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Guide to Jung Jae Young

Born: November 20, 1970

                                             An actor that oozes charisma when on screen!


Even If all his movies aren't' my favorites, I've never been disappointed with any that I have seen! Or regretted watching them. ^^



Assembly (2015)

This is the first thing I've seen with Jung Jae Young, I started it for Taecyeon, but it is where I discovered Jung Jae Young *and where my "stalking" habits started with his films*. Even out of the countless movies I've now seen him in *I've seen everything THIS year!* Haha! :P This drama *his very first drama* is my favorite! It holds a special place in my heart ^^ He became my favorite character and all I wanted to do was watch more and more, I literally did NOT want this drama to end as quickly as it did lol *this drama made me like political themed dramas/movies*. Yes, needless to say this drama had a BIG impact on me. The entire casting was amazing and I wouldn't change anyone in it! Jung Jae Young as Sang Pil and Song Yoon Ah as Choi In Kyung were my favorite team. ^_^ The things Sang Pil would say and the faces In Kyung would make just filled my heart. <3 I highly recommend this drama if you are a fan of any of the leads, enjoy politics or want something new with actors you maybe have never seen before. For me, it is a priceless gem ^^ and I am ever so glad I watched it and that KBS delivered it ;) I can only hope and pray that he enjoyed making this drama and will accept more drama roles in the future *as a LEAD yes!* lol


                                                                ~ New dramas updated and added to this guide ^_^ ~

                                                                                                          Duel (2017)

I cannot tell you just how happy I was with the news of him in another drama! My prayers were answered! ^_^ He plays a firm detective and a loving father in this drama, although is character irked many viewers I was always looking for his reasons and beliefs with every action he made. He played a father that was desperate to save his daughter, no matter the cost. He encounters one very bad guy and then sees another one that looks exactly the same but with a different personality - this confuses him and throws him into an intense battle with the help of the boy and the conflict with the clone. I loved everything about this drama, the story, the detective, the sweet boy and the scarred and injured/angry clone.

                                                                                          Partners for Justice (2018)

Yes! Another drama!!! (pst. this one has a Season 2 coming!) He plays a NFS doctor who analyses the death of each body he is assigned to without making up a "story" out of their death. He seems icy and cold to everyone he meets, which makes many suspect his true motives and character - but in reality he is just hurt and honest and wants to make sure there are no room for error. He ends up working alongside cases with a prosecutor and together they solve many cases and he teaches her to not make up novels and just look at the facts.



                                               Righteous Ties (2006)

Gangsters? Comedy? Action? and Brotherhood? This movie had it all, and I loved it - the music made certain scenes 2xs as funny as it would have been without it :P Jung Jae Young and all his "friends" in jail were a hilarious watch, I couldn't get enough of them :P Comedy ruled this film - even inside the heavy light of the "gangster world". Two best friends end up on opposite sides of the fence but all is not 100% black and white between them - they have a strong bond and even if their higher ups "force" them to do certain things - there is only so far they will go. One of my favorite Jung Jae Young films :) For me this was like a better version of Jail Breakers.



               Going By the Book (2007)

Another favorite ^_^ and again a serious tone with a hilarious portrayal :P Jung Jae Young plays Jung Do Man a cop who takes his job and role very seriously, if someone asks him to do something he does it line upon line - no room for half-hearted jobs - even if it gets him in trouble, he says: "hey you asked me to do this, so I'm going to do it right and play out every thing that could go wrong." - And that's exactly what he does when his chief asks him if he will be the one to play the role of a robber. Haha, the chief had no idea what he was getting himself into!!! I'm laughing just thinking about the scenarios that played out in this film!

"A whole 'nother take on robberies, cops and hostages XD Like another said, it is similar in the comedic way Guns and Talks was" :P ~ quote taken from myself on this movies page lol



                                                          Moss (2010)

Might I say, Jung Jae Young's creepiest role? Well, he sure creeped me out! He plays this unusual village's leader. And he is decked with "old man" makeup & hair :P I personally thought this was a really good mystery, suspense thriller, a new thing came to light every second, It had great build up to all the revelations and then the ending! It was like a "brain fart" *for lack of better verbage* LOL, I was shocked because I didn't think of it at all and it felt like the mystery or puzzle solving wasn't complete yet! So I suppose you could say it's a little "open-ended". My discovery in this movie was Park Hae Il who plays our lead guy who tries to uncover the mystery surrounding his dad's death. He was brave to stay in that insanely creepy town filled with gut curdling creepy people! LOL



                                                  The Plan Man (2014)

