Eternal Love Episode 6

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Apr 6, 2017

ep 6 spoilers ahead

1.The epic battle that will impact so many lives in the years to come....this is the final battle between the ghost tribe leader Cuang Cuang and Kunlan. There are many tribes who are here to support, with MY representing the celestial tribe and leading it.

2.MY gives Su Yin a spell that seals the bell. He says that only a few people could perform it (mainly himself, Dijun, the celestial emperor) but that Si Yin is so gifted she could perform it.

3.The music for this battle is excellent, and the way it is filmed is very similar to lord of the rings. The director tries to astound us with the sheer number of people fighting, in very sweeping epic shots. Well done. They are up against the ghost tribe and mermaid tribe. The celestial tribe also has people in the air fighting (at first I thought they were birds)

4.Li Jing defies his own people and tries to protect Su Yin. In a very sad scene (I cried a little, not a lot, but a little...)9th dies. 9th of course is Su Yin's best friend. He dies protecting her.

5.At this time the formations that MY carefully designed are broken, surprising everyone. They retreat. It becomes evident that Xuan Nu has betrayed everyone and stolen the formations and given them to the enemy. Su Yin is inconsolable and believes it is all her fault.

6.In a very cool scene, we learn that the only way to defeat them would require an enormous sacrifice. The woman who earlier imprisoned Su Yin volunteers. She is going to her death but it seems she doesn't care. As long as she can help MY (I kind of admire her bravery).

7.The emperor uses a death bell (I can't think of any other way to describe it) that was created by MY and given to him as a means to build trust to attack MY. This bell essentially swallows people up, has hell fire in it, and will expand until it destroys the whole world.

8.After an epic sky battle MY seals the emperor in the bell and closes the bell by sacrificing not only his life but his seal (it fractures into a zillion pieces). This is especially awful because if his soul is fragmented, he cannot reincarnate. it is a fate worse than death. Before going into the bell he whispers 'Wait for me' and looks at Su Yin (presumably he has feelings for her? naughty shifu)

9.Now she loses her master, and Su Yin is holding his body, in tears, while everyone is surrounded her. I would say everyone has lost someone, but no one is more upset than her.

9.The ghost tribe surrenders. Li Jing ruefully discusses his upcoming death, because his brother will kill him, until Si ming shows up with a proposition, one that will ensure Li Jing gets the crown...

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