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Thai Drama - 2017

This is the story of Padlom, a lonely girl who's afraid of love. However one day, someone told her that a guy secretly likes her, and this guy is supposed to be among these seven young men! Follow Padlom's passionate love story, and how will Padlom find out which of the seven guys is secretly in love…

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Japanese Drama - 2017

Takao is a 32-year-old employee of a travel agency. He is bored with his life and not good at his job or finding love. He decides to go somewhere new for a change and he ends up taking a stimulant drug without knowing. Takao is arrested and receives probation. He is also fired from his job. Making things…

5 Episodes
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Korean Drama - 2017

Heo Im is an oriental doctor, acknowledged as the best in acupuncture and moxibustion in Joseon. His success is blocked due to his low status. One day, Heo Im travels though time and finds himself in present day Seoul. He meets Choi Yeon Kyung. She is doctor firmly believing in only modern medicine.

16 Episodes
  • 8.2
Japanese Special - 2017

This story of "Restoration Negotiator" based on real stories.

1 Episodes
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Korean Drama - 2017

The popular and new characters will be creating a love story that's as real as it gets.

4 Episodes
  • 8.0
Chinese Drama - 2017

Huo Zhi, who grew up in an orphanage, happens to save the rich heir Jiang Cun when he gets into a car accident. Jiang Cun falls in love at first sight with his savior and tries to pursue her. However, he mistakenly pursues her twin sister Qin Ying Su instead. When Huo Zhi and Ying Su meet and recognize…

34 Episodes
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Chinese Drama - 2017


40 Episodes
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Chinese Drama - 2017

For My Love tells the story of a family of three generations. Retired Grandma Qi spends most of her time doting on her granddaughter Ting Ting. However, drastic changes in their lives are forthcoming when her daughter and son-in-law announce their divorce and moreover, Ting Ting loses her hearing due…

38 Episodes
  • 10.0
Korean Drama - 2017

Tells the story of Bong Pil, an unemployed man who mooches off his parents while pretending to study for the civil service exam. Bong Pil time travels into the past through a manhole in an effort to stop the wedding of his lifelong crush, Soo Jin, set to happen one week into the future.

16 Episodes
  • 7.5
Chinese Drama - 2017

Set during a mythical era, the plot revolves around three opposing kingdoms and the heroic accomplishments of the young heroes and heroines of its time.

58 Episodes
  • 9.1
Chinese Drama - 2017

Sergeant Xia Yao, born into a wealthy and renown ancestry, is a playboy who has turned over a new leaf. Yuan Zong is an ex-soldier from the special forces who opened a bodyguard training company after being discharged. When Yuan Ru, Yuan Zong's little sister fell for Xia Yao's charms, but could not…

35 Episodes
  • 8.7
Taiwanese Drama - 2017


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Thai Drama - 2017

Pee and Mook have been dating since high school and were about to get married, but Pee's friends took him out for a bachelor party. Pee drank a lot and ended up in bed with another girl. Mook came and saw it. Pee asked to postpone the wedding for two years so he can enjoy being single since he's never…

7 Episodes
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Hong Kong Drama - 2017

Surfer Ko Tsz Kit, who runs a B&B in Taiwan, is ambushed by assassins. Though he is saved by the agile backpacker Yuen Ching Yan, his adoptive mother dies at the scene. To probe into the matter, Tsz Kit returns to Hong Kong alone. With his best friend Tai Wah Koon pulling a few strings for him, Tsz…

28 Episodes
  • 9.0

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