Another favorite of mine ^_^ Jung Jae Young plays this guy who is extremely OCD, he can't stand dirty things, messes, things not being straight, or not being on time! He has alarms set for everything, jots his schedule down in his "planner" and doesn't like it when things interrupt his plans. Then he meets Han Ji Min's character who freaks him out, but who he ends up finding an odd sense of comradeship in. She agrees to help him change his OCD ways if he agrees to join a singing competition with her :P I really enjoyed these two together ;) She was so quirky odd and funny and Jung Jae Young was priceless comedy for me - one face he made I actually took a snapshot of and said "Gosh his mouth is HUGE, you could fit a bird in there!" XD A great fun filled movie with a great ending!!! It's a movie I could watch over and over again.



                                                 Guns and Talks (2001)

It's a movie about 4 hitmen who will kill anyone as long as they have a contract - sounds serious right? Not at all!!! This movie was completely comedic :P It's going to be different from anything you've probably watched before. I found it oddly enjoyable. Out of these 4 guys Won Bin's character was my favorite :P He has this little "speech" about Love and it totally cracked me up! I went in it for 3 of the actors, Jung Jae Young, Shin Ha Kyun and Won Bin <3 as I love them all as actors ^^ That's not to say I don't like the other guy because I do, I just didn't go into this movie for him XD Why would 4 guys become hitmen when they constantly ask why anyone would want to kill someone??? LOL



                                           Confession of Murder (2012)

Another favorite of mine for both Jung Jae Young and Park Shi Hoo ^^ This one took me a little before I got into it fully but when I did I couldn't tear my eyes away. I thought it gave a good chase of bad guy vs. good guy that ended up making me feel excited for what lied ahead. My thoughts while going into this film was definitely different from the thoughts I left the film with! There was one scene that I never saw coming! My favorite part of this movie was the last 30+ minutes :D Park Shi Hoo plays a man who writes an autobiography detailing the crimes he has committed and since his "statue of limitations" is up the cops and mainly one detective played by Jung Jae Young can't do anything about it. But what happens when another player that claims to be the killer comes out and casts doubt on the author?



                                   Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005)

I didn't enjoy this movie as much as others seemed to, but it was an alright watch *I'll watch just about anything that deals with War or soldiers in Korea and that time period*. Like I wrote on it's movie page: "It's a film I could easily forget, but didn't mind watching at least once." For me war movies have to be intense, sad and have strong bonds of bromance - this one was brought forth in a more comedic way which was fine and it did humor me at times throughout the movie but I just prefer my war based movies to pull on my heart - this one just failed to do that for me. * I know many people Love this film* so don't take my word on it lol Overall I think I liked Ryu Deok Hwan's character the most ;) He was an adorable bonus for me in this ^^ Jung Jae Young would be my second *even if he is technically "North"* Shin Ha Kyun was too standoffish for most of the film. I liked the ending the best - the more war based part and a sweet scene at the very end.



                                                       Glove (2011)

Jung Jae Young plays a "has-been" professional baseball player, who, because of too much negative media attention takes some "time away" to coach a team of hearing impaired boys in order to prepare them for nationals. He starts out not caring about them at all and only looking for his chance to go back, but the longer he's there and sees these boys pure desire to play ball, he starts to remember why he wanted to play ball and that inspires him to finally really become their coach. Cool thing is that this is based on a true story ^^ *I'm a sucker for anything that's "based on true events" because like "factual" historical dramas, it feels like I was there watching it take place or even participating in it myself ;) *This movie has an open ending which is ok for this one because it isn't "finished" in real life yet (or wasn't at the time of this film) but I was glad that they gave us a little more info in writing in the end :) I personally liked the main hearing impaired boy the most in this film along with Jung Jae Young's character ^_^ I did not like the teacher - I found her annoying. If you like baseball and inspiring movies then this is a good pick.



                                                   Broken (2014)

This movie Jung Jae Young plays a father who is on a quest of vengeance on two young boys that raped and killed his daughter. It's heartbreaking to watch this father go out of his way to seek these evil nasty boys out, he literally tracks them down - like searching for prey. I was wanting justice for his daughter too! It's horrendous what happened! I also loved Seo Jun Yeong who plays a young detective who has the unfortunate duty of going after the father when what he really wanted to do was seek justice for the girl too. His part is most impactful toward the ending scene. The convo he had and the courtroom scene were really good on his part! A really good but painful thriller revenge movie.



