Love O2O Episode 16

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Wei Wei and Xiao Nai continue to talk even when apart. Work to complete the demo for "New Chinese Ghost Story" speeds up.
  • Aired: August 30, 2016

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Jan 28, 2018

Subtle romance development!

?Liking this ep. The silly romance is just subtle and not over the top. ZS execute being WW almost naturally. YY is so ????. We also got some action from KO--he hacked HM's desktop & changed its wallpaper from a goddess to a shrine! ?(There is some serious jealousy going on, isn't it?)
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Sep 12, 2016

Gamers love too. ^_-

Every time I see a romantic montage where the leads are having a good time talking and there's sweet romantic/fun music playing and you actually can't hear what they're saying I want to punch the writer/director! Because that's development time. I want to hear what they're saying.

Especially since I think Wei Wei and Xiao Nai really do need to warm up a bit more.

Oh, and the product placement! The cold/flu medicine and that juice. I'll give the director props for trying to make it seem natural, but sometimes it's just so blatant.

The direction with the cook from the cafeteria and Hao Mei has be so curious. The cook is hacking Hao Mei now! What's going on! (Is he romantically interested?)

I do enjoy that there wasn't some crazy hijinks to have the leads spend summer vacation together. The real life look and how they're relationship is developing is a great touch. Despite their romance starting online and stuff I feel like this is one of the most well grounded drama romances I've watched.

Gamers love too. ^_-

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