I recently fell in love with dramas and enjoy pretty much all genres from romantic comedy to historical to action / revenge / thriller as long as they are well written with compelling characters. Having grown up watching tons of kung fu movies as a child, I still love a good martial arts movie. I am a fan of cooking competition shows and restaurant behind the scenes shows so I love dramas about food. I love eating and watching food being prepared. I like dramas that are pretty and fun to watch, but most important is that they are emotionally engaging. 

I really appreciate this site as an outlet for my obsession and as a procrastination from things I should be doing. I write reviews since I don't write much these days I thought it would be good practice. Also, It's so hard to decide which ones to spend your time on so I appreciate reviews from people with similar tastes and hope my reviews can help you decide.

Here is a guide to my ratings:

10 doesn't necessarily mean it was perfect, but something about it especially captured my heart. 

9 or ABOVE means I LOVED it, it was high quality and I most likely binge watched it late into the early morning.

8.5 means I was REALLY INTO IT despite some flaws and would recommend to others with some disclaimers. (And I probably binge watched it also.)

8.0 means I LIKED IT and would recommend it with some disclaimers.

7-7.5 means I MOSTLY ENJOYED IT and would recommend if it's your type of story.

LOWER means I'd SKIP IT if I was to do it over again.

Drama Statistics
  • Times (Days) 34.5
  • Currently watching4
  • Completed32
  • Plan to watch79
  • On-hold16
  • Dropped14
  • Total Entries145
Movie Statistics
  • Times (Days) 0.9
  • Completed10
  • Plan to watch19
  • Dropped1
  • Total Entries30
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