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Apr 16, 2017
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So how would I describe this show? This story tried to be too much. It was a romance mixed with slapstick humor, and dark thriller. How did those elements combine? Not too well, actually....but the parts that were good were good enough to keep me watching until the end.

This show started off strong and I was loving it up until about a little over halfway, when it dawned on me that the story was just kind of nonsense. But the leads are so freaking adorable (and probably every teenage girl's dream fantasy romance) that they kept sucking me back in every week. I said the other day that I didn't think I'd had a girl crush on anyone in a show yet, but Park Bo Young may have reached that status for me. And Park Hyung Shik is almost too pretty - but his acting as Ahn Min Hyuk crushing on Do Bong Soon --- I just "can't even" with him. Too cute for words. They were so cheesy together, but this ahjumma was eating it up. Seriously....this romance is what the show has going for it. But even that is unrealistically done. This show is just fluff....lots and lots of fluff.

The story line is chaotic. There is an evil villain that is just too horrifying to be in a rom-com. It was very jarring to go from sweet romance scenes to a creepy masked kidnapper who is terrorizing young women. And the slapstick antics of the gangsters and the high-school gangsters and the screechy femme planning team leader was funny the first time but became just useless filler that was pretty annoying fast forward material. And a lot of people hated that, although played for laughs, the mom seemed abusive (may be why the writers tried to explain that one away in the final episode.) There were funny parts, sure, but they overplayed their hand with them quite a bit.

The only thing I would rewatch in this show is the moments with Min Hyuk and Bong Soon.

Would I recommend it....sort of. I mean, you'd have to know going in that the story makes no sense, but as a backdrop for a super cute, cheesy beyond belief romance...if you can deal with that then, yeah, go for it. I was entertained for sure (otherwise the rating would be like a 4). But if you need a plot that is logical and a more 'mature' (not THAT kind of mature, but more grown up) romance, then this one won't be right for you.

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    cllanti May 3, 2017

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Too many genres, jarring tonal shifts, and nonsensical, even unlikable characters made me almost regret the time I spent on this. The OTP was this shows saving grace for me, but unfortunately they weren't the only focus of this show, not that this drama had a strong focus to begin with.

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    green_tokki Apr 23, 2017

    Good review.... ditto. I was torn between 6.5 and 7 but for the chemistry of the leads i gave this a passing grade. =)

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    Gian Apr 20, 2017 - edited

    This review sums up my feelings pretty much. I stuck around for bong soon. Really cute actress. Also, the actor playing the creepy masked villain was good. He can definitely hold his own against "Mr. nail ring" and the guy with the "library" in the basement. Haha.

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      kingsqueen Apr 20, 2017

      The villain guy did an excellent job with his acting. I was surprised he was a roomie actor. He acted the back out of that role!

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    imfaerae Apr 18, 2017

    I feel as if I could have written this review myself. Thanks for writing it so I don't have to! Lol

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    absinthe_feane Apr 16, 2017

    Perfect description for this drama. Love your review ♥ These would be exactly my words if I would write a review about this ;)


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