Hi guys! This is my first time proposing a game. I couldn't find a game like that in the previous threads, so I hope I'm not copying anyone. 

Here is what I suggest: look through the person's above you Completed list and find 2 dramas that you would rate differently. Preferably, find dramas that you feel strongly about. For example, someone rated Scarlet Heart a solid 10, but you would give it a 5 and someone rated Heirs as 4, but you would give it a 9. You would then put it as:

1) rank it higher: Heirs (I rate it 9)

2) lower: Scarlet Heart (5)

I think it's fun to see how different the tastes on this forum are! :) 

Sounds fun! :)

Higher: Drinking Solo (9.5) - I really enjoyed it so I was shocked that you had given it a solid 4, haha.
Lower: Go Ho's Starry Night (4.5) - didn't find it interesting and it just bored me, but its length was very short so...
Sounds really interesting, I'll join in!

Higher: Secret Garden (9.5) : It was among my first few Kdramas, and I loved it!
Lower: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (7.0) : While I did think the couple was cute, I ddin't really enjoy it as much as everyone else
1) Higher: Cinderella and the Four Knights (9.5)
2) Lower: Lucky Romance (5)
Higher: Tree of Heaven (10) compared to your rating of 4.0
Lower: My Princess (4.5) compared to your rating of 8.0
Glad you joined, guys :)

Higher: You're Beautiful. I rated it a 9 compared to your 6. I thought it was really cute, but it was one of my first dramas, so maybe I was biased then :D
Lower: The Greatest Love. I gave it a 6.5 compared to your 10. Thought it was kind of weird and cheesy.
Higher: The Greatest Love I rated it 10 is one of my favorite dramas, love every part of it
Lower: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo I rated it 7, I didn't like the ending at all and overall the story for me wasn't that great
Higher: Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart - my 9.0 compared to your 7.0. I loved the realistic storyline and all the characters (SoSoo forever!!). I can understand why many people didn't like it, though...
Lower: The Liar and and His Lover - my 7.0 compared to your 8.5. The entire drama was really slow and failed to capture my attention. There wasn't much character development, IMO.
Higher: The K2 (9.0)
Lower: My Only Love Song (7.0)
Higher: Age of Youth (10)
Lower: You Who Came from the Stars (7.5)
Higher: Moorim School (8)
Lower Dots (4.5)
Higher: Fullhouse-Thai (9). Maybe because it was my first Thai drama and also the chemistry between the leads was awesome.
Lower: Faith (7).  I found it to be dragging in some episodes. TBH I dropped this drama somewhere around the 10th episode.
Higher: I Hear Your Voice (8.5 compared to 7.5). I thought this was a pretty solid romance/law/crime drama.
Lower: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (7.0 compared to 9.5). A ton of my friends loved it, but I only liked it for the romance. The rest of the plot was a mess.

(yes, I'm playing again because this is such a fun game ;P)
Higher: Queen of the Ring (8). I gave it a 10 because I fully enjoyed the story and how it played it out, even though some people complained about it. I don't know, I just found it very amusing and heart-warming.

Lower: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
(10). I gave it a 9 only because I didn't feel so strong about it as other people did.

(it was a little bit difficult to find something because we have very similar scores :P)
Higher: Blood& Madame Antoine I actually enjoyed both, eventhough many people disliked both
Lower: Goblin It was so boring and I couldn't enjoy the romance at all