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( Look, that's how dark my future is )


// ME

•    Call me  Wednes 
     /wenz/ as in Wednesday

•    Rating: 0.0 = completed dramas/movies that
I finished too long ago and/or don't remember
     as well as drama specials/movies that continue from a full-length drama

•    Dramas/movies I enjoyed very much can be rated as low as 7.5,
     7.0 is where dramas/movies that are "not good but not bad" stay,
     lower than that means there's a big problem in something
     but I still enjoyed many of them anyhow

•    But I change my ratings almost on a daily basis, so...

•    I change my ratings and words on my reviews a lot too

•    I write reviews here

•    I'm a sucker for beautiful sets and cinematography
     – #teamvisuals #teamproduction #teamexpensivetrash 

•    Don't compare old dramas that I rated with a high score
     with newer lower score ones

•    Don't ever compare my ratings of
     two dramas/movies of two different genres as well
     – like, why do you guys like to do that? Seriously ಠ_ಠ

•    I'm very open to genres as long as they're not vampire, zombie or horror

•    I'm Korean and I speak, read and write Korean fluently,
     and that's the last thing I wanna talk about here,
     but I need to declare this fact somehow 
     just so I have some credibility when I translate something
     or refer to something that requires knowledge of Korean language




I see you there, chingu!


Can you stop staring at me though? o_o




•   Chicago Typewriter: Did You Know?   Under Construction 

•   Chicago Typewriter: OST Lyrics & Meaning

•   Six Flying Dragons: Interpretation of Ddang Sae's "Green Mountain Song" 청산별곡

•   Another Miss Oh: The Punny Name(s) of Another Miss Oh



•    Fangirling: Shin Se Kyung


•    Click:



Okay byes *judges you till the end*





Psst! I change my ratings often so you can't really trust the timeline of this list update 

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  • Total Entries210
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  • Completed22
  • Plan to watch139
  • Total Entries161
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