                              My Captain, Mr. Underground (2006)

This movie was cute, funny and sad all at the same time. Jung Jae Young plays a thief who robs graves of precious artifacts that would go on display nationally. He steals them for money to pay off a debt he owes and to try and rid himself of the guilt of betraying his father when he was younger. He comes into these two kids lives when they intercept his stolen artifact, now he has to try and weasel it out of them - not all goes as he had planned. These three were adorable together though, they really seemed like a family ^^ The only thing I could have asked for was a better ending. It wasn't a horrible ending it just wasn't what I wanted. *I had an ending of my own in mind that I wanted to happen lol*



                                 The Wedding Campaign (2005)

Jung Jae Young plays a country "hick" who has been "afraid" of women since high school or junior high when he was "traumatized" by a certain event with a girl lol, He is now 38 and lives with his mother *who speaks her mind* and his grandfather, he runs the fields and does all sorts of work in the countryside. He is a very shy, awkward man who has a very hard time talking to girls. His best friend is a perv who is actually hiding his true self behind his pervy exterior. They travel overseas to "buy a bride" (reminds me of all those books I read on mail order brides) hehe There he meets his "dating guide/translator" and starts to fall for her ^^ His character reminded me a lot of his character from The Plan Man just without the OCD part :P His attitude, his walk and everything. Not my favorite movie of his but not bad either.



                                                Someone Special (2004)

Jung Jae Young plays a professional baseball player who wants to know what love is - he's thought he's loved before but realizes every-time that he's never had a "first love". He ends up hanging around our female lead for reasons unbeknownst to him, realizes he's neighbors with her and has been for a long time! He asks several people in this movie "what is love" and they give him varied answers -he only figures out what it is in the end :P Overall it was a very interestingly odd movie with a cute tone to it :) The OST was my favorite thing out of this movie lol



                                        The Fatal Encounter (2014)

"Do your utmost even in trivial things. From that you can attain sincerity. This sincerity becomes apparent. From being manifest it becomes brilliant. Brilliant, it affects others. Affecting others they are changed by it. Changed by it they are transformed. It is only... those with complete sincerity... who can transform everything." - Gap Soo *quoting*

"It will change. If you do your utmost one by one... the world will change." - Kim Jeong Jo

Like I said before, I love movies/dramas that are based around true events! For some reason they enthrall me! I loved this take on Sado's son played by Hyun Bin. Jung Jae Young plays the Eunuch (right side of this picture) who has an interesting past - he made me love this film even more! For me this movie was Jung Jae Young and Hyun Bin - everyone else was sideline characters LOL If you like historical dramas/movies then this is one to watch :)



                                       The Divine Weapon (2008)

I loved Jung Jae Young's hair like this hehe :P I'd love to see him in more historical movies/dramas ^_^ Jung Jae Young plays a peddler who has great martial arts skills, but who likes to distance himself from the reigning authority because of the false accusation that was placed on his father. But he ends up "protecting" a woman who is in danger because she has the secrets to making a great weapon that can protect Joseon. He works with her to complete this weapon building and at the same time does his best to woo her with his charms ;) I love both of these actors ^^ I thought it was a great movie - especially the epic war battle scenes near the end! :D



                                                      AM 11:00 (2013)

I just finished watching this movie today - it was really good too! :D A time-travel thriller! Jung Jae Young, Choi Daniel and the rest of the cast did an amazing job showing how things can get so messed up because of panic. *Goes to prove one should never mess with time* lol This definitely keeps you on the "edge of your seat" so to speak. I realized I was holding my breath a points in this movie! It starts out all fine and dandy just doing their jobs and then they "test the time traveler out" and oh my goodness do things get crazy! They played "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" a couple times in the film but when they played it in the end - gosh it's going to haunt me! I replayed that ending scene song 3xs already lol *another movie going in my list of JJY favorites* :P



A Few pictures of him (he doesn't have very many really good pictures - so I chose the ones I liked more than others to share.)




                                                       'Young' Jung Jae Young ^_^



This concludes my first ever "mainly movie actor" guide to Jung Jae Young - a Man in need of more photo-shoots! lol ^_^ 

More of his films listed under his name or Wikipedia ^_^ (I'd list more here but I already filled this up pretty full so... lol - (I know lots of people have seen him in Castaway the Moon and liked it - but for me it was the weirdest most strange movie I have ever seen - with the oddest people... I did like a few things about JJY's role however, a few of the things he said makes you think. I left a comment on my thoughts on his movies on his movie pages.)


If there is an actor or an actress that is worthy of a Stalker's Guide in your opinion, and you have watched enough dramas of his/hers to prove it, please contact KatelynJaynea about it.