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Noble, My Love is cute for a short drama. But if you are wanting a similar story line that has a bit more depth, check out Something About 1 Percent. It has the cute, the gorgeous, the awkward, and all the things you want in a k-drama.
Recommended by Sam-I-Am
A rich guy and a woman sign a relationship contract. The guy is obsessed with the girl and do everything which he thinks it is good for the FL without asking her permission. In the beginning the girl is quite unwillingly but later on...
Recommended by real_Mokona
I felt that both of these shows have similar plots and give a very similar vibe.
1) Both male leads are rich and very handsome.
2) Both female leads are in need of money and agree to a fake dating contract to get money.
3) In both shows they do fake dating contracts and end up falling in love.
4) The female leads have a very similar and hard-working personality.
5) The male leads also gave a very similar vibe.
6) The chemistry between the leads is very good.

The list could go on and on, but I don’t want to spoil it ;) Although I hear you has a lot more detail and gives some focus to other characters, they’re overall very similar and give off the same kinda vibes.
Recommended by Amaya123
8.7 W (2016)
Both dramas are circled around an airhead and doctor main heroine and a rich-boy male lead. The marriage aspect seems a bit similar as well.
Recommended by hardpliers
Both are short dramas with that good feeling of sweet romance. Both male otp look cold and sometimes rude. Both female although bright and good at what they do appears a little submissive to the guy.
Recommended by sharreb
Both are short web dramas with an arrogant male lead who falls for a good girl.
Recommended by Hasumi17
though boss & me is a chinese drama, it also has the CEO/big boss with the normal/poor girl theme going on
Recommended by OmuiYuni
Another short series, this one involves a cute veterinarian heroine and an arrogant CEO. It carries a lot of the same mood as Choco Bank and has the nice, short episode format.
Recommended by MelissaSternenberg
The same type of plot, cute, cheesey, and it's got the main guy in it!
Recommended by Angelica