Eternal Love Episode 7

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Apr 6, 2017

ep 7 spoilers ahead

1.BQ is unable to accept the death of her shifu. She becomes convinced that he will come back. She sobs by the lotus flower (she never cries) and an invisible adult YH is there watching her (clearly in love with her).

2.Li Yuan is ready to assume control of the ghost tribe. In a charged scene we learn the source of their enmity. Apparently Li Yuan's mother died because of Li Jing's mom. So Li Yuan personally strangled her. Li Jing outsmarts Li Yuan and assumes control of the ghost tribe with support of the celestial tribe. Li Yuan accuses him of being a traitor as he is dragged off.

3.Dijun (in a rare scene, not wearing purple) speaks up for Su Yin. At the same time, Su Jin is both named (apparently you get a name only after 1000 years in her tribe) and given to YH's parents to look after (they are childless, the mother is thought to maybe be barren).

4.In order to preserved her master, she swallows her pride and asks Li Jing for the Jade Stone. Li Jing says it was lost. Xuan Nu confronts Si Yin and says that it isn't lost. Having been found out, Li Jing tries to apologize but it is too late. He hits Xuan Nu hard (not really okay with that).

5.Dijun suggests in his usual vague way that 1st prince and his wife visit Kunlan for answers. She touches the lotus MY was cultivating and it she is seems that the lotus was waiting for the right person and that person was her...YH will soon be born

6.Si Yin has dinner with her fellow disciples, gets them so drunk they pass out, and steals MY's body (creating one of the central conflicts in the story...)

This episode really lays the foundation for so many important things. So it was a good episode.

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