Eternal Love Episode 9

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Apr 6, 2017

ep 9 spoilers ahead

1.The 2nd prince returns home and begs his father to grant him permission to marry his new found love, never mind that it means rejecting and offending the fox tribe and causing the celestial family enormous embarrassment. Not only does he refuse, he throws her in the evil sealing pagoda (no one has ever explained the purpose of this thing; it only ever pops up as a tool to punish people. perhaps that is its purpose)

2.The emperor reminds YH that he was made for the world, not a woman (....foreshadowing, anyone?)

3.We learn through a flashback a lot about YH. He was taken from his mother as soon as he could sit, forced to study all day long. When his grandfather granted him a favor, he insisted upon seeing his mother (they hadn't seen one another in years). YH is able to see her after surpassing MY and ascending to be a High immortal at an even younger age. (This communicates that YH is determined to meet ridiculous goals in order to be with the ones he loves.)

(....foreshadowing anyone?)

4.He reassures his mother that he will wear black so blood cannot be seen, and his mother explains that all this does is hide things i.e. the truth and that it will still make her worried (This tells us that YH is willing to lie and not communicate problems to prevent his loved ones from worrying)

(....foreshadowing anyone?)

5.After speaking to snake girl (I think her name is Xio Zhen) 2nd prince again begs his father, who is playing a game with YH. His father humiliates 2nd prince by explaining to YH to never be like him (....foreshadowing anyone?). 2nd prince is willing to die for this love.

6.Meanwhile, the incredibly cute fox FJ is wandering in the woods (it just happens to be the most dangerous woods you could pick to wander through) and runs into the golden lion. Let me take a moment to express that this entire scene essentially defines her character. She winds up in a situation that could have been avoided, tries to be brave and asserts she is someone not to mess with (with no power to back these big words up) and then tries to make a clumsy escape (in her case, she is not paying attention and nearly smashes into a tree). Then DH shows up (yay, their first meeting!). The only thing that changes later in the series is her increasing bad luck and her efforts are directed at protecting DH (which really stands out to me because he is such a powerful deity)

Side note: in the novel, FJ disguises her tails and turns them into 1 when she leaves her den//she does this because she is extremely mesmerizing in her fox form and rare, and people would love to kidnap her. she does not do this in the series, from what I can tell)

7.DH's presence scares off the lion. (I hated this long scene where they stare into each other's eyes and because of this I actually did not think I would like them). Introductions are in order, and there is a joke here that I missed the first time I watched this and would not have known had I not read pillow book. FJ says that he does not look like DH from the pictures she has seen. (The actual character that inspired DH is extremely unattractive and looks kind of like a grandpa beast riding an animal...check out pillow book for that image)

8.DH quickly gets bored with her and just sort of walks off (I really like his expressions. she clearly is enamored of him and he is so flat. they could have been discussing the weather)

9.My comments aside, this is an important scene because it establishes most of their relationship (and conflicts) that follow. She wants to repay his kindness because her aunt told her that there is this thing called causality, and everything has an effect. To not pay someone back would be akin to inviting bad luck (in her case it is just bad luck). Dijun makes it clear he could care less. But she is insistent.

10.She follows him and the actress does a good job at emphasizing the differences between them. Dijun is elegant. He is here for a purpose (to check on the bell). She just happened to be there. But since she has assumed they have a connection now she follows like a kid. FJ learns a few things from Dijun about her Aunt.

11.Dijun tells an earth deity (a cute little old guy) to ring a bell (he gives him said bell) if there is any activity (Dijun is here to investigate some disturbances). I think this is the third time she has run into him, and Dijun coldly explains that he (basically) has not said anything yet but if she keeps following him expect him to be rude (a warning).

12.The ghost tribe princess visits the bell and we learn she is hoping to find her elder brother.

13.Meanwhile 3rd prince is talking to YH about how he lacks affection. He comes up with the plan that YH marry BQ , which would allow 2nd prince to be happy.

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