Love O2O Episode 21

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Sleeping Butterfly is stunned by Reed Wei Wei's beauty in person. Other players in the game are also curious of Reed Wei Wei's identity and instigate the leader to host a meet up for the players.
  • Aired: September 01, 2016

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Jan 30, 2018

Erxi is like Tinkerbell--so cute!

?XN has been showing his charms more and more! That's great. I dont fcking understand why those witches call ErXi ugly...when she's not. She is such a cutie, like a cute and wild Tinkerbell. Hehe!?
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Sep 16, 2016

I love Wei Wei and Er Xi's friendship!

Those last scenes between Er Xi and Wei Wei were so cute! I just love the chemistry between the two. What a wonderful friendship. The way they interact together is priceless and always puts a smile on my face.

However, I can't believe after all the teasing fantasies that Wei Wei had about Xiao Nai that we didn't officially get to see him swimming. In fact, I was looking forward to watching him teach her how to swim! I feel cheated. Which seems to be happening a lot.

The whole Butterfly plot finally meeting Wei Wei was interesting, but I hate how she feel in the claws of the evil Enchantress and company. She knows what they're doing, why would she invite Wei Wie to attend. She's just as bad as those girls!

My dear sweet Er Xi had to go through so much, and it's not over until the big reveal! Poor girl. I feel you on those Converse sneakers, revenge will be yours. (Hopefully.) I think Shao Xiang is starting to get clued in to the type of girlfriend he has, and maybe doesn't like it. That would be a nice character development for him.

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