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Japanese Special - 2017

Taiga Hanaya, a man who was chosen to become a Kamen Rider before anyone else. Why did he become Kamen Rider Snipe? Why did he lose his doctor's license? What is the reason?

4 Episodes
  • 7.0
Chinese Drama - 2017

After graduating from university, Sai Xiao Hua is determined to stay in Beijing. She finally finds a job, but after an emotional entanglement with her boss Qiao Ma, she gets fired again. She then decides to open a small supermarket selling organic vegetables, together with her former classmate You Liang.…

42 Episodes
  • --
Japanese Drama - 2017

The Special Investigation Unit is a secret force of specialists in various fields. The unit is under the direct control of the head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Bureau. Its members include investigator Inami Akira who sustained serious trauma in a special mission during the…

  • 8.7
Thai Drama - 2017

Pum, who just graduated, returns home to find her mother leaving to go out with a younger man while her father is ill upstairs. As they were arguing, her father tried to come downstairs, but along the way, he fell died. Pum is furious at her mother. Ramet, whose mother is handicapped, does everything…

  • 7.3
Hong Kong Drama - 2017

Law Lai Jing's love life has been full of thorns. She is over 40 years old and still busy dealing with her ex-boyfriend's debts of gratitude. With no house and no job, and having experienced a woman's most painful of being abandoned by the groom on her wedding day, Law Lai Jing has no choice but to…

20 Episodes
  • 8.3
Chinese Drama - 2017


24 Episodes
  • 8.0
Thai Drama - 2017

Praewprao stands firm that she won't choose a guy who only look for looks, because she was heart-broken from her first love for the reason that she had bad teeth. Even though she has became a beautiful girl now. She has mission that is online matchmaker, and her nickname is ugly duck. Prao meets an…

9 Episodes
  • 9.2
Thai Drama - 2017

Based on the 12 part novel series U-Prince.

4 Episodes
  • 5.5
Thai Drama - 2017

This series is based on the 2015 movie Waterboyy. Waii is the most popular member and captain of the Ocean College swimming club. He has a difficult relationship with his father who is also the team’s coach. Apo is the latest swimmer to join the club and Waii’s new roommate.

12 Episodes
  • 8.1
Japanese Special - 2017


1 Episodes
  • 7.5
Japanese Drama - 2017

One day, security officer Asahina is appointed to Security #4. Skills are required because it is the most dangerous of security roles. Asahina used to be a police officer but retired due to a “setback” and joined the security company Guard Keepers. A middle-aged man called Ishimaru is designated…

7 Episodes
  • 7.5
Japanese Drama - 2017

Yabukihara Joe starts working as a masseur with the encouragement of Eko-baba, the owner of a massage shop whom he happened to become acquainted with about one year ago. Recognising that he is gifted in massage, Eko-baba makes Joe go to the homes of all kinds of customers although it agonises him because…

  • 7.0
Japanese Drama - 2017

Muto Takashi is a former police detective who uses illegal methods to solve cases which are difficult to handle by the police. Kaburagi Wataru is a police detective and Muto's buddy, and Tamaki takes charge of the special missions given to Muto. While exploring the lives of these men, the topic of whether…

8 Episodes
  • 7.0
Korean Drama - 2017

Han Se Joo was a writer in his past life during the 1930s Japanese occupation of Korea. He has been reincarnated and is a bestselling author in the modern day. But Se Joo is depressed and has writer’s block that keeps him from completing his next bestseller. Yoo Jin Oh is a talented ghostwriter who…

16 Episodes
  • 8.4

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