The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist".- Verbal Kint

Apparently you had clicked my profile so you have to read a thing or two about me.

WELL my actual first drama was (ugh, embarrassing) Boys Before Flowers, how bad. It was cringey for the 8 years old me,so I've determined to hate kdramas to the point I'm allergic to it, yes. Then I  tried to watch some other hit series recommended by my friends and it actually left better impression than BBF so I kinda repent for hating it so much.

First of all, I tend to enjoy movies more and Ihonestly prefer K-Dramas than any other dramas but my liking isn't limited to it so feel free to discuss anything. 

My Favorite Genres

° Mystery        ° Psychological         ° Youth         ° Family

° Thriller          ° Crime        ° Life

^I'd never rate my favorite show 10/10 even though it's THAT good. 

Current Faves 

Read: Talented Babies

Lee Sung Kyung


A word for her, "Majestic". Yeah It's her, the bitch you hate. I LOVE how she portrays her character seriously so people would go serious on her. She shined after being Kim Bok Joo? No, she shined at EVERY character she portrayed.If there's a project with her in it, I'm that one who immediately SIGN TF UP. She's the definition of versatile She can do all acting, dancing, singing, modelling, and you can GO OFF.


Park Seo Joon

r1wmPNE3_edee96_f.jpg  tumblr_o62yimzlgp1v7zsbao6_500.jpg

My #1 man and it doesn't have to be explained thoroughly. Has acting and variety skills as well as the skill to have me relaxed just seeing him. My own king of romcom! 

tumblr_o3g8regyab1qgtdxso6_r4_400.gif tumblr_nzumzoREVt1t0p8vqo6_r1_400.gif

This list is actually so long but these are my top 2 

Those who are outside the top 2 but worthy enough to be:

  • Lee Jong Suk
  • Yoo Ah In
  • All the BYH48 actors
  • Han Yeri, Ryu Hwayoung (almost all the AOY cast actually)
  • Gong Seungyeon
  • Lee Sunbin
  • Nam Joohyuk
  • Jung Kyungho
  • Ahjussis (bc y not)

  • and there are others like
  • The Models F4 (Lee Soohyuk, Kim Woobin, Kim Youngkwang, Hong Jonghyun)
  • and super long list

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