cthchy and Twitter @cthchy_


I started watching kdramas in July 2016 and since then I've marathoned way more dramas than I should have. I've discovered that my taste in dramas is kinda.. different (?) from most kdramas fans. Why, you may ask? Well, I have to confess.. I tried watching dramas that I've seen many drama fans talking about (Descendants of the Sun, W, Goblin, Boys over Flowers, Reply series, Signal) but i don't remember finishing them. My favourite type of drama has got to be school dramas, as well as mystery and law. I only watch kdramas because once I get addicted to something there's no going back (really scared that I'll screw my life up even further if I start watching other Asian dramas) Okay scratch that I started adding other asian dramas to my plan to watch list imma gonna watch some soon hopefullyyyy. Not a fan of anything historical (even though history is my favourite subject in school lol)

My absolute favourite dramas ever are Sassy Go Go, Solomon's Perjury and Age of Youth. Words cannot describe how amazing Solomon's Perjury is for me (the korean version) oml I could rewatch it a hundred times and it still wouldn't lose the feel that some dramas only give you when you watch it the first time

My favourite actors/actresses are N (obviously hehehe), Lee Tae Hwan and Kim So Eun


My obsession with Kdramas actually started because of kvariety. My first ever variety show was Running Man (of which I marathoned 300 episodes in about 2 and a half months) and I watched It's Okay, That's Love because of Lee Kwang Soo. Currently, I watch Running Man, Knowing Brothers (Min Kyung Hoon!!!), 1N2D (Cha Tae Hyun!!!), Radio Star, I Live Alone and Happy Together regularly. Running Man is slowly dying omg :((( I remember being so obsessed with it but now I can barely finish watching an episode :(


I found N through Sassy Go Go and decided to check out myDOL, which is VIXX's (what do you call this heh) debut program and I totally fell for them (it was the first and only time I felt that way about a kpop group bc I used to be really anti-kpop) so I started marathoning VIXX TV and by the end i was a total goner XD so here I am today, a proud Starlight <3

Random facts about me

I am socially anxious and thus I do not have a social life which is where I find the time to watch dramas lol

I have a really irregular sleep schedule so i never really can predict when I'll fall asleep or wake up

I love open endings

My favourite quote(?) from shows is "Are monsters born or created" because it makes me sit and ponder for a long time lol

-under construction because i am just that uninteresting-

kinda outdated lol i'm lazy to rewrite it rn

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