Something About 1 Percent



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-they both have hot kisses, the cutesy feel and heart-pounding, fluttery moments.
-have the same director and some similar cast members
-if you disliked the last 3 episodes of My Secret Romance, Something about 1% will make up for it because it stays enjoyable until the end.
-rich guy poor girl theme and one parent forbidding their relationship
Recommended by bishh
- rich guy and poor girl
- contract marriage that leads to love later on
- female leads have an awkward/innocent character
Recommended by Asing
In addition to being about a rich business man falling for an average girl, both series are very light and fluffy. The style is very similar and you get the same sort of warm comfy feeling watching both. Each series offers something unique so both are well done, though I prefer High End Crush in general.
Recommended by kraci
Noble, My Love is cute for a short drama. But if you are wanting a similar story line that has a bit more depth, check out Something About 1 Percent. It has the cute, the gorgeous, the awkward, and all the things you want in a k-drama.
Recommended by Sam-I-Am
So although Love O2O is a Chinese drama and Something About 1 Percent is a Korean drama, they both deliver on cute, fluffy relationships. I felt so good while watching both and I think if your a fan of one you're likely to like the other.
Recommended by EarlGayTea
They have simalar male lead where you see the good side of a person, but in ,,something about 1`` percent is not love triangle
Recommended by Valentina Spasova
Both dramas are about two people being in fake relationship (or contract relationship) to achieve their goal. In both of these dramas, male leads are rich men from higher society (both are actually hotel owners/managers) and female leads are average women (a teacher and an office worker).
Recommended by Salty_bae
Both dramas are about contract relationship.

In "Something about 1 percent" they enter fake relationship to fulfill wish of male leads' grandfather, in "Mary stayed out all night" they do it so the female lead doesn't have to marry a man she does not love.
Recommended by Salty_bae
Both dramas are about pretending.

In "Something about 1 percent" main leads are pretending to be dating to fulfill wish of male leads grandfather, in "My girl" male lead hires female lead to pretend to be his long-lost-now-found cousin to (also) fulfils his grandfathers wish.
Recommended by Salty_bae
In they both girl changes the boy,both starts from hate and change in to something about 1 percent is look simple story,due to lack of strong male and female leads but Cinderella and four knights have strong leads
Recommended by Balakri
In both dramas the grandfather gives the female lead his inheritance and whoever married her gets it. However in Something About 1 Percent the female leads saves the grandfather. In Easy Fortune Happy Life the female lead's grandma saves the grandfather.
Recommended by iOizys
Both have..

-Leads enter a contract marriage (of some sort or another)
-leads start off in love with someone else
-female leads are awkward and innocent
-realistic relationships and struggles (not intense or melo-y) that are relatable
-romantic comedy that DOES NOT have an extreme melodramatic dip midway
-quickly(ish) developed cute romance
-an unavoidable occurrence causes conflict
Recommended by OKasiandrama
Both dramas focus on the contract relationship trope. They give off a similar feeling. Both very lighthearted and fun to watch. Nice chemistry between the leads and some very nice kissing scenes.
I watched "Marriage, not dating" some time ago and I've been looking for a drama with a similar feeling since then, "Something About 1 Percent" met my expectations perfectly, even though I enjoyed the later a bit more.
Recommended by MrsHappyDreaming
Both dramas include a contract relationship but end up falling in love. Both dramas are also pretty short and good weekend watch.
Recommended by sugacoatedwings
Has similar themes like: Contract Marriage/ relationship. Sassy leads and real issues as to why they do can't stay together.
Recommended by vs_meghana