Eternal Love Episode 8

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Apr 6, 2017

ep 8 spoilers ahead

1.This episode begins with YH's auspicious birth. It also introduces us to Si Jin, who is still a little girl.

2.Meanwhile BQ rescues a young woman who was once a snake but after many years she cultivated and took on a human form. She is being brutalized by some guys. She steps in, rescues her, and gives her the cloud fan, telling her to present it to her brother as proof that she sent her home to serve her (China has to censor it but I am fairly certain that the phoenix and 4th brother are more than just friends; sorry they are always together. always).

3.BQ's parents and Phoenix (he is like a third parent) discover her passed out by MY. her mother laments that her daughter suffers so much. BQ is on the edge of death.

4.Li Jing tries to see Su Yin but is turned away (unsurprisingly) by MY disciples. The disciples vow to come together again if they find their master's body. But no use staying since he is dead.

5.The emperor visits Dijun for advice on how to explain the disappearance of MY's body. Dijun suggests that they record it as follows: that Si Yin and MY have gone into seclusion. This tells the viewer that the historical record is never to be trusted because this is not exactly true (nor is it technically a lie).

6.Bq's mother uses half her cultivation to save her daughter's life (I really like how the fox tribe has such good relationships with their kids. the other's just awful. The previous ghost king would kill his kids and the celestial court separates parents from their kids...)

7.Meanwhile, baby FJ is born. Later, BQ does everything she can to avoid meeting 2nd prince. While waiting for her, he falls in love with snake girl (BQ's maidservant). 2nd prince decides to bring his new love home...

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