Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 14

A Prelude to the Battle

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When Bong-soon doesn't come home late into the night, her dad gets worried. Guk-doo is conflicted over what to include on Kyung-shim's case report. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: April 08, 2017

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Jun 18, 2017

Seriously XD

This show reaaaally doesn't take itself too seriously, does it? Here, a bomb can suddenly turn into romantic fireworks ^.^ ...literally...XDXD

I said it before, the things needed for good chemistry and for a romance to start is the leads being there for each other in hard and difficult times. Bong Soon was there when Min Hyuk felt bad about his brother's betrayal and she was there for him.
This time he is there for Bong Soon and I love that the producer managed to intensify their relationship and finally make MH a priority for BS because we all knew that what MH said ("I know I'm not your priority") was true but sad.
I just love this couple!

And Gook Du was just bad-ass this episode, so nice ^.^

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Apr 11, 2017


This is the craziest drama episode I've ever watched in a while...

It has such sweet romance,action and unfortunately a mediocre bad guy...but, it's okay.
You know why? Because we have Ainsoft's smart boss Min-hyuk, a strong-willed woman Bong Soon, and a keep-fighting-no-matter-how-bad-your-team-sucks police officer Guk Du...So, it's okay.^^

Seriously, first thing's first, I'm really happy to see that min min - bong bong relationship has taken romantic turns with this episode...^^.It was sooo cute to watch.Yaaayyyyyy!!!!

In a single episode Bong soon has lost and regained her power...We get to see that even when she lost her power, her will and heart is still strong.That's my girl.
Bong Soon fighting!!
Though I have to admit I become jealous...

I want a bf like min hyuk. :(((
He is so kind,caring,smart and respects bong soon...
All through the episode he was nothing but supportive. :)

As for Guk Du...well, as I said he is the only one properly striving to catch the mediocre bad guy.Seriously, I agree with min hyuk, he is the only cop in the drama that we can rely on.
The psycho guy's accident and comeback doesn't make sense a lot but I still like the idea that he comes to the company and plays some kind of game with ceo min hyuk.
Sounds like a western movie? or Infernal affairs, maybe?
Whatever.It was still exciting to watch min hyuk.^^ He was totally cool.
Guk du, too, It's nice that the music box on the floor didn't really explode in his hands.^^'
No need to be over-dramatic,right?

Final...Yes,what can I say for the end of this episode?
Just the way I'd like...

Only two episodes to go.Let's wish for a happy-ending.!!^^

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